splice“What’s the worst that can happen?” is a recurring dialogue in the film. I think the filmmakers went by the same philosophy while making the film. One would assume that a movie that is disturbing, gory and amoral should have a point to make. Unfortunately, “Splice” brings all the disturbing gore together for no apparent reason at all. The writing is so all over the place with the numerous twists and turns that it ends up falling flat on its own face.

Isla and Clive are Bio scientists (they are also a couple), who spearhead a research program that splices various animal DNA’s together to discover cures for deadly diseases. Isla decides to become ambitious and splice human DNA with animal DNA to create a whole new species. The financiers of the splice project obviously reject the idea. Isla however persuades Clive to go ahead with the idea secretly. The result of which is a part ET-part vampire looking bald female with a tail, chicken legs and wings to match. Clive now realizes the full moral obligations of bringing a being like that into the world and decides to kill the creature (now named Dren). Isla however, (it’s obvious she wears the pants in the relationship) convinces Clive to raise Dren as their own in a deserted farm outside of town. Dren grows up quickly and begins to display human and animal characteristic that becomes a huge disaster for anyone in the vicinity of the farm.

To add to the already bizarre plot, there are twists and turns that involve 2 incidents of depicted (not suggested) inter-species intercourse. And if that was not enough, there are also cases of automatic gender change in these beings. After a human massacre and some more gory details thrown in, the film tries to conclude with another disturbing bombshell. Let me give you a hint, where there is inter-species sex, there is inter-species reproduction.

splice 3

All this brings me back to my opening statement –what’s the point? Are they trying to tell us we should not splice humans and animals together? Or are they trying to tell us that we should not reproduce with them either? The more intelligent among the human race are already aware of these things. A thoroughly disturbing film about it was highly unnecessary.

Verdict: Do I really need to bother.

 [Rating: 1]

Malvika Rao

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