A tête-à-tête with Rajat Kapoor: Mumbai Local

Meet Ryan. Ryan, who lives in the early 1920s, is a student of dramatics from Mumbai and is in love with the art form. Ryan has a thesis to submit on the ‘Impact Of Drama On Contemporary Times’. For this Ryan has go through humongous number of books in the library. Ryan is obviously stressed and worried.  

Now place Ryan in the 2014. ‘Got an assignment to submit? No problem, what’s the internet for?’ This is Ryan’s attitude in today’s time.
However everyone knows that Ryan of the 1920’s would’ve done a far better job than, the Ryan of 2014, simply because he had his basics right unlike the Ryan of 2014, who has tons of knowledge, albeit superficial.
To cut a long story short, we know we’ve messed up. We have tons of information at our fingertips, but does that mean that the quality of art has anyway improved in recent times? You know what the answer is. It’s a big NO. 
They say that ‘art is a reflection of life’. But the quality of art in mediums like cinema and Theatre is failing miserably. Sure, it’s commercial and sure it’s making crores of moolah (films i.e.) but what’s the point? The damage has been done, and now it’s time to mend it and make things right.
Mumbai Local is an art initiative — by Junoon, founded by Sanjna Kapoor and Sameera Iyengar. With this, they take baby steps to make right what has gone right in the world of not just arts but sciences as well. 

Last Friday was a special day for a lot of young and eager minds huddled together in a cozy audio-visual room in Somaiya College, Vidyavihar. Everyone present looked visibly excited about what was to unfold before them.
The session opened with Rajat Kapoor of the Raghu Romeo fame, sharing his knowledge about the nuances of cinema as art. He spoke about his experiences as a young commerce graduate from Delhi who had a keen interest in cinema and films from an early age. Having been involved with Alliance Française, he was exposed to French cinema and world cinema as well. He knew what he had to do and he began his journey into films with his first baby, a short film, Tarana, for which he was awarded the National Award. Raghu Romeo, his first feature film venture bombed at the Box Office but earned a lot of critical acclaim abroad. His second film Mixed Doubles did fairly well at the Box Office. The talk was followed with a screening and a minor discussion on the treatment of long shots in films like 8 and 1/2 (Federico Fellini), Good Fellas (Martin Scorcese, Touch of Evil (Orson Welles), A Band Apart (Jean Luc Godard) and Red Psalm (Miklós Jancsó). 
This was followed by a full-fledged discussion on films and film-making.  The audience present bombarded Kapoor with several questions that were related to his work, cinema and film-making in general. While some of them wanted to better understand his journey, other prospective film-makers wanted some serious advice on how to go about making a film and the practicality of taking up a vocation like film-making as a full time career. Kapoor replied to all questions with utmost humility and clarity. The intimate setting of the session gave the audience a chance to enter Kapoor’s world, which is very vital.
The session ended on a good note with Kapoor revealing that Mumbai Local’s next will be a Photography special. The event was a great success. This initiative has genuine approach and will surely reap fruits in the future. Here’s to a world that will be succulent with art, that we will be proud of. Cheers to Junoon and cheers to Mumbai Local. This is one is for keeps. 

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Karle Pyaar Karle: Film Review

Karle Pyaar Karle has young actors with raging hormones, who have such chiseled bodies that can put supermodels to shame.

Shiv Darshan, who made his debut with KPK has potential as a serial kisser and as someone with the perfect expression for cheesy dialogues, one of them being, “Har baar jab problem mere sar par baithkar hip-hop karti hai tab hi.main sochta hun ki ye kya musibat ayi hai” Darshan says this dialogue with utmost sincerity.

