5 Ways to be More Productive at Work

Working life isn’t easy. You have got to wake up early, do a few household chores, beat the traffic, and finally spend anywhere between eight to ten hours in office. All of this takes a toll on one’s health and also affects output at work. It is tough to have the same amount of focus throughout the day and at times, you know you do not perform to your potential. Everyone faces these issues as doing the same work every day, gets monotonous. So, how do you make the most of your hours at work? Follow these stellar tips and your overall productivity will increase sooner than you think.

Stay off social networks


This one’s a no-brainer. Once you log in to any social networking site, you are bound to spend a lot of time on it. You’ll certainly click on those ‘click-baity’ headlines and end up reading about stuff that you’re least interested in. So, make it a point to not check Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram more than twice a day and for a limited period of time.

Put on headphones


If you can work with music, it's best to plug in your earphones and listen to music of your choice. By doing so, you won't be distracted by what the people around you are talking about. It will also help if you make a playlist as you will not have to keep checking your music player to change the song. 

Maintain a task list


Most email clients have the option to simply add a mail to a task list. There are tons of other websites to make such lists so that you never forget to complete pending tasks. You'll also get a feeling of satisfaction when you finally tick off all tasks from your list. 

Set timers


This article should ideally be completed in twenty minutes if all distractions are kept at bay. You, too, need to decide how long a particular task should take and you should only focus on that until it's done. Don’t look at your phone, close all other tabs, and make sure you meet your self-imposed deadline.



Wait, this doesn't mean you spend hours on your phone or chatting with colleagues at the coffee machine. Procrastination, if done correctly, has a lot of benefits. It not only helps your thought process but also provides a necessary break from work. So, take the breaks but keep them little!

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