The Girl Guide: As told by Mindy Kaling!

The Mindy Project is a girl guide for the many ups and downs of life. Besides being too hard on our own selves, we are guilty of constantly being at war with our bodies. Mindy goes through life in a sparkling dress, riding her way to your heart screaming, ‘I am Sandra Bullock!’ Her best attribute is the unconditional love she has for herself. It wouldn’t be too bad an idea to emulate that now, would it? And because she is the God of Awesome, here’s a list of the most badass quotes from The Mindy Project to get you started!

When she taught us – Priorities.
No girl has ever been like, "I wish you had a flatter stomach." They were like, "I wish you made more money."
Here, basic fundamental rights!
I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings.
Because however crazy the party gets, nothing’s more pleasing than Free WiFi!
Let’s go talk to the DJ and see if he gives us the WiFi password for this place.

Swear your undying love to me. I don’t care if you mean it, I just need you to say it!

It doesn’t need to be true. I just need to hear it.

I get awesomer every second.

Who I have been is not who I am going to be.

When she taught us how to tackle our body image issues!

I am not overweight. I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.

How she fits so much swag into one line, I just don’t know!

It’s so weird, being my own role model.

Because everything is fine if you are the hot she-devil!

I figure if I am going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess.

The true meaning of BFFs.
Danny, if we’re still single in five years, and we haven’t found anybody, can we make a pact… That we’ll kill each other?

And told everyone the truth about a Long Distance Relationship.

A year is not a long time if I were twenty… Or a tortoise.

Doesn’t this make you wish you were part of this project! Any Mindyism you’d like to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Break-up kar, Twitter pe daal!

It has become a norm these days for celebrities to notify their fans of a blossoming relationship or bitter break-up by resorting to social media. Twitter has become the new gossip guide and celebrities are willing to let their fans partake in happy or sad times. While not much is divulged in 140 characters, it does make for a good way to slam or confirm rumours!

 Karan- Jennifer

When Karan Singh Grover’s marriage hit the rocks the second time around, he took to Twitter to pacify his fans. The star wrote, “For all those who are concerned, you might have heard that Jennifer and I have separated and will soon be getting divorced. I just wanted to confirm that it’s true. The decision has been mutually agreed upon and the reasons are too personal to share. What happens between only two people know…all else…merely speculations and assumptions…nothing more…this much I wanted to share…thank you always for all your love…” (sic).

 Jennifer Winget wanted the marriage to last but now KSG is just a closed chapter in her life, she was quoted saying. The actress is now gearing up for her Bollywood debut Phir Se, opposite Kunal Kohli, a story about finding love again. Apt timing, I say!

Armaan – Tanishaa

They met in the Bigg Boss house and Tanishaa was always by Amraan’s side, enduring his worst temper tantrums. While the nation labelled her as Armaan’s doormat, she stuck by him. Eventually, they parted ways and Tanishaa was quoted saying,

"Armaan and I are very different people". Armaan tweeted about their break up saying "Guys love you all , it’s been hard but it’s the truth, nothing is worth being unhappy, there is no tan man 🙁 , wish happiness to all :-)" (sic).

Karan Patel – Kamya Punjabi

Karan Patel and Kamya Punjabi were dating for a while when suddenly the news of their break up surfaced. What’s more, Karan Patel is set to tie the knot with television actress Ankita Bhargava. Kamya is heart broken about how fast Karan moved on. Karan’s family were unhappy about his relationship with a divorced woman and he confirmed the news of his marriage by tweeting- “Yes, Ankita and I are getting married and this is a new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to it without a doubt, can’t wait, she is a beautiful girl, a friend more than that my ‘would be’ wife.”


