5 Times We Loved Arshad Warsi’s Quirky Roles

Arshad Warsi, one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood, has won the hearts of many. He started his Bollywood career as a choreographer and went on to choreograph the title track for the film Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993). As it is rightly said, hard work pays and in this actor’s case, it is very evident. Arshad Warsi made his debut as an actor in the film Tere Mere Sapne (1996), which was offered to him by Jaya Bachchan.

From there onward, he went on to climb the ladder of success and worked hard to be established as a good actor. Over the years, we have seen him play different characters and we loved every bit of it. His passion, enthusiasm and moreover, his love for the roles he takes up, makes him one of the most versatile actors in B-town. Let’s take a look at some of his brilliant performances where he made us love him even more.

Circuit – Munnabhai Series

The Munnabhai series would not have been complete without Circuit. Arshad Warsi was the best pick to play this character and he could not have done a better job. This character’s quirkiness, dialogues and the style with which the actor delivered them were simply amazing. His brilliant performance in both the films and comic timing were loved by all.

Mahendra Fauji – Zila Ghaziabad

This film featured Sanjay Dutt while the villainous character of Mahendra Fauji was offered to Arshad Warsi and there is no doubt that he did a great job. Known for playing funny characters, Arshad surprised his fans by taking up this role and did complete justice to it.

Jagdish Tyagi – Jolly LLB

Jolly LLB saw Arshad Warsi play the role of an advocate who fights for justice. While his role demanded him to play a serious character, there were some scenes in the film where he is shown having a good sense of humor. The film not just won appreciation but also got Arshad much love from the audience.

Madhav – Golmaal series

While these films have had many actors who played different characters, Arshad Warsi certainly stood out in his own unique way. He was seen as one of the characters who can definitely take the audience on a laughter ride.

Jai Kapoor – Kabul Express

The year 2006 saw quite a lot of Arshad Warsi delivering some brilliant performances. Kabul Express was one such movie that featured him in the role of as a TV journalist, which was appreciated by many. The film did not do well at the box-office but Arshad managed to impress his fans.

Arshad Warsi is now back on screen with Fraud Saiyyan. The movie tells the story of a con artist in North India who convinces women to marry him just so he can live off their money. Arshad Warsi will play the titular character and the film has been directed by Sourabh Shrivastava. Arshad and comedy have had a long-standing affair so it will definitely be interesting to see him back at his best element. Watch the trailer of the film below.

Even off screen, Arshad Warsi is known to be witty. Watch him discuss frauds in his exclusive interview with BookMyShow below.

Battle For The Championship Is At Its Best

Indian Super League is back with its fourth season and there is a lot of hype around it. Each year, the league has just gotten better with some fresh and young talent from all over the country showcasing their passion for football. In India, cricket has always been the most loved and followed sport. But over the years, the love for football in India has grown quite extensively. ISL has been one of the primary reasons why people have started following football on a large scale.ISL is not restricted to only having local players, but also has welcomed international FIFA players to come and join the teams. This year's season will feature two new teams: Bengaluru and Jamshedpur, who will battle for the championship. With the love and support of not just the fans, but also Bollywood celebrities, the league has become even more exciting.With 8 teams competing in the tournament and Kerala Blasters being one of them, they look confident and are tough contenders for this year's league. With their consistent performance over the years, they have proved that they should not be taken lightly. The boys in yellow are in good shape, and with some new and young talent, things have just gotten tougher for other teams. The team will play its home matches at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi, Kerala. As they are all set to take on the challenge, get ready to support them by being present at the stadium on matchdays!

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Thank You For Your Service: Film Review – A Reminder To Thank & Respect Our Soldiers

Verdict: Miles Teller shines as a faithful family man, friend and above all, a soldier.

Just like a coin, a war always has two sides to it. While on one hand, it aims to bring political stability, it comes at the price of death and destruction, leaving the surviving soldiers scarred for life. It is rightly said that it's difficult to love, but it's easy to wage war. Yes, Jason Hall in his debut film as a director has neatly portrayed how difficult it gets for the war veterans to adapt to normal life when they return home after their service in a war. 

