5 Science Myths You Probably Still Believe

In the age of technology and information where everything is just a click away, you’d expect people to be well-informed and educated about things, right? You’d be surprised that so many people are, on the contrary, are quite unaware and still believe in age-old myths. The irony game is strong here. 

Most of these myths have been learned at our mother’s knees, or even worse, science textbooks. These tidbits of information which we all thought to be true have been disproven over the course of time. So as law-abiding citizens, it’s in your best interest that we inform you about a few of these science myths that you’ve been believing all your life. Hence, this article is issued in public interest.

Days get shorter in the winter
Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming. It certainly feels that way but isn't true. December 21st/22nd, is the shortest day of the year, which means that the subsequent days of winter after that are actually getting progressively longer. Similarly, the first day of summer is also the longest day of the year, meaning that the subsequent days get progressively shorter.

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Drink milk for healthy bones
Your mom probably hammered this into your head at an early age but is it really true? It turns out that the answer is not as clear-cut as the dairy industry would have you believe. A study in Sweden, conducted with 61,400 women and 45,300 men over the course of 20 years, found that drinking milk could actually increase the risk of fractures in women and increased mortality for both sexes. The explanation offered for this unexpected result was the possibility that milk's sugar content increases oxidative stress in the body, aging it prematurely. What a bummer!

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Water conducts electricity
‘Don't’ believe everything you hear son’ said Batman in BvS (2016). And when Batman says something, you don’t question him. Whilst it probably is not a great idea to throw a toaster in the pool with you, water is actually not a great conductor of electricity. The conductivity depends on the level of impurities it carries. For instance, sea water is an excellent conductor of electricity as compared to distilled water.

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Water is blue because it reflects the sky
Well, to be honest, water is blue because it is blue and not because it reflects the sky. High volumes of water absorb longer light wavelengths (red end of the spectrum) emitting or reflecting shorter blue wavelengths. So if you are to gather large volumes of water in a closed environment, it would still look blue.

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One dog year is equal to seven human years
The lifespan of dogs vary between breeds and sizes, so there would be no one-size-fits-all solution anyway. Oddly, in a break from the general rule of nature, dogs' lifespans are inversely related to their size, meaning that smaller dogs live longer. Secondly, dogs mature much faster than humans in their early years and much slower in their later years, often reaching sexual maturity in the first year of life.

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Mind=blown? Let us know in the comments below.

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