5 Indian Movies That Got Banned In India

Jai Shree Ram! That’s how we decided to begin and end this article, keeping in mind our rich and ever prospering Indian culture. As per some sections of the society, Western culture is gradually establishing dominion over us just like Skynet did in the movie Terminator. The influence is strong and we (Indian cinema), too, are churning out vile and distasteful movies as per our Censor Board. We disagree. Film-making is an art and one should realize the fact that they are a mere source of entertainment, made at the director’s discretion. On that note, we get you few shunned Indian films that were banned in India. Jai Shree Ram!

Unfreedom (2015)

It’s a modern-day thriller sprinkled with a lesbian love story within an Islamic-terrorism related angle. It’s just like any other film except for some girl-on-girl action, which the Censor Board deemed unfit for Indian audiences.

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Dazed in Doon (2010)

The film earned a ban because they got on the wrong side of one of the most prestigious schools in India, Doon. Ratna Pathak Shah’s Dazed in Doon depicted the story of a boy who is studying at the prestigious Doon School and the life he leads there. This didn't go down well with the management and they had the movie stalled.

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Gandu (2010)

Well, the name itself was enough to send jitters down the Censor Board’s spine. This Bengali movie was way ahead of its time and earned a banned for it’s depiction of explicit sexual content.

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Bandit Queen (1994)

The abusive language, nudity and sexual content was too much to handle for the Censor Board and they decided to ban the movie in its entirety.

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Parzania (2005)

A film that faced a fierce ban in Gujarat was well-received elsewhere and even won a National Award. The film cut open old wounds of the Gujarat riots which didn't go down well with certain political parties.

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