7 First Date Tips For Men

She said yes? Great! You finally managed to convince her to go out on a date and that you aren’t a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Good for you but does the thought of goofing up gives you the jitters? You don’t want to make stilted conversations and make it sound like a scripted job-interview. While in the game of love there are no right and wrongs, there are a few guidelines or rather must-know facts that should help you tick all the right boxes. Think you’d like some good advice? Read on and impress the girl of your dreams.

Bigger is not better
There’s a common notion among guys that more expensive and lavish the place, better are your chances. We cannot but disagree. Fancy places are land mines for uncomfortable situations – she might feel under-dressed or worry about ordering something too expensive. It’s better to keep things relaxed on your pocket as well as the mood.
Bigger Is Not Better - BookMyShow

Chivalry isn’t dead
Go old school – pull out a chair for her, hold the door, let her order first. Most importantly pay attention to details before you order another round of drinks for the both of you. If she isn’t drinking that wine, it is probably because she doesn’t like it. Ask her. This is what chivalry is all about.Chivalry - BookMyShow

Keep your hands to yourself
This should be the golden rule for all guys. You simply aren’t allowed to touch her except for the warm pleasantries such as a handshake, which is purely platonic in nature. You may think it’s your way of letting her know that you are interested in her but you inadvertently come off as a creep. So keep your hands where they should be, in your pockets.No Touching - BookMyShow

Be attentive
Listen and smile. Girls like guys who have an attention span more than that of a gnat. So stay focused and compliment her at times.Be Attentive - BookMyShow

Speak up 
You may be tucked in that well-ironed Allen Solly shirt along with those neat trousers of yours but you will come of as a super boring or emotionally-detached being if you don’t speak up. There’s only so much to talk over dinner. Find common ground and invite her to a play, drama that you both like.Speak Up - BookMyShow

Bragging won’t get you anywhere
If you spend the date dropping names, as in: “I party with the Kardashians,” or “I text Shah Rukh Khan,” then you sound like a try-hard who needs celebrity clout to impress her. That’s a big NO!Bragging - BookMyShow

Pay up
Insist on paying for the first date, even if she offers to split the bill, especially if you initiated the date. As a couple, you can cover and split the cost later but for now, be a man and pick up that check.Pay Up - BookMyShow

Let us know if these tips worked for you in the comments below.

-By Anish Dhurat

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