5 Holly-Bolly Look-alikes That Shock

 It is a widely known and a vastly fascinating belief that there exist nearly seven people, simultaneously alive on the planet, who resemble you enough to be your doubles, or doppelgangers, if you will. Researchers have claimed that the primary reason for bearing any resemblance with another person, even if superficially unrelated, is heredity.

How intriguing, that someone living thousands of miles away from you, that you may never cross paths with, might have genetic commonalities with you.

Many celebs, in fact, look similar enough to be identical. Wouldn’t it be immensely curious to discover that they share a lineage, despite belonging to different races?

There are obvious ones that scream in your face, like Katrina Kaif and her startling similarity to Cobie Smulders, or Hrithik Roshan and the equally delicious Hollywood counterpart, Bradley Cooper. And then, there are some others that aren’t glaringly obvious. But, an intricate observation would definitely make you drop your jaws. 

Here’s a list of some that managed to pique our excitement.

Uday Chopra and Jimmy Fallon

UdayFallon - BookMyShow

While the former is best known for his role as the sidekick in the Dhoom franchise, and manages to mildly annoy, at his best. The latter is adored by millions over the world for his witty and charming ways. A popular night talk show host, and a complete darling, it almost catches you off guard when you notice the resemblance.

A young Pooja Bhatt and  a young Emma Watson

PoojaEmma - BookMyShow

Admittedly, this one took some research. But look at Emma’s Hermione and the young Pooja Bhatt from her Bollywood heyday. It is mind-boggling how similar they look. Notice the near-identical cute mouths, their tiny, tulip-like noses, and of course, the big hair. 

Lara Dutta and Jessica Stroup

Lara Jessica - BookMyShow

Among the subtler ones, to notice the resemblance between these two, it might take some gazing. That said, the similarity is undeniable. While Lara Dutta hardly needs an introduction, Jessica Stroup is an actress who was best known for her portrayal of the character Erin Silver in the popular teenage drama series, 90210.

Sophie Choudhary and Kim Kardashian

SophieKim - BookMyShow

Both dress to shock, can stun with their fashion-sense , and love to strut their stuff. The similarities in this case go beyond just looks. With their irreverence and unabashedness, these ladies know that it is okay to flaunt it, if you have got it.

Aamir Khan and Timothy Omundson

AmirTim - BookMyShow

Maybe it is the intense eyes, or, maybe it is the kind, warm smiles, or perhaps it is just the understated coolth they exude. These two eminently admired actors, share more than their peculiar noses and strong jaws – their superb acting skills.

That concludes our list of Bollywood and Hollywood celebs look shockingly alike, if you look twice. Enough, even, to have some kind of ancestral commonality. Isn’t it an interesting fact to ponder over?

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