6 Nineties Bollywood Obsessions We Had To Bear With

Most of us in our mid-twenties today have been bred in the nineties. And we happily look back at all things that remind us of those years. Remember the Parzan ‘Jalebee‘ Dastur from the Dhara ad, the sweet Phantom Cigarettes, Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo? The list is endless. But, with these fond bits we also remember the trauma that Bollywood put us through. Excessive drama, exaggerated love stories, mindless action, bizarre songs; today, we actually stop and ask, “Did we really enjoy all that?”. Bollywood almost seemed obsessed with some sequences and those became the order of the day. While, today thankfully we might have moved beyond most such ‘trends’, some remain whether intentionally trying to be funny or innocently not.
Let’s take a look at the trends Bollywood that defined the 90s:
1. Running Around Trees
Romantic duet? This activity was inevitable. Running around trees was almost like the mandatory item song number that we have today. Thanks to seeing sense later or the depleting greenery on the planet, we have other important things to do while singing a song in the movies these days.
2. Fashion Sense or the Lack of It
This one we sure don’t miss! The fashion in the 90s was all about baggy, ill-fitting clothes in blinding colors and loud make-up. Bollywood had strange ideas of what made our stars look chic on screen. 
3. Big, BIG Hair
The 90s divas sported the big hair look. We are glad though. This trend probably gave hair-experts enough reasons to use better hair conditioners.  
4. Stalking Girls
The time when stalking girls was an accepted norm. A penny for each time you heard,  “Naa matlab haan”. To say nothing of songs like “Lal Dupatte Waali Tera Naam to Bata”. 
5. Over-dramatic Mothers
Maa ka Pyaar. And then Maa ke aansoo. And then some more Maa ka Pyaar. The drama never ended. Of course, Maa ke haatho ka banaya khana as well but that we still love. 
6. The ‘I am in love. I’ll wear a sari’ Scene  
Bollywood made being in love synonymous with wearing a sari. It was like every time the filmmakers had a romantic sequence to show, the actress would magically appear in a sari. *Badum tish
Have something to add to this list? Go ahead, comment below!

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