Get out of your cage. Yeah, you! I am talking to you. Feel the spirit of adventure and freedom. It is time to get on the bike and head for the horizon. One kick and twist the throttle till the roar deafens you. Pop the clutch and hold on for lightspeed. That is the spirit of the bike. If you are now thinking about bikes and their hold on us, then look no further than films. Hollywood has given us the ultimate bike films. These movies are about freedom, the Man, the highway, Peter Fonda smoking a cigarette, Harleys and so much more. You can experience all of this and more at the India Bike Week 2015. Till then, here is a list of 5 films about motorcycles to tide you over:

On Any Sunday

Made in 1971, this documentary made heroes out of biker racers. Starring racers of that generation and also the coolest cat in the whole of Hollywood – Steve McQueen, this film talked about people who strap on the brain bucket and risk life and limb just to win. In On Any Sunday, we get to see “why do they do it?”
Indeed, that is the question, isn’t it? Why would you get on an unstable vehicle with little or protection and certain danger on the road? Think about it. In the words of the Narrator, "You never know how fast you are going until you fall off.”

TT3D: Closer to the Edge:

Take a minute and think about the Isle of Man TT race. If you think that Formula One was dangerous at one point in time, then remember the TT race is still alive and well. With speeds hitting up to 160+ mph, the TT is an epic test of man and machine versus mountain. And now there is a film about it. You get to see why they do what they do. You get to sit in the saddle and watch the hedges blitz by and the gravel in the road when they bend. A movie for all those who have a pulse. Watch it and remember, it’s about pushing the limits. 


The World’s Fastest Indian

Burt Munro. A New Zealander, a simple man with a shed and a 1920 Indian Scout. He is also the holder of a Land Speed Record. Yup, he took an antique bike, modified it, and raced it at the Utah Saltflats in Bonneville. On one run, he hit 205.67 mph (that’s 331 kmph) unofficial. All of this with a bike that was less than a 1000ccs. That means he knew about the thrill of speed. The World’s Fastest Indian is a testament to that fact. About how you should go for the big wins and risk it all. Watch the movie and try not to crack a smile. 

Easy Rider


How can a biker movie list not feature Easy Rider? Directed by Dennis Hopper and starring him and Peter Fonda, this movie showcased the life of two men who set out to seek freedom in the wild west. Riding the highways, feeling the wind and living the journey, one kick at a time. The movie made us dream about the chopper and living life in all its glory. I dare you to watch Easy Rider and not want to ride after. 

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

A buddy movie on bikes, this film features Harleys, tough guys, and hearts of gold. That is the whole point of this film. You will smile and think about how Hollywood just gives us simple formulas. But hey, they work. That’s the point of bikers, we are simple and we will be ourselves and always help out. But cross us and there will be hell to pay. 

That’s the list of some biker films you can enjoy until the IBW. Do you feel the need for speed as well? Do you long for the twisted throttle? Then look no further and book your tickets for the India Bike Week 2015 and enjoy every single moment. Ride hard and ride safe. See you at Vagator! 

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