7 of Paul Walker’s Fastest and Most Furious Moments!

A heady mix of testosterone and petrol, the Fast and Furious series was, and still is, the ultimate guy fantasy. And who doesn’t remember Paul Walker as Brian O’ConnerHe wasn’t cool. He was actually pretty goofy and more than a little corny. But therein lay his awkward charm. Unfortunately, Walker will be seen burning rubber and scorching the road on screen for the last time in Furious 7. He left us with a legacy of fast cars, a need for speed and some truly badass moments. Here’s looking back at a couple of the moments that made Paul Walker a legend in our eyes, and an inseparable part of the F&F series.

Brian races Dominic – Fast and Furious

The first ever showdown between Vin Diesel‘s Dominic Toretto and Walker‘s Brian O’Conner is best described with one word – Epic. Brian pits his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX against Dom’s Mazda RX-7 in an all-out street race. It doesn’t end well for O’Conner, though, as he ends up getting schooled by Dom! This scene defined the entire series, as it saw an emerging friendship between Diesel and Walker.

Car meets Boat – 2 Fast 2 Furious

Another scene that had us foaming at the mouths was when Walker, along with Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) – his “brother from another mother”, drove a Yenko Camaro into a yacht. Yes, they drove a car into a boat. But they were trying to save the gorgeous Eva Mendes, so it’s cool.

Tunnel Chase – Fast and Furious 4

Vin Diesel runs into Paul Walker while pursuing drug kingpin Arturo Braga underground, as Braga’s henchmen chase them through a maze of secret tunnels. A high-octane car chase ensues, ending in a nail-biting finish.

Train Rescue – Fast Five

Fast Five saw Vin and Paul fleeing to Rio de Janeiro, and trying to steal three cars from a train. Sorry, we forgot to mention that the train was moving. So, the train is moving, and a bridge approaches with Walker stuck on the locomotive. Out of nowhere, Vin Diesel swerves in with his ride, pulls up next to the train and saves Walker.

Vault Heist- Fast Five

Fast Five also saw one of Hollywood’s most badass action sequences. Think of a smash-and-grab job, except there’s cars involved. Dom and Brian strap a huge vault to their Dodge Chargers and drive around the city, with the vault demolishing everything in its wake. If that doesn’t scream machismo, I don’t know what does.

Tank Battle – Fast and Furious 6

How do you top the intense, absolutely insane action megahit that was Fast Five? You get a tank chase! Brian and Roman somehow manage to topple the massive machine, in true David and Goliath style, with nothing else apart from their cars.

Furious 7 Trailer

Furious 7 will be Paul Walker’s last ride. The trailer had an amazing cliffhanger. Literally. Walker is actually hanging off the spoiler of a car, dangling over a cliff! The audiences are pumped for Furious 7, and so are we.

So there you have it, a round-up of a few of Paul Walker’s many legendary moments in the Fast and Furious franchise. We lost him too soon, but he took us for an amazing journey. Tell us about your favourite scenes in the comments below!

By Karan Raikar

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