What's Thank You For Your Service About?

Inspired by a true story, the film in a brilliant manner depicts the lives of soldiers and the trauma that they go through after returning home from war. Sergeant Adam Schumann (Miles Teller) and specialist Tausolo Aieti (Beulah Koale) are back after their service in the Iraq war. The two have seen many of their fellow soldiers breathe their last into their arms. Slowly, Adam and Tausolo start to break from the inside and in the process, lose courage and hope. Thank You for Your Service beautifully sheds a spotlight on the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that afflicts so many veterans of America's longest war. 

Here's everything you need to know about the film before booking your tickets.

What Works?

The film is relevant everywhere as this can happen to a soldier of any country. The trauma of seeing your fellow soldiers die in front of you definitely leaves one shattered. The film contains a few melodramatic elements that help build the story. Life is not always as easy as we wish it would be, especially for the soldiers who devote themselves and willingly sacrifice their lives for their country. Miles Teller in this film is more than just a war soldier. He is a perfect example of a caring friend, a faithful husband, and a loving father. The film will definitely keep you engrossed as it is well directed with some heart-touching performances.

What Could Have Been Better?

War movies tend to portray brutality and destruction, which is not something all kinds of audiences would prefer watching. But a more detailed background story of the war in Iraq would have made the film even more interesting. Starting the movie by jumping straight to the main story seemed a little unorthodox.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

This film reminds us who the real heroes are. Not often do we get to see films based on true stories, hence watch this one because it is inspired by a real-life story. Live the reality of not only American war veterans, but many soldiers from around the world who serve in the army.

Anything but Love for Mandira and Samir in Their Rocking Theatre Performance

What is love? A very common question that is asked quite often. There is no definite answer to this as it varies from person to person. Out of a hundred love dilemmas that exist, one important aspect was addressed in a play called Anything but Love with the required doses of adult comedy and drama. 

Directed by Vikranth Pawar, this play revolves around the life of a divorced couple – Seema (Mandira Bedi) and Anish (Samir Soni) – who bump into each other at a restaurant. While in a real-life situation, this could get a little awkward but in Anish and Seema's case, they are very comfortable with each other. When the two start talking, you wonder why they ever had a divorce. As the conversation progresses, Seema and Anish update each other about the latest happenings in their lives. It is pretty evident that Anish has moved on and is pretty much the same womanizer that Seema knew. But to Anish, it was a surprise when Seema told him that she is happily married to a man named Shekhar. Yes, even Seema needed to move on in life after her divorce.After their meeting, the two rediscover their feelings for one another and decide to give their relationship another chance. The play quite humorously shows how they try to fix their broken marriage and make things work once again. The overall play is a dialogue between Anish and Seema in which other characters like Seema's husband, Anish's multiple girlfriends and their respective psychiatrists are omnipresent. 

The personalities of the two lead characters are completely opposite to each other. While Seema is a very confident, independent woman, Anish seems like a child stuck in a man's body. He is portrayed as an immature guy who always makes hasty decisions. But somewhere deep down, he has great feelings for Seema that he just cannot express. 

Despite their differences and quarrels, the two make a good couple who are fun-loving and above all, in love with each other. 

There is no doubt that Mandira Bedi and Samir Soni are great theatre actors and together, they create magic on stage. With more than a hundred shows staged across the country, Ace Productions' Anything but Love is something that all you theatre lovers should definitely not miss out on. 

This play, for the first time, was staged at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai, which is India's only surviving opera theatre. The theatre has its own charm and the interior will definitely leave you in awe.

Disclaimer: If the dates for this event have expired, it means that there are no upcoming shows for the same. Dates will be updated once new shows are scheduled by the organizer. Keep checking this space for more. 

Sound Check: Tumhari Sulu

Verdict: An ensemble of artists create magic.

