There is something amiss when you keep looking at your watch after just 10 minutes into a movie. “9”, directed by Shane Acker, manages to do just that to you about 10 times in its running length of 79 minutes.

Set in the distant future, the story (?!!?) is about an artificial being called , well, 9 and other 8 like him, who have been created by a scientist during World War 3 as human beings have killed themselves and these life forms are last remnants of life on earth. When 9 comes to life, he realizes that everything’s not quite right in the world as most of it has been destroyed due to war. Setting of in search of others like him he quickly befriends 2 – another artificial being – who is kidnapped by The Beast trying to save 9, who sets of to find 2 amidst the city ruins accompanied by 5 (please try to keep up with the names, there’s nine of them) against the advice of their leader named (guess what ???) 1.

During their search they encounter 7, a femme fatale of sorts, and 6 who has lost his mind and keeps drawing a set of strange symbols. This assorted bunch of numerals finally find 2 but awaken a mechanical monster (not named, thankfully !!!), a remnant of the war, in the process who feeds on souls. It’s upto 9 now to kill this monster and save his friends to ensure that life on earth continues.

While not exactly a bad concept, the problem lies with the execution. The narrative just moves from one set piece to another serving as a sorry excuse to show another bunch of special effects. Apart from the great VFX there is not a single redeeming point about 9. Neither a kiddie movie or an engaging adult story, “9” is a futile and pointless exercise and makes you wonder why someone would make this movie in the first place.

Take my advice and don’t touch this one with a 9-foot barge pole !!!

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  1. Roopesh Shah

    September 10, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Are you entirely sure about this? I read another review that speaks otherwise. 9 has one ticket sold to me. Check this link:

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