7 Cool Superpowers you Wish you Had

"With great power comes great responsibility." – Uncle Ben
A quote that can be applied to superheroes and also to people who wield great power. This quote might have stemmed out of a comic book but never have truer words been spoken and till today this is the mantra that every superhero tries to follow. Since the conception of superhumans in work of fiction, the idea has always been that someday this fiction will be a reality. It can happen due to evolution’s cycle like in X-Men or some crazy experiments like with meta-humans. But someday we all hope that people with great powers will walk among us. We look forward to that day with fear and anticipation. Because having powers doesn’t necessarily mean they will be used for good.
popchartlab_superpowers_finalfinal-750-ledeApart from looking towards the future, we also look within ourselves looking for that spark of power that will make us different from other humans and put us in the league of the superheroes we admire so much. But our world is not filled with super villains. We have very human problems that can be resolved with superpowers. We have listed down some of the coolest superpowers and how they will help to conquer our human being problems.

Super speed60d63eb09daf47d0ee2e5cf97cccf14bAren’t we always complaining about having to achieve a lot with not too much time? Are you always late? Well, with super speed you can kiss your problems goodbye and help a few others along the way. You will sprint through clothes much faster though. Superspeed has been an inclusion in almost all the superhero team-ups since it has so many advantages. If you are scratching your head thinking of one, we will give you two. Pick up any episode of the Flash or just watch Quicksilver in the latest movie of the X-Men franchise. If that doesn’t make you want to have this, we don’t know what will. Also, this offers a super metabolism so eat all you can without gaining those pounds.

Telepathy4126274-0675335677-30135Isn’t it frustrating dealing with people who have straight faces? You never know what's going on in their minds. We always want to know what they really think about your new hairstyle. It can have its disadvantages too when you can never turn it off and it can be embarrassing if you answer their thoughts instead of what they actually tell you. But once we have mastered it, it can be a useful superpower to have.

Metamorphosismystique_by_kr0npr1nz-d7jcqdaIt is human tendency to believe that all would be well if we only looked a little different. What if you could change your appearance at will? You would truly be a master/mistress of disguises and it would be a cool life to live. It would be even more difficult to choose the look of the day but days of expensive hair treatments and hair colors are a thing of the past.

Super healing1114188-00For those with sensitive skins and accident-prone ones too, this ability would truly be a life saver. What if you could walk out of absolutely any disaster unscathed? You would love living the life on the wild side and it doesn’t harm to learn that because of super healing your ageing is also much slower than usual.

Telekinesisjean_greyThis power has been our need every time we are a little more than an arm’s length from the remote. You would have been able to try to make the remote come to you without any success. But that’s not the only use of this power. Control over matter is considered one of the most powerful abilities and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can even control the blood running through someone’s body. Yes, that puts it into perspective. Also, juggling will be a lot more fun.

Teleportationnightcrawler-2014-008-012This is bound to be the coolest superpower ever. You can actually go around the world in 80 days and even less. You just have to see a place in your mind to reach there and sometimes just look at a photograph and you are there. This will clearly cut down on transportation charges. But day-dreaming about exotic places is not advised.

Fire/IcemaxresdefaultYes, they both are completely different superpowers but either of the two would be equally nice. Create a fire anywhere, especially if you are living near the poles. Or you could just create an ice rink and cool yourself if you live in one of the tropics. Either way, it is certainly a useful power to have.
Which superpower do you dream about? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.

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