We all have known Vidya Balan as the powerhouse of talent with beauty. She seems to know her craft so well that it is really very difficult to point out flaws in her on-screen performances. From her debut till now, she is one such actress who has experimented with different kind of roles and has taken up challenges that have come her way. It is very evident that she was born to be a superstar and she has earned the respect and love that the fans have towards her when it comes to her on-screen performances.
The songs in this film sound fresh and the music will definitely get you grooving to the beats. So get ready to tap your feet when you listen to the songs from Tumhari Sulu.
We are just a few more days away from the release of her new film, Tumhari Sulu which is a pretty hyped one. Everyone, including us, is expecting this film to be a good one and can't wait for it. 
Let's take a look at Tumhari Sulu's music album.

Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani
After a very successful Bollywood debut with Suit SuitGuru Randhawa is back with his new song Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani. This song is composed and sung by Guru Randhawa while Rajat Nagpal has produced the music for it. The tune is sweet and really catchy and it will definitely get you grooving.

Hawa Hawai 2.0
Sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Shashaa Tirupati, this song is the perfect example of how old Bollywood dance numbers in new films is inevitable. Old Bollywood music is definitely the soul of every office party.

Manva Likes To Fly
Sung by Shalmali Kholgade and composed by Tanishk Bagchi, this song is all about breaking free from the shackles of society, which is exactly what Sulu does too.

Armaan Malik is back again with his magical voice and he is all set to mesmerize his fans with his latest song Farrata from the film Tumhari Sulu. Music composer Anu Malik has backed this song up with some good music and a great tune to it.

The best part about the songs in this film is that there are many artists who have come together with some fresh music and lyrics. The song Rafu is like a breath of fresh air. Ronkini Gupta has definitely drawn the attention of Bollywood music lovers with her amazing voice. 

We bet these songs will definitely get you grooving as they are fresh and the tune is super catchy. Don't forget to catch our review of Tumhari Sulu.

Here's everything you need to know about the film.

Find The Champion Within You at The Adidas Uprising Event

We all like to stay fit, eat healthy and maintain a good physique. After all, staying fit is the way to a healthier living. Over the years we have seen people promote sports and other activities on a bigger platform. For the ones who love being fit and participate in sports and other physical training activities, there is Adidas Uprising for you. After achieving great success last year, Adidas Uprising is back once again with some upgraded sports and activities.

Last week, Mumbaikars witnessed some sporting activities like never before. When we say that, we mean they were not mere spectators. They were participants who took up the challenge, enrolled for their favorite sport at the Adidas Uprising event and conquered the impossible. Now it's time for the people in Bengaluru and Delhi to find the champion within as Adidas Uprising is going to hit these cities next. Yes, it is happening at multiple venues in Bengaluru on the 18th and 19th November, 2017 and in Delhi on the 2nd and 3rd of December.
Adidas Uprising is a promise, a pledge and a journey towards taking up sports and never stopping. You definitely don't want to let go of this great opportunity that awaits you. So all you sports lovers, what are you waiting for? Get ready and enroll yourself for Adidas Uprising.

See How Movie Goers Reacted To Ittefaq

We all love surprises, don't we? Not many filmmakers succeed at making thriller movies that would not only grab the attention of the audience but also do well at the box-office. Last week, Sidharth MalhotraSonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna were seen on the silver screen with their new film called Ittefaq. While Sidharth and Sonakshi are known to charm the audience with their on-screen performance, Akshaye Khanna is one of the actors who is regarded as a powerhouse of talent. The film has not only won the praises of the audience but the critics as well. It is an electrifying thriller that is different from the films made in the past. Sidharth, Sonakshi and Akshaye together have created magic on the big screen. Let's take a look at some of the interesting reactions to this film.

Trust him, it was engaging.

The movie we need. This guy speaks on behalf of all.

Truly, an extraordinary thriller.

Yeh toh paisa vasool film hai!

Epic with a touch of Hollywood.

This definitely will blow your mind away.

Do not miss it, go ahead and watch it.

Kadak hai BOSS!

Now he thinks this could've been better.

He loved it by ITTEFAQ.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't watched it yet, go ahead and book your tickets here.

