7 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong All Your Life

If there’s any job out there that doesn’t require any particular skill set or you greasing up anyone’s palms then that’s definitely ‘eating’. Yes, it’s simple, precise and you can do it with minimum intellect at work. It’s so easy that even a toddler can do it, right? Wrong! Trust the human race to mess that up too. *insert ‘you had one job meme’*

There are few foods that you have been eating all wrong your entire life and you never questioned it. It’s time for a reality check. Hence, we bring you the list of food items you that you’ve been eating wrong and also how to eat them right. Peeps, pay attention!

Ketchup and Fries
Often when you pick up fries at a drive through, you come up with innovative but failed attempts to dip your fries into those small ketchup packets. Then, you give up and squirt the entire thing onto the fries. Well, there’s another way. Carefully, tear off the top of the packet and make a small dipping bowl.

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You know the struggle is real when it comes to peeling oranges. We have got you covered there. Instead of peeling it off, cut off each end and make a vertical incision into the orange. Roll out those succulent wedges for everyone to enjoy.

Eating Wrong - Bookmyshow


This usually gets messy but you can avoid all of that. Try cutting the fruit in half and sliding each side down an 8 oz glass (or a milkshake glass). The inside will peel out leaving workable fruit to cut, slice or dice.

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Eating a crab is a daunting task. But where there is a will, there’s a way. Knock off the legs of the crab and use one of these pointy legs to flesh out the rest of the meat.

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Boiled eggs
Tired of the tedious picking when shelling boiled eggs? Try boiling eggs in baking soda. When complete, crack a quarter-sized hole at each end of the egg and blow. The egg will come right out of its shell.

Eating Wrong - Bookmyshow


Tacos, like mangoes, are delicious but messy. So here’s the trick – put the lettuce leaf to good use. Wrap the lettuce leaf around the shell to provide an extra layer of protection.

Eating Wrong - Bookmyshow

We admit it. We have been doing this wrong too. Here’s how you eat this beautiful chocolate.

Eating Wrong - Bookmyshow


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