Why you must watch Karle Pyaar Karle
There are certain things that are fundamentally wrong with the film and often the film appears to be spastic. However, that’s ok, because the true vision of the film is far beyond all this. The couple in love in the film, Kabir and Preet (Hasleen Kaur), go through horrendous things to be with each other. Some of these things include, getting crushed by a running train, having a bunch of psychotic killers after your life, falling into a huge waterfall, etc. This, however doesn’t stop them from cracking jokes at each other that would put Santa and Banta to shame. I strongly believe that when Rajesh Pandey envisioned KPK, he had three goals: One was to make people realize that how much better their lives are as compared to the lives that the characters in his film play. And the second goal was to make his Preet and Kabir examples of how you can laugh out the ugliest problems of life with the sickest jokes on the planet. Thirdly, they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so if you sit through this film, it’ll not only test your endurance level, but also give you an edge over the others when it comes to patience.
Apart from this you must watch out for the song, Tere Saanson Mein Aise Bas Jaaon’, where Kabir and Preet will remind of you the 1985 film, The Adventures of Tarzan. The only difference being, that Darshan and Kaur seem far aroused than the couple in the original flick.
Also if you enjoy watching people get slapped, this is one flick that you surely must not miss.

The last scene of the film has successfully surpassed the popular Youtube video titled, “The Worst Movie Death Scene Ever” of a Turkish movie. So Preet, has been injected with a fatal poison and has fifteen minutes to live. Not only does she live, but she also tells some  sick jokes in that poison-induced state. Talk about living to tell the tale!

How do such stories find funds?

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Paranthe Wali Gali: Film Review

Paranthe Wali Gali is foodgasm, personified. The film tells the story of a struggling theater artist, Moulik (Anuj Saxena), trying his best to make a name in the theater circles of Delhi. Parallelly, there is a love-story brewing, albeit, one-sided. Naina Kaur (Neha Pawar), the neighborhood girl, who makes and delivers delicious paranthas, is in love with Moulik and is extremely supportive of him and his theatre group.

Why you must watch Paranthe Wali Gali
If you really need one reason to watch the film, it is Mohinder Gujral.  Gujral, who plays the role of Naina’s Biji (grandmother) is more vibrant and energetic than all of the cast put together. She dances, emotes and boy can she act. Another reason to watch this film is the cinematography by Debashish Banerjee. The opening credits deserve a special mention here. Banerjee’s camera takes you into the narrow gullies of the ever charming Delhi, and freezes every time it gives credit to a member of the cast or crew of the film.
However, the film falls short in quite a few aspects, namely, editing, dialogues, music, background music and actors. The opening scenes of PWG left me dumbstruck, and not in a good way, really.
The film is loud, literally. The background music is loud, the songs are loud and so is debutant, Neha Pawar. With the decibel levels running so high, it becomes difficult to concentrate on what actually is happening in the film.
There’s a particular street-play scene in the film where all we see is Moulik, moving in circles, probably shouting loudly, and rotating a dumru. But what’s baffling is the fact that we get to hear nothing about the street play, we can only watch in wonder as to what’s exactly happening, as a loud, deafening background score plays on. This is disappointing as we don’t really get to see a street-play in a film that tells the story of a theater artist. And Anuj Saxena has barely anything to offer as a theater artist. All he does is smile occasionally and emote disappointment or a state of depression.
Sachin Gupta, the director of the film, is a famed theater director and playwright. PWG is his debut film and somehow, unfortunately, he hasn’t hit the nail with this one! From a content point-of-view, the film is strong. But the fact remains that Bollywood has done-to-death, the stories of "strugglers". Yes, the ”struggler" in this case, is a theater artist but nonetheless that doesn’t  really change the way the "struggler" in the movie, Moulik, has been showcased. The film, if dealt with maturity, a tighter script and better acting, would have done much better. 

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Red Carpet Review: Fashion Hits and Misses at the 71st Golden Globe Awards

In Hollywood, they say, it doesn’t really matter whether you win an award or not. But it matters a hell lot whether you’re dressed to the nines or not. The Awards season officially commenced with the 2014 Golden Globes.

Both television actors and silver screen stars, graced the Red Carpet in their best attires (at least, that’s what they believe). Each hoping that they look better than the best.
While some looked stunning, others, like *cough* Julia Roberts *cough*, disappointed us.
Here’s our list of hits and misses at the Golden Globes 2014:
The Hangover star, looked dapper in a perfectly-fitted tuxedo. *hubba, hubba*
2+3. Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey
The 44 year-old McConaughey, had some gorgeous company on the red carpet with his wife Camila Alves. Matthew wore a velvet tuxedo by Dolce & Gabanna while Camila looked gorgeous in a figure-hugging black gown. Oh! What a handsome couple they made.
Reese looked simple-yet-classic in a sleek Calvin Klein aqua gown.

