Armaan Jain on Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Newbie Armaan Jain, popular to the world as the grandson of the legendary showman Raj Kapoor, is all set to make his entry in Bollywood. With the dawn of July 4, 2014 his debut movie – Lekar Hum Deewana Dil opens on the screens across the nation. Directed by Arif Ali, the movie stars Deeksha Seth as the leading lady. And the music has been composed by maestro A.R. Rahman. A story that’s centred on the carefree youth of today and music that’s been the talk of the town for a while now, the film’s release is highly anticipated.

We spoke with B-town’s new hot favorite recently. Here’s an excerpt of the tête-à-tête of the interview. Read on:

Q: Are you excited about Lekar Hum Deewana Dil?

A: I’m very excited. We are just a few days away from it now. I’m excited and very nervous, I must admit. But it’s a good feeling. You are super excited. Your dreams are finally coming true. It gives you those… it’s positive anxiety. Let me put it that way, it’s positive anxiety.

Q: Tell us about your character in the film.

A: My character’s name is Dino. He is someone who is full of life, full of energy. He likes thrill and adventure. He somehow doesn’t think before doing anything. And that’s often a problem. Because if you don’t think before doing things, you can make a lot of mistakes. And you can have a lot of problems. So this journey is about Dino and Karishma who are best friends. And they run away. And they make a lot of mistakes and they grow up, eventually.

Q: How well do you connect with the character you portray in the film?

A: I would say around 50-60%, definitely. But when I was 17, I was definitely 100% the character. I also believe a lot of people in their lives, most of the people who are 19 or 20, at some point have been my character. Because I think my character is someone just full of life and energy and someone who doesn’t think before doing anything. And I think everyone in their life has that phase where you are just so like bindaas. And you are not thinking before doing anything, which I think is something that I’ve lost over the years. And you do often think before you do things.

Q: How was it working with Arif Ali?

A: It was great. Actually, from Day 1 he has always been a father figure to both Deeksha and I. In a personal way he has of course, really taken care of us like kids. But more importantly, professionally we had lot of script reading, narrations, workshops. He has taken us through every bit of it in a very informative and deep manner. So I think it was great, a great journey working with him.

Q: And what about Deeksha? How was it working with her and how is she as a co-star?

A: Very good. Infact, she has done 7 films down South. So… I mean it was initially little pressuring because you are like a newcomer and then you have Deeksha who has done 7 films. I remember we used to do like 3 page scenes and she would learn the lines in 2 minutes and I would have the iPod on. And for me I was like, ‘Arif sir mujhe 5 minute aur dena, 5 minute aur dena‘ (Arif sir give me 5 more minutes). So initially it was pressurizing. But I guess you come with so much experience, so much knowledge and you can really share your information together. And through those readings, narrations, it was a great journey. And we had each others back. So it was a lot of fun.

Q: From the trailer of the film, it seems that you had a blast while shooting for the film. How difficult was it from reality?

A: Yes. We had a lot of fun. But as I said, the characters are very relatable and somewhere in our lives we’ve probably been that or we are still part of that now. Maybe little more sensible. But, ya it was lot of fun filming it. The energy on the set was unbelievable. It wasn’t just me and Deeksha, it was from the director to the producer to lightmen, cameramen, costume team, art department, everyone has done like 30-40 films. For them it’s like any other film. But they treated it like it was their first also. There was always this energy and excitement, whether it was applauding a scene done or whether is was like cracking jokes and having fun. So the energy of the set really helped us perform also. And different from reality, I mean, it’s part of reality. I think our film if I may say, is like a ‘reality show with cameras’. And I don’t know if I was acting or not acting but I was trying to be really connectable as I could. 

Q: It is your debut film. How challenging was it to face the camera for the first time?

A: Oh absolutely! You get very nervous but I tell you what really helped me was we did all the scenes and rehearsals various times. We did about 20-30 rehearsals before we actually went to shoot. So in terms of the scenes we did a lot of rehearsals but you are facing the camera and around 100 people are looking at you. So I obviously avoided eye contact because if I look at someone then I’m definitely going to get nervous. And it would be a problem. But I think the nervous energy really helped. Because I would come nervous almost everyday. And into every scene, every new thing we did. But I think what truly helped was because I have assisted before, I was used to the environment of people being there on the set. You are familiar with the surrounding, you feel like you are at home. So that really helped on the first day. And, it was great after that.

Q: You have been promoting the movies in different cities. How’s the response so far?

A: Awesome. I mean I’m really happy as there’s been lot of positive response. I hope people like it. But from what we hear and see, it’s an overwhelming feeling. Yesterday, we went to a couple of malls in Mumbai, colleges in Ahmedabad and Jaipur, we are going to Delhi too. So we are going around and we are really enjoying it. People are, I think, taking it really well.

Q: There are a lot of youth-centric films coming up. How is Lekar Hum Deewana Dil different from all of it?

A: It is a very young film but according to me as I said, ‘It’s a reality show with cameras on’. I think it has tried to capture a certain amount of real-real stuffs. When I say real, I mean if you are in an actual fight it’s supposed to look like you are actually fighting in reality. And it has tried to capture some real moments. And tried to capture some reality. Also I think, every love story or most love stories have a basic concept. And it’s a simple definition, love is a very simple definition. But the way you treat it, is different. The tonality and language of this film is different.

Q: A.R. Rahman is a legend. How was your experience working with him?

A: I’ve no words! (giggles) It’s… I don’t know. We are really lucky. I must say, to begin with we are very very very lucky. Actually, before you perform for any song it makes you nervous. It’s Rahman sahab. It doesn’t get bigger than that. He is actually the real superstar of the film. We are just lucky and I’m a big fan of his and I really enjoyed it. And I love every track of the film.

Q: Which is your favorite song composition from the movie?

A: Basically when you hear a tune so many times, what really happens is, at least with me what really happens is I’ve a favorite every second week. 3 weeks back it was "Tu Shining", then it was "Khalifa". At this point, I would say its "Mawwali Qawwali".

Q: Share a memorable moment during the shoot of Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.

A: Everyday was memorable. Every second was memorable in this film. It’s your first film. You do so many new things. There’s not like a particular day or time that was memorable. With me, I’m a late react-er. On the first day of the shoot, normal people will be like overtly nervous, overtly excited. But with me, it was all of that but 20 days later I suddenly started crying. Because things hit me later. I don’t know. Everyday, every second was memorable for me.

While we had fun interacting with Armaan Jain before the release of the film, you all don’t forget to watch the full of masti film, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil this weekend with your friends. Book your tickets now.

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