Divyanka Tripathi – Ssharad Malhotra

Trouble hit the couple’s paradise when there was news about Ssharad’s fling with his Maharana Pratap co-star Rachna Parulkar. They both issued a statement saying, "The decision of calling off the relationship is mutual. We had a beautiful journey and the most lovely memories are helping us part ways cordially. Yet, it’s a painful process and speculations only increase the pain. We request the media to be considerate. This is the final word on this subject and we won’t be talking about what went wrong in our relationship. We believe it wasn’t destined to last."


Karisma Tanna – Rushabh Choksi

Karisma Tanna broke off her relationship with businessman Rushabh Choksi. Unable to stand her increasing closeness with housemate Upen Patel, Rushabh broke his silence with a Twitter rant that said: "All relationships go through a test a bad phase and sh*t bt der is way to go about things. What KT is doing is disgusting & out right tacky".

Anything you’d like to add? Drop us a comment below!

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Cinderella: Movie review: Where there is goodness, there is magic!

Ella is reduced to tatters after her father’s death by her evil step mother. Left with only the legacy of kindness and courage, she puts up with her cruel step sisters and all their scheming ways to get her into trouble. Ella is forced to live in the attic and sleep next to the dying embers when the nights get unbearably cold. She is left to the mercy of scraps from the dinner table which Ella promptly serves to the mice in her room. The princess of a glorious childhood, she has to work like a servant maid, always at the service of her stepmother and sisters. Not the one to be backed down by adversity, Ella finds a sliver of hope when all the maidens in the kingdom are invited to the palace ball where the prince is to choose his bride. The entire kingdom is abuzz and the seamstress is drowning in fabric as all the maiden prepare to look their best for the prince. When Cinderella walks down in her mother’s ball gown, ready to go to the palace, her stepmother and sisters tear it down, forbidding her to go to the ball. As she falls down to the floor consumed by sadness and tears, Cinderella’s Godmother finally pays her a much needed visit!

Riding in a Golden carriage, Cinderella goes to the ball dressed in the most beautiful gown the kingdom has ever seen. As he watches her sashay down the stairs, he falls in love with this mysterious princess and asks her for the first dance. They soon leave the ballroom and the prince shows Cinderella his Secret garden. He never gets her name though, because she is up and running out of the palace before the clock strikes midnight lest all is returned to what it once was, leaving her shining glass slipper behind.
This movie is like watching a dream unfold before your very eyes. There couldn’t have been a better Cinderella (Lily James) and there could not have been a more dapper young prince (Richard Madden). Cate Blanchett plays the evil, scheming step mother with such fineness that you’ll find yourself screaming vengeance! Helena Bonham Carter plays Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and it makes you hate her a little less for Sirius’s death. (You knew a Potter reference was due!)

Why should you watch the film?
When Cinderella asks her stepmother why she’s so cruel, for the first time, you are let into the other side of the story. While that is for you to find out, this may be Disney’s best live-action till date! And if you have forgotten, Cinderella will remind you to be kind, have courage and never give up on your dreams.
Here’s what people have to say about the film:

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Dharam Sankat Mein: First Look

A seemingly normal life is interrupted when a Hindu man, Dharam (Paresh Rawal), finds out that he was born into a Muslim family before being adopted into a Hindu one. Struck by an identity crisis, he decides to find his biological family. While a lost boy reuniting with his father might seem like a fitting end to the story, it only throws him further into the confusion arising out of religious differences. While Dharam tries to bridge the gap between the religion he was born into and the one he was adopted into, he finds himself neck-deep in confusion. Scared of being rejected or boycotted by society, he keeps his secret to himself and starts learning and adapting to the Islamic way of life. Hilarity ensues as Dharam is pulled in two directions because of the dual life he has to live.


From the makers of Oh My God comes another seemingly powerful film that throws light on the futile practices of religion and Godmen. Get ready for some stellar performances by Naseeruddin Shah and Annu Kapoor, and keep a watch out for the catchy music score, quirky lyrics and all!

