5 types of clothes not to be worn to a Deadmau5 concert

Deadmau5 is here. One of the biggest names in music is here and you are invited to join the concert. So get your friends and book your tickets. After that is done, you have a few days till your concert. Now the tough part, what to wear to the event. For all you fashion un-conscious out there, here is a handy guide on what not to wear: 
1: Full body Paint: 
Guys and girls, this is one costume that you should leave to the professionals. Only put on full body paint if you have a rocking body otherwise it just looks like you are multi-colored smurf. If you do happen to try this costume out, avoid using any types of permanent colors. It’s hard to explain to a board meeting why you look like a refugee from a paint-ball war. 
2.  Straitjackets: 
I know, this might sound cool, but no, no way. No straitjackets. It just advertises that the wearer is someone whose mental abilities have taken a long walk off a short pier. Also a straitjacket is troublesome, because you can’t reach for your wallet when you want to buy merchandise. However, if you are intent on wearing something like this, go to the bathroom first; otherwise accidents may happen while you struggle out of your straitjacket. 
3. The LED Shirt: 
Please don’t get this shirt. Don’t wear it, or even think about it. No one at the concert wants to see your shirt light up while the main performance is taking place on stage. Deadmau5 is good enough to take you to the edge of the music universe and beyond. All an LED shirt says, is that you like bright lights, you are afraid of the dark and you like carrying a battery pack in your pocket. 
4.  Super-Short shorts: 
This warning is for the guys. Girls, you can wear your super-short shorts. We thank you from the bottom of our naughty little hearts. Guys, please don’t wear these shorts. This way, people won’t spontaneously projectile vomit when they see you.  Keep the length reasonable and we will be fine. 
5. Certain Headgear: 
Now there are various kinds of headgear that you can wear, some of them are cool. Some aren’t. For example, the Deadmau5 headgear: very cool. Mickey Mouse ears: Cool-ish. Beer-hat: Cool enough. Standard baseball cap: okay. Bridal Veil: Not cool. Viking Horns: Cool. Batman mask: Cool in a geek way. Baby Bonnet: No way, no how, not cool at all, not even in a million years. 
These are just a few of the clothes that you can avoid wearing. But hey, if you are really into the music, who cares about the clothes right? Put on a pair of your favorite jeans, and your nice tee shirt. Get to the concert and let yourself feel the music. Deadmau5 is about the music, feel the beat and move to rhythm. Let yourself go and in that moment, soar. What are you waiting for? Go, get the tickets. See you on the other-side. Peace.

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