8 Unforgettable Ghosts in Movies

Creepy, scary, and harmful are the words that usually come to our minds when we think about ghosts. Over the years, movies have just built on that and have introduced us to so many personalities of ghosts that we are really spoilt for choice with what can terrify us now. And the best part is that not all ghosts or spirits have to look pale or should be spewing blood and guts to give us the chills – there’s so much variety! Script writers are constantly revamping the concept of ghosts and uniquely introducing them in the story to build up the suspense and heighten the scary factor. This has worked wonderfully till now and has made us remember some of the iconic ghosts in movies.

To give you a gist of what we mean by that, we have made a list of interesting ghosts in movies who we can’t get out of our minds, no matter how much we try. Take a look.

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert!

The Grady Girls – The Shining
In the scene where the little girls say, “come play with us” with a stoic expression, we are sure you must be thinking, “Yeah, no thanks! Where the hell is that exit?”. There are other, equally creepy ghosts in this movie but these girls totally ace that sinister vibe.
The Grady Girls
Samara Morgan – The Ring Series
If the twins from the Shining didn’t scare you, Samara will. She and her creepy video are enough to give you nightmares for a long time. She is the classic ghost, who kills categorically everyone for revenge.

Samara Morgan
Moaning Myrtle – Happy Potter Series
In this series, it was shown that being surrounded by spirits/ghosts in the world of magic was a normal thing (or the least of their worries). But Moaning Myrtle was one of the most entertaining ghosts in the movie who gave us a glimpse of how moody and helpful teenage ghosts can be.

Moaning Myrtle
Sam Wheat – Ghost
They say that when a loved one passes away, they go to a place from where they can watch over you and protect you. Sometimes we imagine whether it will be similar to what Patrick Swayze (Sam Wheat) does in Ghost.

Sam Wheat
Malcolm Crowe – The Sixth Sense
Yes, nobody saw this coming! What a crazy plot twist this was! It’s one of the reasons why The Sixth Sense was such a hit.

Malcolm Crowe
Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice
Sometimes ghosts also need help from other ghosts to stop the living from possessing their home. That's when Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) comes into the picture and turns the whole things into a circus. We wonder whether it will be that ugly and fatal in reality.

No-Face – Spirited Away
At first, No-Face appeared to be a lonely, harmless spirit but later he turns into a creepy, pedo ghost who terrifies everyone by ingesting them. There are so many layers to this character that it automatically becomes a memorable one in this anime movie.

Casper – Casper
Everyone loves Casper. He is like the starter kit for introducing kids to the concept of ghosts. He is cute, friendly, and absolutely harmless, that’s why kids don’t really get a nightmare by watching this movie or the animated series.

Did any of these ghosts create a lasting impact on you? Comment below to let us know and don’t forget to share names of some of your favorite horror movies with us.

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