With the constant and irrelevant ban-spree in the country, Dharam Sankat Mein could really find itself in a Dharam Sankat. However, we can keep our fingers crossed and hope for a sanket-less journey for the DSM team! For now, watch the trailer here:

What do you think about the trailer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Here’s who we’d cast if Bollywood made Disney movies!

Disney movies are magical. They take us back to castles, ballrooms, magic spells and poisoned apples, adding some bit of forgotten fairy tales into our lives. While we have moved past the idea of a Prince Charming on his white horse, it doesn’t hurt to revisit now, does it? With the release of Disney’s live-action Cinderella drawing close, here’s who we’d cast if Bollywood were to make Disney movies!


Deepika-Ranveer: Beauty and the Beast

Ranveer is the bad boy we cannot help but love and Deepika is the picture of poise and grace. Theirs is a love story crafted by the Gods. I can almost see Deepika sashay down the stairs in her beautiful ballgown and the pair dancing to ‘Tale As Old As Time…’


Ranbir-Katrina: Cinderella and Prince Charming

Katrina Kaif is the definition of beauty, kindness and grace; while Ranbir is the prince who will pursue the girl of his dreams, glass slipper in hand. If the rumour mills are to be believed, our desi Cinderella will soon join Bollywood’s royal family!

Abhishek-Ash: Snow White and Prince Florian

The fairest maiden of them all, Aishwarya may have taken an innocent bite out of the poisoned apple. However, it won’t be long before her true love’s kiss will save her. Ash would be the perfect Snow white and Abhishek the perfect prince charming, as they ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.


Bipasha-Karan: Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip

As the princess is cursed into a deep slumber, Karan will make his way through the toughest forests and cross the tallest mountains to break the curse. Why, look at his fitness levels! He’d manage to do all that and rescue the beautiful Bipasha from her deathly sleep!


 SRK-Gauri: Aladdin and Jasmine


SRK’s story is a classic example of rags to riches. The Delhi boy, who dreamed of being the king of the film industry, bumped into Gauri at a friend’s party. While she wasn’t impressed at first, it was love at first sight for Shah Rukh Khan. And what a lovely fairytale they spun! Bollywood’s most loved couple made a whole new world for themselves, cruising on their magic carpet!

Think of any other real life celebrity couples who could make a charming Disney pair? Drop us a comment below!

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Coffee Ani Barach Kahi: Music Launch

The music launch party of one the most anticipated Marathi film of 2015 – Coffee Ani Barach Kahi was quite a star-studded event. Apart from the film’s cast including Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Prarthana Behere, Suyash Tilak and Bhushan Pradhan, many industry big-wigs made an appearance. The film is a love story that like the title suggests, starts with a coffee date. Gradually, love blossoms but neither of the two are ready to confess their love for each other. In the meanwhile, the girl’s family finds a suitable alliance and pressure the girl into marriage. Will their love find expression? Or will it evaporate like coffee steam? Well, that is for us to find out at the nearest theater!

Currently, there is a huge wave of love stories in Marathi cinema. Films like Duniyadaari, Mitwaa, and Timepass are among many others that were appreciated by audiences. Known for its comedy streak, this is quite a refreshing change as more and more people are finding Marathi cinema relatable and interesting. The industry is lit up with new faces like Prarthana Behere, Suyash Tilak, Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Bhushan Pradhan, who are serenading the Marathi audiences with their immense talent and good looks.

The Music launch was quite a gala event with Suyash Tilak hosting the bash. After the introduction of the cast and crew, the evening was filled with carefree banter and the actors were taking turns at pulling each others’ leg. Prathana Behere graced the event in a one-shouldered ensemble, with make-up and hair to match her spunky personality. Bhushan Pradhan wore a leather jacket which went well with his macho image. Suyash Tilak wasn’t dressed to impress but he certainly kept the atmosphere light and fluffy with terrific one-liners. While every one was tight lipped about their real love stories, they looked extremely excited about Coffee Ani Barach Kahi.
Coffee Ani Barach Kahi is a youthful film which has all the markings of a becoming a superhit. The songs of the film are melodious and the lyrics are an interesting mix of Hindi, English and Marathi. Composed by Aditya Pednekar, the music is sure to be on everyone’s playlist this summer!

