5 Movies Not To Watch If You Are Weak At Heart

Movies, in a way, help us relax from the daily mundaneness. Sometimes, the movies depicting different slices of life help us to get motivated and move ahead in life with a smile. But we all know, the world is not a bed full of roses. History is replete with examples of many horrific events that give you the chills. Violence is one such dirty reality and so many times we, as humans, avoid getting into the details of gruesome and gory real life events to avoid getting disturbed.

Some directors have ventured into this genre of gory films and produced such devastating events on screen that will make even the strongest of men quiver.

We have listed down five such movies that will make you question everything about humanity or maybe help you analyse your own sensitivity.

Cannibal Holocaust
cannibal-holocast-compressedHere, the clash between a cannibal tribe in the forests of Amazon and a documentary filmmaker’s crew is depicted in a highly violent and disgusting manner. You can expect all sorts of scenes related to cannibalism, sexual violence and even animal cruelty that aren't exactly the things you would want to see, particularly if you thought this movie could be a fun watch with lunch.

oldboy-compressedHow obsessed can you become to avenge a personal tragedy? Oldboy is a spine-tingling thriller that takes revenge dramas to a completely different level. The visuals throughout the film will shake you to the core.

irreversibleThere are scenes in this movie filled with visuals that are highly disturbing to the eye and the heart. One of the most scandalous movies ever made, Irreversible will make even the strong-stomached throw up.

hostelYou really need to be gutsy to watch this film from the beginning to end. Two college students fall prey to a madman who fulfills his dream of being a surgeon by kidnapping people. The kind of gory content (think body mutilation and torture) is no sight for a weak-hearted person.

A Serbian Film
a-serbian-filmA former porn star living a happy married life but with financial difficulties is fooled into acting in a snuff film. Vicious, ghastly and horrific scenes depicting rape, necrophilia, and murder and child abuse are rampant throughout the film. We would suggest you watch this movie only if you have the steel-will that is strongly recommended.

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