Aranmanai: Film Review – Not the typical Sundar C film

 There is something about horror films, that leave you at the edge-of-your-seat. They reveal very little, thereby providing tension to the audience. However, if it derails from this very element, the film might just end-up being predictable. Filled with a few gags and set against the premise that has been done-to-death is, Aranmanai. The opening attack by the ghost in Aranmanai is quite creepy. It creates the mood of a spooky film quite well. But as the film progresses, you realize that you are able to predict the move of every character in every scene.

Aranmanai takes its time to reveal the mystery of the ghost, and how she is on a spree of murdering everyone in the household. This is perhaps the strength of the film, but the story on the whole is predictable. It is only in the second-half that the film catches pace, but with an excruciatingly long run-time, the film slowly bores and tires you. This, despite a few good laughs by Santhanam. The film is also filled with Sundar C‘s usual stereotypes including a focus on the women as glam dolls, sleazy jokes and a good mix of character artists. The VFX is passable, and the whole ‘palace’ seems a lot like a film set.

Hansika pulls off a good performance, which is also the most convincible one in the whole film. Although the reason for her distinct looks are justified, the oxidized jewellery and mirror work half-sarees on her, fail to register her as a poor village belle. Kovai Sarala gives a remarkable performance that’ll crack you up. You really wish her role extended a little longer. Although Andrea’s role is pivotal, you wonder if she has left a lasting impression on you.

Why should you watch this film?

Watch this film for a few spooky moments and few laughs, but most of all if you haven’t watched a Tamil Horror-Comedy in a long time. 


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  1. Syed Farook

    September 21, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Aranmanai Tamil Movie Review : [Rarely Scary film mixed with humour]

    Aranmanai has been tempted as a ghost related film which has been
    directed by Sundar.C. The story is as-usual old village ghost related
    subject but mingled with humour. As it has the same bottomline scenes
    from the old village ghost subject films,We can predict most of the
    scenes in the film before itself, this could have been taken better.
    Santhanam, Kovai sarala, manobala and other comedy actors saved the film
    and makes the film a laughter pack, when the film goes dull. Hansika
    and andrea has provided there gud performance in there short period of
    acting. Songs were the real negative part of the movie.

    First half provides a laughter pack and the second half starts with the
    same old flashback, which we can suspect the end easily. The key point
    of the movie is the last half hour, which triggers up the script of the
    movie and ends up with a happy ending story. Graphics portion of the
    ghost could have been made better. Sound effects are maintained well in
    the film. Very few scenes are somewhat little bit scary. If the scary
    parts and the old oiled script would have made better and more
    interesting, then the movie would have been the massive hit of the year.
    As it is a Sundar C direction film, the movie is a entertained masala
    packed and can be watched.

    On the whole: Aranmanai film is a Old dish in a new vessel, but filled with the humour ingredients and served to us. It can be watched once.

    — A Farook Movie Review

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