Shopping is therapeutic. Period. No one can deny this. Or maybe we are just a bunch of shopaholics;). And with the holiday period upon us, the sales and discounts just tempt us even more to spend all our savings on things that we don’t even need. So imagine, we are already resisting our urge to spend on stuff that’s useless and to add to that, we just get to know this really interesting piece on how fashion stores have been playing games and tricking us into buy more. And of course we had to share this important information with you guys, so that you could save up this holiday season and be proud of yourself. Read on to know the tactics retail stores use in order to gain more sales.

"To your left, miss"5 Ways in which fashion stores have been fooling us forever- BookMyShowWhether directed or not, a research on consumer psychology proves that we tend to start browsing from our left. No matter where you enter from, you are going to begin your shopping hunt from the left. And that’s the reason why all your latest apparel is stacked on the left. No guesses, “latest”= “more profits” for the brand.

Impulse buys towards the exit5 Ways in which fashion stores have been fooling us forever- BookMyShowYou have your shopping cart full, satisfied with your purchases and are appreciating yourself on how you managed to shop within your budget, but then you see these cute hair accessories that you don’t really need but then maybe you could wear it to the next party. That, my friend, is impulse buying. The idea behind this is to stack merchandise that is not too expensive but is irresistible, right before you make your payment.

It’s all about smelling awesome5 Ways in which fashion stores have been fooling us forever- BookMyShowYou might not even notice it but what you smell while shopping plays a very important part of your purchasing experience. Our senses bypass our conscious mind. Sounds unreal? Next time you go shopping, notice how the summer wear is always smelling so fresh and beachy. The infant wear will always have a smell something like baby powder. And, whether you believe it or not, these tiny reasons make you want to buy more.

Visual merchandise is a trick in disguise5 Ways in which fashion stores have been fooling us forever- BookMyShowStore windows are meant to look enticing. And beware, it’s a shopper-trap. The ones in the window displays aren’t the best options available – they’re, in all probability, the most expensive ones. And no, the most expensive is not always the best. It’s just an illusion. So be smart and avoid falling for such set-ups.

One interesting, one boring…and so on5 Ways in which fashion stores have been fooling us forever- BookMyShowIt's simple: Just so you don’t get bored and are tempted to stroll around the entire store, what they do is, place one interesting shelf beside a comparatively boring one. Since this system is alternated, it has you convinced that you are going to encounter miraculously attractive stuff as you go ahead, and thus keeps you hooked.

So now that we have shared this indispensable information, we hope you guys will save up this season and you can thank us later. And don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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