Just accept it, routine bores you. It’s hectic and it’s irritating. The daily commute to and from work in local trains, the incessant ranting of your boss, the clothes that smell of sweat at the end of the day, (possibly) howling children and an over-dramatic wife. It’s boring. And hence life is mundane with the same old, same old.

We need a change. We all do.

Diluting our routine with some thrill and fun is as important as air, water and food! Not many of us have the streak to tickle some fun out of our super-pakaoed lives. Not many can ideate the stuff to do away with boredom. Not many can think out-of-the-box, but then why not come up with something that’s very much within our range!

Here are 6 DIY steps to spice up your life. The 6 magnificent ways to unpakao yourself: 

Listen: Research. Not precisely the intellectual sorts, but somewhere close. Do need not wear the garb of Byomkesh Bakshi but learn, learn to love. Observe the love birds around you, go to Bandstand (Bandra), Marine Drive or book a morning show ticket of a super-flop film and enjoy the film, amongst other things happening around you (*wink*). If you think that this perhaps translates into soft porn or voyeurism, that don’t quite agree with your oversensitive nerves, then you may want to lend an ear to the cheesy conversations or odd, unheard of arguments that couples have. All you need is a keen sense of vision and sound to spot the ‘activities’.

Example: Someone I know overheard a one-sided argument between a girl who was yelling into her phone’s mouthpiece, (possibly talking to another girl), “I spend money on my boyfriend. Dare you come near him. He is my property!”

Paint: You perhaps are not as good an artist as Picasso is but in a world full of art connoisseurs, you sure stand a chance to display your artistic side. Paint. Paint something abstract. Anything that pleases your senses. Abstract shouldn’t be definitive, it should be a complete mess. Mess it up as much as you can. (This is indeed the best stress-buster). After a lot of diligence you put into your work, it may look like this…

There’s a minimal chance of anybody gauging your artistic quotient because it’s abstract. You may perchance sell it off as a rare and expensive masterpiece, who knows!


Music: Music is bliss. Music is an ultimate healer. Use it. Download an app on your smartphone. A virtual keyboard, guitar or tabla. It can be any instrument of your liking. Pull the strings, beat the drum and create music. Maybe a possible symphony may sound more like cacophony, but it is definitely worth the effort! Play something, play anything…


Watch and Learn: You have range of recreational facilities available on the internet. So watch and learn. Sing the Chipmunk way, do the Harlem shake or just go Psy style! Take a video and upload it on YouTube. You may be a star overnight!


Write: Scribble. Write a poetry, an essay, a drama or anything you wish to write. Write something hilarious. As hilarious as this…



Pay a visit: Visit your friends, relatives, all your near and dear ones. Surprise them with your witty talks. Take their patience for a ride with your PJs. Laugh with them and at them. Here’s something that happened with an acquaintance:

Doctor: "Ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai?"

Patient: "Doctor saheb… Pehle se zyada kharab ho gayi hai".

Doctor: "Dawai khali thi kya?"

Patient : "Nai doctor saheb. Dawai ki shishi to bhari hui thi".

Doctor: "Arey… mere kehne ka matlab hai ki, dawai le li thi kya".

Patient: "Ji, aapne dawai de di thi aur maine le li thi".

Doctor: "Abe, kya dawai pili thi?"

Patient: "Nahi doctor saheb, Dawai toh laal thi!"


All those who know what I mean when the word pakaoed comes up in any conversation, these are some easy and inexpensive tricks that are sure to spice up your otherwise mundane life. Don’t overthink, just do it! Try them at your risk but do try them atleast once! 

Meanwhile let’s wait to see how Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai unpakao their super-pakaoed life in their upcoming film One By Two….



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