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Same old story, on loop!

Ekta Kapoor can bring back the dead. Don’t believe me? Look through all of her serials and you’ll discover that her minions are brought back from the dead. If not, their clones are found in villages, chewing paan and spewing uncivilized dialogues in hard-to-convince accents. Yet, the episodes keep coming in, the story keeps taking age leaps and new characters are introduced to the show. After so many track changes, you are left wondering if the makers even remember the original plot of the story! Here’s a list of inevitable plot changes in every serial, ever!

Clone Banega Crorepati:


So, the wife is dead and the husband stumbles upon her clone in a village. Or the vamp hires a clone to kill the hero and take his place. All for the love of money.

Young Forever:
For when the track of the story becomes boring, the makers decide to take a generation leap. Some actors refuse to play older versions of themselves, while others refuse to dye their hair or look even a day older than they are!
The villainous buas, chachijis, nanands and aunties have nothing else to do but plot revenge against the poor little bahu of the house. Because, why grow up?
The Epitome of Endurance:
The bahus and the betis are the true representation of all that is wrong with our country’s perception of women. Always enduring and afraid, the heroines are always insecure about their status in the family and looked upon with suspicion. They are chucked out of their own houses by scheming vamps who indulge in blackmailing, threatening and accusing them of adultery. Bahu, why you no fight?
Raaz Band Darwaaze Ka:
When clones, generation leaps, scheming and chucking the women out of the house fails to rake in enough TRPs, a new element is introduced. The perpetually-closed-and-never-spoken-about door is opened. More often than not, the build-up turns out to be more interesting than the ‘raaz’ itself. If this does not work, the channel asks the serial to pack up and a new show is introduced. Trust me, that’s no different from the rest either.
Isn’t it high time for a television revolution? Post your thoughts in the comments below

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Harry Potter treats for your next theme party!

Harry Potter will always be one of the most magical parts of our lives. The Boy Who Lived, lives on in our hearts even as the story is long over and the Hogwarts express is never to return.  We summon our pensieve time and again, to relive those moments. The series continues sits pretty on our bookshelves and we do indulge in HP marathons once in a while. How about throwing a  Harry Potter-themed party this time around? With easy to follow recipes, you can create some magical treats straight from Hogsmeade! What’s more, you can sort your guest into Hogwarts houses too! Here’s some help with the party menu:

Chocolate frogs: 
Make a basic chocolate ganache by pouring boiling double cream over the chocolate of your choice (Dark, Semi sweet or milk). Keep stirring until it thickens and freeze them into frog molds readily available at the store. Make your own wizard cards if you like and watch your friends fight it out for those!
Butter beer:
The beverage which made quite a regular appearance in the series, Butter beer can be brewed by mixing in 1 cup of cream, ½ a stick of butter, 2 tbsp. brown sugar, a pinch each of cinnamon and nutmeg. Bring to boil and serve with a huge dollop of whipped cream!
All flavored beans:
Aha! All flavored beans! Go crazy with this one! Use the juice of pumpkins, carrots, bitter gourd, raspberries, onions, garlic, ginger, the more the merrier! Don’t divulge the flavours and make jelly beans by using gelatin sheets and letting them set in the refrigerator. Cut them into little beans or hearts and don’t forget to catch the reactions on camera!
Polyjuice potion:
Make a glassful of this frothy brew by mixing in equal parts of raw mango juice and soda. Add sugar according to taste and just a tiny hint of green food color. There, your Polyjuice potion can add quite a dash of drama to the party!
Treat chocolate wafer sticks like cannoli and fill them up with whipped cream. Coat the end with rainbow sparklers and your mini wands are good to stun!
Blimey! Who wouldn’t like to be invited for your party, you dear dear Potterhead! Do you have a magical recipe to share? Tell us in the comment below!

