5 reasons that make Kabaddi an interesting sport

"KabaddiKabaddiKabaddi…" Hold your breath, keep the chant going and participate in one of the most-amazing sports events in the country. The ProKabaddi Tournament has seen several teams from different parts of India give their blood, sweat, body, mind and soul to the game of Kabaddi, but only one team will lynch the coveted trophy. The tournament has successfully revived the interest of a whole new generation in the beloved game, and has also found favor with Bollywood stars. So what is it about this game that gives us viewers such an adrenalin rush?

Here are five reasons that explain what makes Kabaddi so interesting:

Shuddh Desi Khel

Originally from the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent, Kabaddi definitely has a Desi flavor to it. Several states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar have adopted the game as their state sport and everyone from kids to adults play the game wholeheartedly. Kabaddi essentially binds the whole country together – a passion that is shared by our neighbors Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Total Teamwork

The game of Kabaddi epitomizes the true meaning of teamwork. Every player in a team is only as strong as the other So when a ‘Raider’ from the opposite team enters your half of the field, it is the entire team’s efforts that bring him down before he can make it back to his side. One man alone can’t win the game, and this is certainly true of Kabaddi.

Expect the Unexpected

The game of Kabaddi is all about twists and turns. One single tag and the whole team is out, the Raider steps on the bonus line, and the point is gained. Anything can happen, and the suspense hangs in the air as the audience watches, transfixed with the awesome action unfolding on the Kabaddi field.

Palpable Tension

From using brute force, to holding a man down, to intimidating the opposing team single-handedly, the game of Kabaddi has visible sparks flying on the field all the time. Players spar on the field, where the wrestling-derived sport showcases pure strength on the part of some of the players, making it a sheer delight for the viewers.

Determination is Everything

The only way to win a particular round is to not give up when you have been pushed to your limits. There is no room for error, and the players know it. Inhale and you are out. Slip and you are out. Fumble while tagging a player and you are definitely out. Determination counts, and the players in ProKabaddi Tournament challenge themselves to do better with every round. This is inspiring for us as viewers, and we can certainly learn from the sportsmen to not give up when victory is near.

But whatever happens, at the end of the day, it is all about the love a player has for the game, and taking pride in the team’s efforts. What aspect of Kabaddi do you find the most-interesting? The finale of the ProKabaddi tournament is happening soon. Everyone is going to be there, are you?

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