The 5 funniest celebs on Twitter

Making people laugh isn’t easy, especially when you have a character limit. It’s, therefore, no surprise that most celebrities only use their Twitter accounts to plug their latest projects.

Inspite of this, there are certain celebrities who’ve managed to make us laugh out loud in just 140 characters. Want to liven up your timeline? Here are five celebrities who will tickle your funny bone. This is the stuff that you must follow: 
Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal)
If you’ve never come across Baba Sehgal‘s Twitter timeline, you’re probably a little surprised right now. After all, his isn’t a name most people associate with Twitter. Yet.
Sehgal, India’s first rapper, stays true to this title, even on Twitter. Almost everyone of his 8,000+ tweets rhymes. As if that wasn’t enough, he also manages to tackle a variety of topics on Twitter. Bollywood, politics, current events, sports – he’s got it all covered!
Baba Sehgal also has a penchant for international entertainment. In fact, he often tweets popstars like Rihanna and Shakira with rhymes made especially for them!

Kanye West (@kanyewest)
Unfortunately, all of Kanye‘s tweets have been deleted, leaving only promotional activity up on his Twitter TL. Fortunately, the internet never forgets. Most of Kanye West‘s tweets have been immortalized as screenshots, videos and even embroidery! Yes, that’s right. You can buy shirts with his "wise" words embroidered on them.

When he did tweet, Kanye said what each of us wish we could. 

The funniest thing about Kanye West‘s Twitter account was that most of it wasn’t even intentionally funny! And isn’t that the best kind of funny?

What’s more, Josh Groban also sang some other gems from Kanye‘s Twitter, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Aziz Ansari
The Parks & Recreation funny man has a killer stand-up act. It comes as no surprise that he’s just as funny online!
TV show buffs, in particular, are bound to enjoy Ansari‘s tweets. The comedian often comes up with theories and predictions for TV shows and movies. Who knew Breaking Bad could’ve been a comedy show?
If you’re a foodie, you might also enjoy the comedian’s Instagram, where he often posts pictures of his delicious meals!

Ezra Koenig (@arzE)
The Vampire Weekend frontman’s quirky humor has made him a Twitter sensation. In just 140 characters, Koenig manages to dole out life advice, comment on pop culture and make us laugh!
Though his band doesn’t remix other artists, Ezra uses Twitter to cover that base too. In fact, he recently added a modern touch to The Smiths‘ classic There Is A Light That Never Goes Out!


Apart from all this, Koenig also happens to be the (Twitter-crowned) selfie king. Or as he would say it, "selfy" king.
He also manages to blend movie references and college advice! What more could we ask for?
Kamaal R Khan (@kamaalrkhan)
You’re probably wondering why anyone would follow Kamaal R Khan? Well, unlike the rest of the names on his list, KRK never tries to be funny. And that is precisely what makes him funny.
KRK is probably also the person with the most-entertaining "good morning" tweets. 
He tweets about everything, ranging from sports and politics to business and Bollywood.  
His movie reviews, in particular, make the most of 140 characters. But even avid tweeters are often affected by the character limit. So what do they do? Head over to YouTube and make a review video, of course!
Though 8-minutes might seem just a little too long, you can’t skip this video. Trust us.

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