Not everyone is adept at getting that straight line drawn evenly across both your eyelids without trying to even it out multiple times or getting a smoky eye done without looking like a raccoon. These are the makeup struggles we face every day and we know that even after getting it right once in a million times, it’s difficult to replicate it. Most of the times, we are just in a hurry to be on time and look good. With all that excitement and nervousness for that special date or dinner, we could possibly mess up our makeup. And one wrong step can lead to an hour’s effort go in vain. So, to make you look your gorgeous best for your special dinner, we have a few instant makeup fixes for you, so that the mishaps can be avoided and you manage to reach on time.

Just like how we should have a handy first-aid kit for emergencies, we have collated a makeup mishap kit, for all the last-minute errors or emergency makeup mishaps. These include the following:
Ear buds
Makeup remover
Tissue papers
Wet wipes, moisturizers
Foundation and Foundation Brush
Large Clean brushes

Smudged lipstick: If you have smeared lipstick and don’t have time to wipe it and start over again, take some foundation and outline it around your lips evenly. Once you’ve done this, reapply the lipstick. Applying foundation all over gives your mouth a sharp definitive look and an amazing pout.

Kajal smearing: If you have smeared kajal underneath your eyes, giving you unnecessary bags, use an ear bud dipped in makeup remover to remove the excess kajal that is smeared. Once removed, apply some foundation under your eyes to give it a more finished look.

Eyeshadow smearing: If your eyeshadow has literally shadowed your entire eye, take some foundation and smoothen the eyeshadow, blending it in. Wipe off the excess of the eyeshadow on a tissue and continue blending in. Make sure you clean your foundation brush before you use it for something else.

Too much blush/bronzer: If you have too much blush on your face, take a clean brush to brush off the excess product and start blending it outwards. If that doesn’t work, take some translucent, no-color powder and blend it along. It will soften your dark bronzer/blush application.

Mascara mess: Your mascara reaching everywhere it is supposed not to is an everyday story and happens to the best of us. After you wear it, leave it for some time and let the mascara dry completely. Once the mascara dries, it can be easily flaked off. Use an ear bud and gently flake the dried mascara off.
Also, if you have clumped eyelashes, use a brush devoid of mascara and run it through your lashes.
Tip: Do not apply mascara to the ends. Apply mascara to the root of the lash and pull up. Let the ends be.

Eyebrow: If you love tweezing your eyebrows and you’ve accidentally pulled out more than essential, take your eyebrow pencil to make it appear fuller.

Glitter: If you were trying to get some glitter onto your eyelids, and well now you are shining bright like a disco ball all over, fear not, we have a fix. Get some tape and reduce it’s adhesiveness. Now use the tape to pick up the glitter from all the places you want it to be removed. And voila! You’re not a glittery star anymore.
PS: This trick is for girls who don’t enjoy glitter all over. We all secretly do.  

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