6 Ninja Movies You Should Not Miss

During the Japanese feudal era, the great Samurai warriors ruled. They prided themselves for fighting by the rules, and under their oppressive rule, there existed a secret group of people. These people had the ability to merge into their surroundings for espionage and assassinations. This special group of people was then known as Shinobi, among other names, and now we call them ninjas. These group of mercenaries used to spy for rival clans and do the dirty work for all the Samurais. Not much is written about these warriors (hence all the fantasy around their actual methods and abilities). Due to their dishonorable nature, ninjas were considered the villains and this was seen in abundance in early Chinese movies.

When you hear the word ninja, a black-clad warrior with specialist tools and almost invisible movements comes to mind and these are the images in all the movies we see. In reality, the Ninjas would dress up as farmers to blend with the surroundings during the era they were most active. All these talks of ninjas definitely get our adrenaline pumping and we just want to see those graceful yet lethal humans in action. If you feel the same, we have a list of six Ninja movies you should definitely watch.

You Only Live Twice (1967)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowIf you are a fan of the British Secret Service agent 007, you should not have missed this movie. Sean Connery who is termed as the Best Bond ever (and we agree) is fighting against Blofeld (best villain ever) in a lair that is under a hollowed-out volcano. Obviously, Bond is victorious in the end but not without the help of some highly-skilled ninjas suited up in all blacks and armed with their skills and some innovative weapons. There is also a ninja training sequence which should not be missed.

The Killer Elite (1975)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowThis movie is directed by one of the best action directors – Sam Peckinpah. This is one of the first movies to present ninjas in an American movie (and they haven't stopped since then). The abilities and the modus operandi showed in this movie is the closest representation of how ninjas functioned back in their day.

The Octagon (1980)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowStarring Chuck Norris, this movie kicked off the craze behind ninja villains.  This movie has some of the best ninja action scenes where they perform all the tricks that we so fondly associate them with.

Duel to the Death (1983)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowWith a mediocre plot, what set this movie apart was the excellent action sequences and return of the ninjas to their blacks after all the other colors were tried and tested. This movie also introduced some of the fantastic ninja moves that we see today, which were not used before. If you want to see the birth of some cool ninja moves, this is the movie for you.

Ninja Fantasy (1987)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowGodfrey Ho who made about 80 ninja movies in a decade was a Hong Kong producer/director. All his movies had bright color-clad ninjas fighting against each other with a plot that was picked from low-budget movies in Thailand and Philippines. By the time it was dubbed, re-edited and released in US, it had an entirely new plot. Out of the 80 movies, he made this movie remains the most memorable for one the most iconic fight scenes.

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005)
Ninja Movies - BookMyShowWho doesn't like the fantastic tragic-romance by the bard himself? Now imagine Romeo and Juliet with ninjas. If that is to hard to think about watch this movie to find out how impressive can it actually be. (If you think the books are always better, try reading The Koja Ninja Scrolls and the anime fans can watch Baisilisk). 

Which is your all time favorite ninja movie? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.

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