The day when a fan knows his/her favorite celebrity, who they worshipped day and night, has passed away unexpectedly. It certainly is a dreadful experience to have. We are sure that it must be difficult to digest such news. And that’s why they start playing the news over and over again to find pieces that will prove that the star might still be alive. Then there are "sightings" reported. Hoaxes? Maybe, maybe not. 

When an unexpected death happens, most of the time the family of the deceased doesn’t reveal all the details of the incident to avoid attention. However, it creates a lot of suspicion in the minds of the people and that’s how theories are floated. One of them being – these celebrities are not dead; they are just faking their deaths! Is it really true? Or are people forgetting that at least seven people in the world look alike and they must have spotted their clone?

Well, read on to figure out if you think the celeb sightings are a hoax or if you really believe that they are still alive.

Jim Morrison
Morrison was an enigma. His music was like poetry and his lifestyle extreme. He died at the age of 27 in Paris. After his death, no autopsy was performed, which left a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of people believed that he faked his death to get out of the limelight. Recently, a homeless hippie was found roaming on the streets of New York. At least from his looks and his behavior, he seemed like Morrison. He even recited poems like him. Could it really be the Lizard King?

Jim Morrison

Elvis Presley
“Wise men said, only fools rush in…” Well, this totally applies here. On August 16, 1977, the King of Rock ‘n Roll passed away, the cause of his death was not disclosed by his family and so, many thought he was still alive. They even claimed that the body that was kept in his cascade was made up of wax. Some even said that they saw drops of sweat on the body proving that Elvis was just playing dead. But the most bizarre news was when they found a body of an old homeless man in San Diego and they declared that he was Elvis Presley after conducting a DNA test. The lab technicians couldn’t believe their eyes and had a good laugh over it as they thought they were being pranked.

Elvis Presley

Bob Marley
In 1981, this reggae legend died of cancer. But in 2015, news emerged on the internet according to which, a homeless man was found dead behind a fast food restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica. And after conducting a “DNA test”, it was found that he was none other than Bob Marley. The funny thing is that this news surfaced a couple of months after the news about Elvis Presley being alive broke on the internet. Coincidence? Think not.

Bob Marley

Kurt Cobain
The death of Nirvana’s lead singer was tragic. Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. That was not the first time that Cobain had tried to kill himself. He was going through substance abuse and depression and hence, wanted an escape. Many believe that Kurt is still alive and he staged his suicide so that he could get away from all the negativity and start life afresh.  

Kurt Cobain

Tupac Shakur
Many think that this popular rapper died in a gang war. However, there are those who have claimed they spotted him on the streets and during rallies. Some even think that he still makes music and hangs out with celebrities; Rihanna being one of them. Later, it was discovered that many people had just edited his pictures and posted them online to make people believe he was still alive.


Michael Jackson
The King of Pop really lived an eventful life. He was praised for his work but he soon found himself in legal troubles for some of his actions. His reputation did get tarnished, and maybe because of that, he decided to flee from his glamorous life and make everyone believe he is dead. Many think otherwise. When people saw a "footage" of him getting off the ambulance, especially when the news said that he died at home, it did raise a lot of questions. Did MJ really fool us?


Bruce Lee
It’s shocking to hear when a completely fit martial arts performer dies unexpectedly. The doctors said that he died due to an allergic reaction to the medicine. But many think he faked his death because he wanted to live a low profile life. Some even think that he moved to a deserted island or that he lives in a cave. What do you think?

Bruce Lee

Paul Walker
The Fast and Furious actor passed away in a car accident in 2013. When the pictures and the footage of the crash were shared on the internet, it was really heartbreaking. But a lot of fans feel that it was planned as they saw two figures emerge out of the crash and one of them was also wearing a heat protective suit. What was that all about? Did they really try to orchestrate an accident?

Paul Walker

Princess Diana
She was a vision and her charity work got her a lot of admiration from people around the globe. Many think that her death was staged and it was done so that ugly rumors about her personal life and Prince Charles don’t surface and bring a bad name to the royal family. Seems a bit unrealistic and harsh to sever
ties like that. People also claim that they saw her at Prince William’s wedding. Do you believe that?

Princess Diana

So which of these theories do you believe in? Comment below to let us know.

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