5 Movies To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

 It’s that time of the year where roses are blooming, chocolates are presented in heart shaped boxes and pink balloons are seen at almost every store. Yes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Romance is in the air, mostly everybody is seemingly “coupled” up, but some of us might be single. You might just want to grab a DVD and watch it with your loved one or just watch the movies alone.  Then fret no more, we help you deduce 5 films that you should avoid watching, unless you plan on breaking up.

Vinaythandi Varuvaya (Will you cross the skies for me?)
Vinaythandi Varuvaya is a movie that garnered high amounts of appreciation. There are high chances that you will relate to those “oh so sweet moments” between Jessie and Karthik. You would want to chase the girl of your dream, that way and be madly in love with her. Will even encourage you fall in love with a girl irrespective of religion or age.
Awareness Alert 
You mounted up the courage to ward her brother off, to face her authoritarian father. Just when you think everything is smooth, you hit an iceberg? The depiction of Jessie’s confusion will fill you with angst. Her mind is neither nor there. This eventually will lead to their separation and leave you teary-eyed. Her confused nature will leave you in fits, especially when she wants to be friends with you after she’s married.  Watching their relationship flourish and then unravel in such shattering circumstances will probably make you disbelieve in the notion of love.
Thiradha Vilayatu Pillai (Casanova)
There is nothing worse than falling in love with a Casanova. In an attempt to choose only the best in life, Vishal seeks to date three girls (Sara Jane, Neethu Chandra and Tanushree). What begins as mediation on fun ends up as one of the most pathetic love stories in the history of Kollywood. No woman with the slightest fragment of dignity would fall for a guy like this. The portrayal of a relationship in this film is so negative that it will attract the ire lovers. Lesson: If you’re the type who prefers multiple women, you will get slapped!  
Engeyum Kadhal (Love everywhere)
Clearly, the most judicious title in our list. Set against the most picturesque backdrop, Paris, the world’s capital of love, the film supposedly pivots around love. The movie boasts of stunning visuals, pleasing music and everything that would convince a movie enthusiast, well everything except the story. Jayam Ravi and Hansika’s chemistry is flimsy and shallow. There is more focus on trivial things. The terrible story will leave you in anguish; the serious climax might give you a hearty laugh. Lesson: If you still plan on watching these kinds of movies for “How to maintain a long distance relationship” then brace yourself. You may end up becoming a destitute.
Nadunisi Naaygal( Midnight Dogs)
 If you decide on watching something based on psychological thrillers, this Valentine’s Day then avoid watching this film. Veera’s grubby portrayal as a psycho obsessed with sex will leave you with nightmares. The scene in which Veera tortures his girlfriends is sure to haunt you. Lesson: This movie will leave you nauseous and numb for days. Avoid watching it, unless you’re a psychopath yourself!
Kadhal Konden (Love Beckons)
From the title you might presume this to be a sweet romantic film, but this is nothing close to romance. Dhanush stars as a youth, mentally and physically tormented in childhood, who later turns into a love-obsessed psychopath. Packed in a hefty emotional drama, the subject firstly deals with stalking. It might be apt to mention the fact that we have all had overly attached friends who are possessive but this is that friend who nobody would wish for. Lesson: So the next time you befriend a lonely guy, beware, his friendship might just become a form of obsessed love.

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