8 Shocking Plot Twists In Movies That You Did Not See Coming

“Woah! I did not see that coming” is something we must have experienced at least once while watching movies. Nothing shocks you more than a twisted climax in a movie. A movie, where you have already comfortably established the outcome, suddenly changes in a moment only to reveal a bigger plot. It never ceases to amuse you. Well, we have chosen a few gems that heavily rely on the plot twists to deliver a power-packed narration. This is a spoiler-free article because we understand how annoying spoilers can be (read Game of Thrones). So if you haven’t seen these movies, don’t worry, just read on.

Shutter Island (2010)
Leonardo dazzled the silver screen yet again with his marvelous performance. There are a few clever moments of foreshadowing, which are relevant to the plot. Watch out for those!

Orphan (2009)
This one is based on an ingenious concept. The plot revolves around a family who adopts a young 9-year-old girl named Esther. Esther seems nice and lovely at first but she has a dark secret. The plot unravels right towards the end leaving the audience stumped.

Donnie Darko (2001)
This movie may require repeated viewing to completely understand the plot. It’s so dark and twisted that it’s brilliant. An incredibly fascinating, star-making film which won’t fail to intrigue.

Predestination (2014)
The whole movie is a paradox, which is cleverly written and brilliantly executed. We won’t divulge much but look out for Ethan Hawke.

Coherence (2013)
Yet again a movie that deals with time loops, paradoxes, alternate realities and such. The film starts off at a dinner party and slowly things go awry only to lead to a fitting conclusion. It’s a pretty underrated film and a must-watch.

Memento (2000)
The plot revolves around a Guy Pearce suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife. Ghajni was adapted from this masterpiece but the directors tweaked the ending. The original version has a shocking end.

The Others (2001)
This one is a horror movie with a gloomy end. You won’t be left disappointed.

Saw (2004)
Now the entire Saw series was exceptionally good but the very first installment takes the cake. The movie is like a jigsaw puzzle, which unravels itself with every scene. The last scene in the movie is jaw-dropping. You shouldn’t miss this.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, watch them now.

-By Anish Dhurat


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