Bollywood Songs That Impressed Us In October

What is music? Music is a form of art. Music is also a form of entertainment that can truly draw the attention of the audience. Bollywood, over the years, has grown in different aspects and is still expanding when it comes to cinematography, fresh talent, captivating scripts and more. The month of October has just gone by and we saw some brilliant films like Secret Superstar and Golmaal Again that rocked the box-office numbers. Not only did the films do well but their music was really catchy too. Even if films fail to impress us, we still look forward to these Bollywood songs and some catchy tunes. Let's take a look at a few songs that impressed us in October.

Sexy Baliye (Secret Superstar)

Sapne Re (Secret Superstar)

Maine Tujhko Dekha (Golmaal Again)

Golmaal title track (Golmaal Again)

Nach Basanti Nach (Jia aur Jia)

Khidki (Rukh)

Which one is your personal favorite? Let us know in comments below.

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See How Movie Goers Reacted to Secret Superstar

We all like to be surprised at some point in time and why wouldn't we? When we talk about Bollywood, we as the audience expect film-makers and actors to surprise us with some fresh and neatly directed scripts. We all have our own set of actors whom we love watching on the big screen. Salman fans love his Dabangg style and action, SRK is known for mesmerizing his fans when it comes to romance. When we talk about the two legendary Khans, how can we miss out on the superstar of Bollywood? Yes, we mean Aamir Khan, the maestro of B-town who has been entertaining the world with his super hit films. Aamir is loved not only by his fans but also by everyone all over the world. His recent film, Secret Superstar is one of the most hyped films of the year has already won the hearts of many who watched it over the long weekend. Aamir has once again produced a masterpiece and will always be regarded as one of the best actors in the world.

Let’s have a look at how users on BookMyShow reacted to the movie:

The best film of 2017 for this one.

An inspiration to him and many more.

Listen to this guy and just go for it.

This film made Diwali even better for him.

Yes boss, story toh strong hai!

Now Secret Superstar has replaced Bahubaali 2 to be the best film of 2017.

Not just the film is good but the songs are as well.

A masterpiece from Mr. Perfection.

He bets, you won't watch it just once.

We agree with him, only one word – 'Respect'.

Another masterpiece from the perfectionist. If you haven't watched this film yet, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. Go ahead and book your tickets here.

25 Glorious Years of Musical Magic all Over the World

It is rightly said that music can penetrate one's heart and speak to you in many ways. We live in a world where we have different options to choose from when it comes to music. When we talk about Indian music artists, there are so many talented musicians and singers that we are reminded of. In this era where the music industry is rapidly growing, it is never easy for an artist to set an impression and win the hearts of many. But one such man with his musical charm and creativity has managed to enchant not just Indian fans but also the entire world.
The pride of Indian cinema and music industry, A.R. Rahman has given the world a number of hit songs over the years and collaborated with different international artists. A.R Rahman has made us proud by winning several international awards for his background score in Slumdog Millionaire. The music sensation of Indian celebrates 25 years of hard work, determination, and success. Let's take a look at some of Rahman's magic that he spread in the past all over the world. 

When Rahman rocked America
Rahman mesmerized his American fans during his concert in 2015. Rahman has made India proud by re-defining contemporary Indian music. 

Rahman winning hearts at Wembley
London, UK has many Rahman fans who love his music and enjoy watching him perform live. Rahman definitely won the hearts of many at Wembley through his career-best music and songs.

Rahman's musical magic reaches the African continent
In 2010, Rahman stepped on the South African soil and touched the hearts many through his soulful and evergreen songs.

Rahman and his musical medley's at Toronto, Canada
A lot of Indians living in Canada are a huge fan of Rahman's music. He spread love and amazed his fans in Canada during his world tour in 2010.

Rahman spreading the message of world peace and unity through his music in Europe
One of the biggest successful concerts that Rahman has had so far was in Europe. His concerts were held in countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, and Netherlands. Rahman himself was amazed looking at the love and support that he received during his Europe tour. 

A. R. Rahman has been the pride of Indian cinema and has entertained the world with his melodious music. We congratulate him on completing 25 glorious years in the music industry and wish him great success in the coming years. 

Do not forget to check out some of Rahman's evergreen hits here. Also if you're not aware of the A.R Rahman concert which is happening in your city, click on the link to check it out and book your tickets.