You’re so lucky they are fictional! – Meet Hollywood’s 7 badass female antagonists.

You may not mess with her, but she will mess your life forever.

Vicious, vampy and absolutely venomous, Hollywood has acquainted us with some of the most badass female antagonists ever. Though fictional, these femme fatales have made men swoon and women envy them with their infectious wickedness and charm. With Hollywood riding high on the superhero formula; let me remind you that even the best ones have fallen prey to these alluring ladies.
​ Yup, ​nasty is their second name, and witty is their brain; you simply wouldn’t want one scooting around you! Would you? Atleast we don’t.
Here are​ ​Hollywood’s 7 most badass female antagonists, who perfectly define the quote – ​​hell hath no fury, like a wom​a​n scorned:
​​Catwoman (Dark Knight Rises)
Haven’t you heard? One does not mess wi​​th an angry cat! Cunning, devious and extremely sassy, even Batman couldn’t resist her charm.  
Poison Ivy​ (Batman & Robin)
Oh so toxic! One kiss and you’re dead. Still want to be around her?
​​Cruella De Vil​ (101 Dalmatians)
She wanted to slay the adorable Dalmatians. Cruel-la totally!
​Bellatrix Lestrange​ (Harry Potter series)
The wicked witch of the Potter World! Her devilish laugh​ and ​hideous appearance could probably give one nightmare. Plus she killed Sirius Black! 🙁
​​Regina ​George​ (Mean Girls)
We’ve all met a ‘Regina ​George​’ in our life. So let’s deal with them rather than have the real one strike us!
​​Mystique​ (X-men series)
Blue never looked so good on a woman before! Support her and she could transform in the woman of your dreams. Mess with her and your dead. Obviously.
​​Amy Dunne​ (Gone Girl)
If you’ve watched Gone Girl, you definitely don’t want this one around you for sure!
And the list doesn’t end here, as 2016 will witness the debut of yet another badass female antagonist, Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. With super hot Margot Robbie all set to take malice to​ ​a whol​e ​new level, we can’t wait to watch this highly anticipated DC venture​ ​already!

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