When Bollywood Tried The Invisibility Concept

When we talk of Invisibility Concept,  the only Bollywood film that ever comes to your mind is Mr. India. It was probably the only big hit among all the other films around the concept. Bollywood hasn't really tasted success making such science fiction movies. Some may blame the budget such films are made on. Hollow Man, for example. Of the $95 million budget of the film, $50 million was spent on visual effects alone. Let's try imagining Bollywood spending as much on VFX, when there already are big names who star in films to be paid. Bollywood has dealt with superhero and sci-fci fiction rather inefficiently. One can cite examples like Rudraaksh and Love Story 2050.

So here are five movies that explored the invisibility concept:
Mr. India 
Directed by Shekhar Kapur and produced by Boney Kapoor in 1987, Mr. India remains a cult classic in India. It had all the ingredients of an entertainer and the formula was bang on. The shooting of the film was cumbersome because the film was shot entirely on camera, unlike nowadays, when effects are added during post-production. For instance, if you remember Anil Kapoor drinking a cold drink, many straws were connected to each other going out of the bottle to another room where a crewman was enjoying the drink. This scene nearly had 50 retakes. Imagine the plight of the crewman. This film has given us too many iconic characters, scenes and songs to cherish. No wonder on the centenary of Indian Cinema, it was ranked one of the Best 100 films in India.
While there were intentions to make Mr. India 2, nothing has been officially announced yet.
Bollywood Movie Mr. India - BookMyShow
Mr. X 
This 2015 Emraan Hashmi-starrer wasn`t well received by the audiences. The actor played a dedicated government officer, who gets charred in a factory during an assignment, and is given an untested potion by his friend's sister, which causes a complete cell regeneration from the scratch causing him to become invisible in all lights except neon light and direct sunlight. Made on a budget of INR 39 crore, the only interesting thing that this film offered was the serial kisser's underwater kissing.
Bollywood Movie Mr. X - BookMyShow
You might need a reminder about this movie. For starters, it starred Tusshar Kapoor and Antara Mali. Rings a bell? Tusshar plays a sad unappreciated nerd, who is tired of his life, and asks God for a change. His wish is granted, of course. And his life takes a new twist as he is granted the power of invisibility. In the end, he does get arrested, confesses his sins and goes back to living a normal yet invisible life. With mediocre performances, this film stays true to its title – invisible.  
Bollywood Movie Gayab - BookMyShow
This 1971 film, which stars Vinod Mehra and Rekha, is probably not very well-known. The character played by Mehra finds himself locked in a cellar alongside an old man who claimed to have invented an ''atomic ring'', which can make a person invisible. He gives it to Mehra by literally tearing off his leg and extracting the ring, which the latter has to supposedly put in his mouth and take off all his clothes to turn invisible; the two steps being crucial. Sounds interesting?
Bollywood Movie Elaan - BookMyShow
This 1992 film had Shah Rukh Khan as a cricket coach and Naseeruddin Shah as the 'ghost' who was killed and buried in the same cemetery, where a homeless Shah Rukh seeks refuge. This film delighted kids but was termed as a commercial failure.
Bollywood Movie Chamatkaar - BookMyShow


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