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Spring-Summer style trends- 2015!

Winter is slowly melting into summer and the ramp is scorching ready for the Spring-Summer collection 2015. While 2014 was all about crop tops and prints, this year will see a denim rampage! Double denims seem to have captured the fascination of designers and snugly fit denim jackets will trend. Get ready to bring in a summery, breezy change in your wardrobe by stocking up on the season’s must haves. While stowing away your sweaters and other knits, wrap them in newspaper and keep mothballs so they remain fresh and clean for the next winter. While you can style your flowing maxi dresses with a scarf or stole, don’t insist on using the woolen variety. You don’t want to wash up to work panting and sweating because you did not have the time to stock up on cottons!


Fringes can add glamour to the plainest of outfits. A simple tweed skirt can be taken to a whole new level with fringes. It solely depends on how you plan on adding this element to an outfit without looking like a disco deewani. If long skirts aren’t your thing, you can add a dash of ankle length fringes to your miniskirt, oh glam up babydoll!

All white:

After a season of warm colors, it is time to revamp your color palette with cool hues. This season, experiment with an all-white ensemble. Go all white, don’t break the continuity with color. Indulge in stark radiance, Snow White!

One shoulder:

After crop tops drove us nuts, now is the time of one shoulder silhouettes to shine. Show off those sculpted shoulders with a one shoulder sheath dress or invest in a breezy top to wear on a pair of printed pants. Style it like you want, you cannot go wrong!

Bold colors:

Go for color. Experiment with pastel shades and understand which color goes perfectly with your skin tone. No better way to welcome a sunny day than a pop of bright pink on your lips!

Double denims:

Double denims are back! Though many of us aren’t still sure about how to get this style right, always remember to invest in a denim jacket one size smaller than your size. Make sure it fits snugly instead of bunching up at the sides or shoulders. Accessorize with combat boots or a pair of pointed pumps. Dump the skinny jeans, opt for breathable fits.

There’s your style guide to summer. Make your own style statement by experimenting with various style combinations. Don’t be afraid to make new fashion choices. Take good care of your skin by having plenty of water and juices. Get on a new exercise routine and kiss the winters goodbye with style!

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Books to read over the long weekend!

Lounging around in a pair of well worn pyjamas, a glass of wine and books to keep company, can a long weekend get any more perfect? Ditch the parties this week. Cancel all outdoor plans. Get the tea kettles bubbling, snuggle inside your most comfortable blanket and indulge in beautiful stories penned by authors from their quaint little houses. Oh, why isn’t weekend here already!

Like Stephen King rightly put, ‘Books are portable magic.’ Cast away the veil and welcome the bright sparkle of madness which echoes from the crevices of another’s mind. Turn page after another and spend the weekend time traveling. Here’s five books to take you across the many adventures of another time!

Her Fearful Symmetry:
Audrey Niffenegger tells a story of two pairs of twins whose lives intertwine and separate in the most twisted of ways. Set in London, you are sure to find Her Fearful Symmetry intensely gripping!

The Bell Jar:
Sylvia Plath’s only novel, it is a semi autobiography about the author herself. Published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas, it is the story of a young girl with a life full of possibilities. A life she takes away from herself. A hauntingly beautiful novel that makes you wish there was another.

Norwegian Wood:
Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood is a simple story set against the backdrop of political disorder. If you have never known love before, here’s your way to find out.

The Fault in Our stars:
 This book has its heart in the middle. So simple yet so profound. I know you have read this book. I am telling you to read it again. Okay?

Harry Potter:
Marathon through all seven books! There is nothing as heart warming as meeting old friends. Go on, open it, Open at the close.

There, stock up your food supplies, get inside your cushion fortress and do not surface until Monday!


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