Unlocking your Zodiac style code!

Fashion isn’t just on the runway or in the magazines! If you look closer, you’ll find it neatly folded or messily arranged in your closet. Each one of us have our own distinct style which may or may not conform to the current trends and rules. One theory suggests that our fashion choices are influenced by our zodiac signs to some extent. Read on to find out if we have managed to unlock your style code!

Girl, you’re on fire! Your closet is full of deep purples, burgundy and shades of red. Ain’t no one who could rock a flaming orange like you can! You are a bundle of energy and power-dressing is your game. A gorgeous mane that can be tamed into a bun or brushed into sensational waves, you always put your best foot forward! 

The grounded style divas, Taurean women, are heavily influenced by the earthy color palettes. Their closets are a medley of beautiful blues, browns, grey and green! They love organic, chemical free fashion and can show you how to rock an all-white ensemble with just a hint of color in the form of a cobalt blue ear cuff! They never let the tiaras slip off their head.

A duality of opposites, the seamless blend of the yin and yang. Big on contrast and color blocking, give them a pair of black pants and they’ll go for the burnt orange shirt and make it a party ensemble! A pretty fishtail braid on a bright jumpsuit, or a messy little bun on a formal outfit. They will have you guessing their next move and surprise you each time. Pretty french manicures only with a twist of glitter grey. 

Calm, poised, and incredibly thoughtful. When the Cancer woman finally comes to her own, she will be a mix of mystique and grace. Sometimes a typical mood swing might bully her into slipping on something not necessarily stylish. But then again on other days, she might be the only diva to walk into a room. Her style is calculated, marked with the discipline of a serious fashionista. She will head to the store and meticulously try one outfit after another till she finds the perfect one. Nothing else will do. 

The Leo woman is synonymous with confidence. Her flamboyance is her style statement. She is the first person to sport a new trend and the last off the dance floor. Her heels are like her self-esteem: sky-high. She isn’t afraid to try a new hair color or a new silhouette. Give her a scarf and she will show you a hundred ways to style it. 


Extremely picky, their style is carefully constructed. Virgo women have a winning streak and their fashion game is a mix of earthy monotones and accessories. They love their bling and set their own trends. Bold lips and wild hair is their signature effect. Beyonce



Ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and love, Libran women has a modern and balanced style. Her sartorial choices have a quirky element and she’ll be the one with a collection of comic prints and tees. Don’t think she doesn’t get her A-game to the table though. She’ll be the one in the deep red gown with that plunging neckline, making you hot under the collar. 

Intense. Complex. No-nonsense.

Highly ambitious, the Sagittarius woman loves dressing up! She is fun, easy going and romantic. Her head spins in a number of directions so there may not be a complete balance in her style. Head bands, scarves, she loves taking a plain outfit and adding an element of crazy. Mustache prints? Why not? 

The Capricorn woman loves vintage. Checkered skirts, tights and boots… You name it, she has it! Don’t think she cannot blend the old and the contemporary. She can spin an outrageous twist on an old fashioned outfit and stand out like she was born to do. 
Non-conformists. Tell them to pair something with something else and you’ll never see that on them. They don’t follow fashion rules, but make their own statement. Their style is edgy, unconventional and fun. They aren’t afraid to mix and match, nor are they afraid to make mistakes. When the Aquarius princess finally finds her calling, she’ll surprise you with her creative sense of style. And, always messy haired. Always. 

Piscean women follow every fashion rule in the book. Her style is dreamy and conventional. Her closet is full of peaches and pinks and her eye gear is tinted rose pink. The Pisces woman is emotional and she lets that affect her style. Always dresses upto the occasion, and is easily influenced by the next girl’s style.

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