The latest trend to catch on in movies seems to be 3D. The latest one being this week’s release ‘Clash of The Titans’. Based on Greek mythology it revolves around the battle between man and God.

Tired of being ‘mistreated’ by the Gods the mortal kings declare war against the Gods. This greatly angers the creator, Zeus (Liam Neeson) who gives his brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) the permission to punish the mortals in order to remind them of the immortal power they foolishly attempt to overthrow. Hades threatens the King of Argus and ask for the sacrifice of the Princess in exchange for mercy.

Hades’ visit to earth also unveils the presence of a Demi God, Persues (Sam Worthington)- son of Zeus- who himself is unaware of this fact. He joins the mortals in the fight against the Gods and embarks on a journey to seek a way to kill Hades’ deadly creature, the Kraken.

The band of soldiers encounters a host of gruesome creatures ranging from giant scorpions to witches who hold their eye in their hand (who practically salivate over the demi God). There are inhuman, incoherent, inhabitants of the desert who join them along the way and one can’t quite tell if they are friend or foe.

The movie tries too hard and in its effort to create special effects loses the story. Although excerpts of Greek mythology are narrated by a character from time to time, its lost among the noise and gross creatures. The 3D does nothing to enhance it and proves to be more a hindrance then an enjoyment.

There’s no hard core action for the men, where it might lose most of its target audience. The special effects are nothing to write home about either. Its just another movie to showcase the technological advancements in movie making. With barely any acting involved it’s all about the work behind the camera.

Not a single thing that stands out or deserves appreciation. Clash of the Titans gets lost in the shadow of its predecessors of the same genre.


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