So you finally brought yourself to buy a gym membership. Congratulations! You are halfway there. You are all set to burn those unwanted calories and transform yourself into eye candy but before you do, it’s imperative that you read on so you avoid some rookie mistakes. “How difficult could it be?”, one might ask but you’d be surprised to know that you could be your own worst enemy. You could have all the plush amenities and equipments at your disposal but you would never achieve what you set out to if you commit yourself to these mistakes. If you are already doing it then you need to stop and re-evaluate your workout routine.


Using Too Much Weight

You want to look bulky and buff to woo that girl you like but going around stacking weight after weight will do no good. Quite opposite to the popular belief, it may lead to muscle or joint injury and you may have to lay back for a while, which inadvertently will disrupt your gym routine. Go slow, especially if you are rookie. Take your own time and stay within your reach.Too Much Weight - Bookmyshow


No Form, No Gain

Another common misconception gym rats have is that you don’t have to go through a full range of motion to develop those muscles. This is a myth! You may stack up weights and still wouldn’t gain a single ounce of muscle if your form is wrong. For instance, full range of motion is when you’re elbows are fully extended (but not locked) to touching your chest.


Yes! You Need to Stretch

While Broga (Yoga for guys) maybe a thing, you won’t find many dudes stretching their muscles after an intense workout. Sometimes, even seasoned guys who have been spending hours at the gym for years neglect this basic exercise. As a newbie in muscle-town, you may think it’s the norm but it’s not. Stretching is as important as the exercise you do. When you stretch you enable muscle flexibility, better blood flow and reduce the risk of injuries. So guys, never skip this.
Stretching - Bookmyshow

Lamborghini With a Scooter Engine

Yes, that’s exactly how you would look if you decide to skip leg day. Most guys skip leg day concentrating more on the torso. Well, we disapprove of it since leg workout helps you become an athlete, improves your balance and more importantly for overweight guys; it helps you burn more calories. So go break a leg (not literally). No Leg Day - Bookmyshow


Plan Long-term Goals

Everybody has an idol. Talk to guys and you will find out most of them have a Schwarzenegger wallpaper on their smartphones. If you aspire to be like someone, make sure you follow his footsteps. Your idol did not become what he did in a day. He spent years training and maintaining himself. You face highs and lows but you never give up. So hang in there even when you don’t see your gains, maybe your body needs a little more time.Long Term Plan - Bookmyshow


Do the right thing. Share it with your friends and let us know if this helped you, in the comments below.  

-By Anish Dhurat

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