6 Cats From Movies You Should Not Miss

Cats are those adorable fluffy animals who look cute and seem to be scheming for world domination at the same time. They have a mind of their own and you don’t really train them, they train you. They are a class apart from the loyal dogs who will hang onto your every word. Celebrities around the world are known to surround themselves with these furry animals. Hollywood is also charmed by these animals and has been known to base entire movies on them, or include them in the cast as the pet of the villain or the hero of the story. Check out our list of six of our favorite cats from the movies.

Garfield (Garfield)

Cats - BookMyShowThere is no doubt that this lazy cat who loves food has found a way into everyone’s heart. He is voiced by Bill Murray, who only took the role in a case of mistaken identity. He was under the impression that the script was written by Joel Coen of True Grit fame, while the script was actually written by Joel Cohen of Toy Story fame. Even after he realized the mix-up Bill Murray went ahead with the movie and the sequel. This cat’s endless comic strips and the two movies continue to entertain us.

Tab Lazenby (Cats and Dogs)

Cats - BookMyShowHe wears a tux and is voiced by none other than once-upon-a-time Bond Roger Moore. He was the head of the M.E.O.W association. His voice might sound villainous but he definitely isn’t.

Sassy (Homeward Bound)

Cats - BookMyShowShe is a Himalayan cat with the right amount of sarcasm. She lives with two dogs and shares a sibling-like relationship with them. She is voiced by Sally Field and is everything you want in a cat.

Mittens (Bolt)

Cats - BookMyShowShe has lived on the wrong side of the street all her life. Her scrawny appearance is a tribute to that. She has not had the benefit of being adopted and pampered by a human and that shows in her attitude towards life. Her cute name is in definite contrast to her personality.

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

Cats - BookMyShowHe is a cross between his literary namesake and Zorro. His character gained popularity when he appeared in Shrek and that led to him getting his own stand-alone movie. He lives his life by three rules (which even we should adopt): always seek adventure, always help a lady and always be nice to orphans. He also has no qualms about using his cuteness for nefarious purposes.

Snowbell (Stuart Little)

Cats - BookMyShowSnowbell is well-remembered for being jealous of Stuart Little which started the chain of events in the movie. We could see him being ignored compared to Little and the sympathies of the adults who saw the movie lay with the cat. His cowardice makes our heart go out to him while his evil plans just proves our theory that all cats plan on world domination.
Wouldn’t you like to see more of these cats? Catch up with their movies now and don’t forget to share.

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