6 Unique and Fun DIY Kite Ideas to Try on Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti, the first colorful festival of the year is here and we are super excited to show you how you can make this festival extra special and colorful for you and your family!

The specialty of this festival is that you get to fly beautiful kites and eat a lot of til-gudh chikki and laddoos. And today, we will show you a few unique and easy ways to make personalized kites, which will give you an edge over your kite flying competitors. The best thing about these designs is that you can also use these kites to decorate your room once the festival is done.

So gather your friends, siblings, or cousins and have fun by creating these beautiful pieces of art on this auspicious occasion.

Kite Train
Materials: A decorative sheet of paper, cello tape, glue, thread, and sticks.
Procedure: Cut the sheet of paper into a diamond shape. Use glue and cello tape to stick the sticks as shown in the diagram to make the kite sturdy. Make multiple kites of the same size and punch a hole in the center of all the kites without damaging the frame. Once done, connect all the kites by passing a string through all the kites and securing them with knots at equal intervals from each kite. And voila! your kite train is ready.
Tetrahedral Kite
 A decorative sheet of paper, cello tape, glue, thread, and straws.

Procedure: You need to make four (or more, depending on what you want) triangles out of straws. You can do that by inserting the thread through the straws and tying them at the edges until it takes the 3D shape. Once the shape is formed cover two sides of the triangle with decorative paper. Do that for rest of the triangles, and attach them together in one direction with a string, as shown in the diagram. And there you go, your fancy tetrahedral kite is ready.
Box Kite
 A decorative sheet of paper, cello tape, glue, thread, and sticks.

Procedure: This looks complicated but is super easy. Start by forming a rectangular frame with the help of sticks and cello tape. Make sure you don’t join the top and the bottom sides of the frame. After doing that, cover the top and bottom portions of the rectangle with decorative paper, as per the diagram. Now, all you need to do is tie a string and get ready to make it fly.
Single Sheet Paper Kite
 A decorative sheet of paper, cello tape, glue, thread, and sticks.

Procedure: This kite is similar to a paper plane. To make this kite, you need to fold the paper in half and form wings as shown in the diagram. Join the gap between the wings by sticking tape on top. Once you are done, take a stick and stick it on the broad side of the wings. Make sure that the stick joins the tips of the wings. Punch a hole at the center of the protruding side (back side) and tie the string to make it fly.
Curved Paper Kite
 A decorative sheet of paper, stapler/cello tape, and thread.

Procedure: This one is similar to the single sheet paper kite. The only difference is that you need to curve the wings and staple/ stick them at the back. Very easy and simple to make.
Dermer Sled Kite
 A decorative sheet of paper, cello tape, glue, thread, and sticks.
Procedure: This kite is similar to an arched parachute. All you need to do is cut the paper as per the shape shown in the diagram. Use the sticks like a skewer and poke it through the paper on both the sides and stick them in place. Once the structure is formed, tie a string by joining both the ends of the wings and give this kite a try.

Fun, right? Try this at home and don’t forget to comment below.

Happy Makar Sankranti!

– Images created by Utsav Patel

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