10 Things You Should NEVER say to a Salman Khan fan.

Salman Khan is not just another actor, he is THE SALMAN KHAN – the ultimate BHAI of the Bollywood industry. When Sallu Bhai enters the studio, even the statues turn their heads up! One does not simply irk a Sallu fan! Say a word against him and his fans will be outraged. He has an unbreakable bond with his countless fans and we can’t risk messing with them! 

Here are 10 things you NEVER say to BHAI’s fan. 
1. Why does he spend most of his time in the court?

Everyone is aware of his never ending court cases. But this doesn’t make the superstar a criminal, right? A Salman Khan fan would simply reply on this would be "Oh really? Then how did he manage to get so many Blockbusters?"
2. Why does he always put Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan in his movies?

Bhai has one big heart. Doesn’t he? After all family is family! 
3. Will he ever take a break from Bigg Boss?
Needless to say, Salman added that extra charm to the reality show. 
4. Why doesn’t he get married?

 A Sallu fan will simply reply by saying "What are you? A member of Shaadi.com? How’s that your business?"
5.  I have never seen anyone buying those ‘Being Human’ t-shirts. 

 OH PUHLEEEZZ!! Being Human has done charitable initiatives that most of us aren’t even aware of. 
6. Salman Khans family was already into Bollywood. Whereas others have to make their way from the start. 
Well! It’s not his fault if he is born with a silver spoon! What’s important is how he carried on his legacy. 
7. He dances like a 10 year old. 

 So what if he doesn’t break the dance floor like Hrithik? We still enjoy his moves and all his numbers in our parties!
8. There are better ‘Khans’ than Salman Khan in the film industry. 

 A sallu fan would simply reply’ HAHAHAHA! OMG! hahahaha!
9. I’m so done with him removing his shirt in every film he does. 

 Face it! If he has it, why wouldn’t he flaunt it? The girls go crazy with Bhai throwing his shirt off and performing his heart out. 
10. Whats with his ‘macho’ look in every film, isn’t he too old for that?
Bhai’s well-toned body is secretly desired by almost every Bollywood actor. No wonder he looks convincing in every role he does! 
Salman Khan is an actor who thrilled his fans with his undying charm and bindaas attitude. He is a heartthrob!  With more than a million fans all round the globe, the superstar showers a humble attitude. No wonder we love him! 
Aashna Narang

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