Do you have a lot of black in your closet? Do black clothes make you feel confident and look sexy? Does your mother constantly taunt you for wearing too much black and you pay no heed? If your answer to these questions is yes, you can proudly say that you are obsessed with the color black. For you, hoarding a lot of black clothes may not be intentional, but it is something that you can’t help doing. It’s almost like when you go to shop for new clothes, you always end up hating the new collection and then you force yourself to pick up anything that is not an explosion of color or a symbol of bad taste. That’s when you truly understand the importance of the color black.

And no matter what you say, black is definitely a safe bet and it goes well with everything. But with all its pros, there are cons of wearing black all the time. And if you have a wardrobe filled with black clothes, you will totally be able to relate to these struggles.

Emo on the Loose
Wearing black all the time usually gets picked up as being emo or a goth. And NO, it’s not always true! Can’t a person just like that color and appreciate the fact that it looks great on him/her?
Pets vs. Black
Lint everywhere! But that doesn’t stop you from giving free hugs to your pets. Let the lint rollers do their job.

Evil Deodorants & Makeup
Those evil deodorant stains always manage to dampen your mood. It is probably why you choose your makeup, perfumes, and deodorants wisely.

Heat Stroke
Summer is your enemy. It’s almost like you have checked into a 24-hour sauna facility. But it's worth it, right?

Finding an Outfit in Your Closet
Where do you even begin? Everything looks the same!

Boo You, Festive Season
If you accidentally wear black on a festive season, that will be the end of it. Your mom will think of it as a bad omen and immediately ask you to wear something “festive”. But why, mom?!

50 Shades of Black
Yes, black also comes in different shades. And that’s how you try to win arguments. But deep down you know that it doesn’t really matter because black always makes you feel better. Even if you look the same most of the time.

So, don't you agree with these? The struggle is definitely real!

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