7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Hate Mondays

Mondays are the end of life, the life you have on the weekends. They suck! There is a pile of work that awaits you, which you know is not going to get over any time soon, just like the day. It is undoubtedly the longest day of the entire week. You work your eight hours and then look at the watch only to find out it has been 17 minutes since you started the day. And it is not just about the office, students too have to submit their weekend homework, which they obviously didn't complete. Early morning PT at school rubs further salt into the wound.

We know you have enough reasons to hate Monday and we think you'll find some of them featured in our list of seven reasons why you absolutely hate this dastardly day:

Waking up in the morning

A wise one once said, "It is easier to stay awake the entire Sunday night than to wake up early on Monday". But if we do sleep, waking up becomes a task, the first and most difficult thing Monday makes us suffer from. Hate Mondays.

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Back to Work/School

It is the hardest to think about work or wearing uniforms for school/college after the mad time you had over the weekend; especially when you have to act sober with the hangover. Thinking about it makes you sick but this sickness cannot get you a paid leave, sadly.

Hate Mondays - BookMyShow

Because it is five days away from the weekend

It is not only about working or waking up, Mondays also are the farthest from weekends. Nobody wants to experience the start of a week, because we know it is the day when the weekend is as far as it can possibly be. Hate Mondays.

Hate Mondays - BookMyShow

Because other people also hate Monday

Hating Monday is not only the truth of life but is also a mental condition. Mondays are ought to be hated. Even if you love your job, have two lectures with the most good looking teacher of the college or have classes of your favorite subject in school, you will automatically forget all when you realise it is a Monday morning. We just know, if others hate it, we must hate it too.


Too many people in the public transport

Weekends are chilled out. Most are tired and opt to stay home, wanderers enjoy empty roads and transportation simultaneously. But come Monday, everyone is back to where they belong. Mondays are the hardest to bunk because of the piling up of work during the weekends, resulting a full house at all the work places, which in turn results in humans everywhere. Hate it.

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Tiring Sleep

It is generally human nature to delay work and still be ambitious. So, on Friday, all excited about the weekend plans, we tend to keep work for the weekend, which is obviously ignored over the next two days. On Sunday night/Monday morning, while you want to sleep and are simultaneously worried about the pending work, it results in a long tiring sleep. (Because, obviously, we would rather have a sleepless sleep than complete the work).

Hate Mondays - BookMyShow

It marks the end of an amazing weekend

The amazing things we do with all the spare time we have on weekends provide us with a lot of memories to cherish and a reason to wait to enjoy life like it again. Mondays, on the other hand are a symbol of an end to that part of our life. There is no need to explain this further, right?

Hate Mondays - BookMyShow

Can you relate to all the words of wisdom above? Share reasons why you absolutely hate Mondays with us in the comments below.

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