5 Psychological Dating Tricks To Woo A Girl

Dating, to put it mildly, is a tricky affair. Obviously you don't have to beat your chest and fight with another guy to win over your girl. We aren't animals, are we? But over the years the rules of engagement in this world of dating have evolved and now it’s pretty easy or rather less complicated. Having said that, it’s tricky for a guy to woo a girl than for a girl to do the same. Why? A low girl-to-guy ratio? Girls generally aren’t interested in dating or are choosy? We really don’t know! But what we do know is that if you have come to accept the fact that the onus is on men to take that first step, we have got some mind-blowing psychological tricks that you can use.

Maintain great hygiene 
Well, before you set yourself for a date it is imperative that you maintain good personal hygiene. Shabby hair, untrimmed nails and foul smell are not cool, never were. Take a bath, use a good perfume if you have to (don’t need to douse yourself in half a gallon of it) and  dress up for the occasion. You may not want to overdress and make her feel uncomfortable. Even before she talks to you, she is going to judge you based on how you carry yourself, so nail this one, please.

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Have a passion or a hobby
Women like men who are driven and focused. Use this to your advantage. If your passion is browsing Facebook for hours, tweeting incessantly or sleeping for long hours, it’s in your best interest that you keep this information to yourself. You can talk about your career goals and aspirations but at the same time make sure you don’t brag about it. That could inadvertently backfire.

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Hobby is often confused with passion, it’s something you do in your free time. Women like guys who are productive and resourceful, so if you like playing the guitar, back it up with a song. Unless, of course, you strum those chords only to impress girls, then don’t mention it. Girls are programmed to detect fakes.

The Benjamin Franklin effect
Okay, what? Let us explain. All you have to do here is make her do something for you and in the process she will start liking you. There is a science behind it. When we do stuff for people, our brain is tricked into believing that since we are doing something for them, we must like them. Benjamin Franklin used this technique on his rivals and political opponents to get them to like him more. There’s also something called as the ‘consistency bias’ which basically means if someone does something for you a couple of times, they are more likely to do it again because they don’t want to look inconsistent. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

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Make her laugh
You may think you aren't funny but the truth everyone can be funny if they try. The more you make them laugh, the better are your chances. It reflects that you are intellectually strong and humorous, which is a desirable trait. So brush up on your jokes, you’ll need them. 

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Tell her secrets
Tell her a secret about you, something personal and something that not many people. This will open the door for trust and as you tell her more things about you, she will notice that you trust her. And, in turn, she will trust you more. Psychologically, we like and trust people who trust us first because we have a natural instincts to be wary of new people and not to trust them. Brownie points if you tell her something embarrassing like you have eleven toes or you rooted for Trump.

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Besides,  it does help to be rich, handsome and smart. So whatever floats your boat. So get in the arena and make us proud and don’t forget to share this with your comrades!

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