You don’t need to be a mother to know that childbirth is no piece of cake. Just when you thought pregnancy and childbirth couldn’t get any scarier, Lifetime decided to take it one step further and make childbirth truly wild!



Last week, Lifetime announced their newest show, Born in the Wild. And yes, it’s going to be exactly what it sounds like. The reality show will take childbirth to a whole new level by following to-be parents who have decided to give birth in the wild! The series will document the parents’ as they attempt to tackle the miracle of birth, without any assistance.

Yes it’s crazy, but Born in the Wild is far from being the weirdest TV show we’ve seen! Here are five other weird TV shows you might want to watch:

My Strange Addiction

As the name suggests, My Strange Addiction is a show that focuses on people’s strangest addictions. This can’t be so weird, right? Wrong. It’s worse than you could ever imagine.

Some of the show’s weirdest "stars" include a woman who considers a doll her soulmate, a woman addicted to eating mattresses and a couple addicted to coffee enemas! There were also women who ate make-up to feel beautiful from the inside out and others who enjoyed dressing up as ponies and galloping! As if that wasn’t weird enough, the show has also featured the human Ken doll and a woman who enjoys sniffing and munching on dirty diapers.

The worst part about the show, though? It doesn’t even attempt to help these people. My Strange Addiction merely shows us that these people exist, making everyone feel just a little voyeuristic.

Who’s Your Daddy?

No, this TV show has nothing to do with picking up women. In fact, it takes the pick-up line a little too literally.



Who’s Your Daddy featured a contestant, who had been put up for adoption as an infant. The contestant was then placed in a room with 25 men and asked to guess who his/her biological father was. If he/she guessed correctly, the contestant would be awarded USD 100,000. But if he/she were wrong, the person he/she wrongly guessed was given the money instead.

Regardless of whether or not they guessed correctly, Who’s Your Daddy reunited contestants with their biological fathers. So this cloud did have a silver lining.

I Wanna Marry “Harry”

A redhead named Harry at the Englefield House, surrounded by security guards and servants… If you thought we were describing Prince Harry, you stand corrected.



I Wanna Marry "Harry" took twelve American women and gave them a chance to find love. The catch? It was heavily implied that the man whose attention they’re vying for is Prince Harry. Even though it might seem obvious, only one of the contestants suspected that something was fishy.

Unfortunately, we never got to know how the show turned out, as it was canceled after only four episodes.

Whisker Wars


If you thought Whisker Wars is an adorable show that probably airs on Animal Planet, you’re wrong. Billed as a docu-comedy, Whisker Wars followed a group of men competing for honors in facial hair competitions. Yes, those exist.



The show featured Jack Passion (a world beard champion and the author of Facial Hair Handbook), Myk O’Connor (a member of the Gotham City Beardsmen Alliance) and Bryan Nelson and Allen Demling of the Austin Facial Hair Club. These men, who formed the Beard Team USA, traveled from one part of the world to another, to participate in various competitions.

Even though it doesn’t sound too interesting, Whisker Wars was still an oddly interesting show. Who knew facial hair could be such a cut-throat and passionate affair?

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

It’s easy to miss your girlfriend’s new hairstyle or even a new shop on your street. One thing that doesn’t seem so hard to miss, though, is being pregnant. Inspite of how obvious it might seem, there are thousands of women who don’t realize they’re pregnant until they’re in labor!

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant featured women who found out they were pregnant when they went into labor. A lot of these women attributed the symptoms of their pregnancy to other medical conditions or believed they were infertile. Though it sounds absurd, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant still drew in a fair share of viewers for four seasons!

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