Losing weight is a humongous task. More so when you have no clue where to begin. You will find yourself lost in an ocean of information and most of which seems contradictory. So, you are back to square one! We know the feeling. You may also find butt-loads of articles on how to lose weight, what to eat and when to eat it, but don’t believe them blindly just yet (do believe us though); for most articles are vaguely written without factual verification. Hence, we get you a list of food items that you thought are healthy but in fact can actually wreck your diet. So peeps, read carefully.

Breakfast cereals
No matter what they advertise, they are just not a healthy option. These are usually loaded with sugar and high on carbs. While carbs in limited proportions are required, you definitely do not need an overdose of carbs early in the morning.

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Wholewheat bread or brown bread
While it’s true that wholewheat grain is ‘less bad’ than refined wheat, it doesn't mean it is that much better. Moreover, the idea of wholewheat bread made from wholewheat grains is just a marketing ploy that companies use. The same goes for brown bread.

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Low fat yogurt
So, do you see a pattern? Most products listed here are man-made and processed synthetically in a lab. So, is your low fat yogurt -a myth? Yogurt is often considered a healthy food (which is the case with real yogurt). Companies usually remove the fat from yogurts while processing which leaves a terrible taste. To add flavor and make it more edible, they add a whole bunch of other synthetic fats. This fat is a big 'NO'!

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Commercial salad dressing
Ever been to a Subway outlet to try their 97% fat-free salads? Except they are not really fat-free. Since most people don't like the bland taste of vegetables, they add artificial sauces made up of unhealthy oil and high fructose corn syrup.

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Fruit juices
Fruit juices are advertised as health drinks. Obviously, they aren't. Most of the time, there may not be any fruit in your juice, just flavored sugar water. Even if you manage to get your hands on a 100% real fruit juice, it is advisable to just put it away. Consider this: a glassful of orange juice requires upto 6 oranges. You can't possibly eat 6 oranges in one go (unless you are the Hulk). So, basically you are consuming the same number of calories that 6 oranges contain in one go. That’s overkill!

'Healthy' Foods - Bookmyshow


Don't let your hard work go to waste by consuming these 'healthy' items. But do share these home truths with your diet-conscious friends!

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