Naomi Watts easily qualifies as the star of the red carpet for Golden Globes 2014. With her svelte figure, Watts looked radiant in a silver dress.
The Blue Jasmine star wore a black lace Armani Prive gown. Her face looked graceful as always, but her body looked a tad-bit small for her face and made her body look like it had shrunk in the dress. Luckily, we aren’t completely disappointed, because of the simple-yet-chic jewelry she wore.
Tina Fey looked beautiful and fit as a fiddle. But her gown… *more sighs*. Fey wore a strapless black gown featuring a bright red floral print. Although she accessorized her look well, the flowers kind of ruined it for us.
The Black Swan actress, walked the red carpet in a Gucci gown. Her eyes stole the show, the dress fit perfectly but there was too much happening near her collar that almost ruined her otherwise perfect outfit for us. Never mind, we hope we get to see better in the forthcoming award ceremonies.
Uma Thurman showed up in a boring black Versace dress. Yep, it was boring alright. Miss Thurman is our favorite girl, but it pains us to say that she too disappointed. Quite frankly, we loved the dress waist up, but what’s with the melted tyres at the bottom? Her chandelier earrings made her beautiful face look perfect, if only the dress was okay waist down. *sigh*
No one else disappointed us as much as Julia Roberts. The pretty woman, with the thousand-watt smile wore a really pretty strapless gown. But tucking a white shirt underneath, was completely uncalled for. What was she thinking and what was she trying to hide, we wonder. Also, her hair looks too plain for her otherwise vibrant personality.
Now here’s the silver lining in the cloud. There were quite a few who walked the red carpet and kept the fashion sense high, men included.
Surprisingly, the stars that were expected to dress the best, disappointed highly. However, we’re still happy that there were at least a few that lived up to our expectations. The awards season has only just begun, we hope to see lesser fashion faux pas the next time around, hopefully.

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The Power of Pink Unleashed: Gulaab Gang Trailer Break

Fans of Madhuri Dixit were in for a pleasant surprise, as one of the most-anticipated films of 2014, had its trailer break with the theatrical release of Dedh Ishqiya. Touted as the comeback film of Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, Gulaab Gang brings two divas of Bollywood, who were once considered to give each other tough competition in the ’80s and the ’90s, to share screen space. 

Gulaab Gang is the debut directorial venture of Soumik Sen, who has penned down films like Hum Tum Aur Ghost, Meerabai Not Out, Ru-Ba-Ru and Anthony Kaun Hai. None of these did very well at the Box Office, but Gulaab Gang’s trailer promises to give Sen a rosy (literally) entry into the list of brave Bollywood filmmakers.

As the trailer suggests, the film seems to be a story of a gang of women in pink sarees led by Dixit, who seem to be on a mission. By the way, the film reminds us of the Gulaabi Gang led by Sampat Pal Devi (who also appeared on Big Boss 6). Gulaabi Gang are a group of rural women vigilantes in pink saris, in the Bundelkhand region of India, who fight against social injustice.  
Madhuri who played the role of a gentle and gracious Begum in Dedh Ishqiya, will be seen in a highly-contrasting avatar in Gulaab Gang. Madhuri is seen wearing simple pink saris in the trailer, with minimal make-up, but her kohl-lined eyes speak volumes about the tough character she plays, her crass lingo only adds to her rural look. The dialogues in the trailer seem to aptly reflect the rugged setting of the film. One of them uttered by Madhuri herself, "Danda sabka peer hota hai, Rod ij God."
The film also stars Tannishtha Chatterjee, the award-winning who worked in Dev Benegal’s Road, Movie. She plays Madhuri’s chief lieutenant. 
There have been several female-oriented films that have been made in the past in Bollywood, Lajja, Astitva, Khoon Bhari Maang, Mother India, Kahaani, Mirch Masala, to name a few. We hope that Gulaab Gang will be considered as a valuable addition. 
Everything aside, the surprise element in the film, we believe is Juhi Chawla. Apart from 3 Deewarein, Bas Ek Pal, My Brother…Nikhil, I Am and Jhankaar Beats, Juhi Chawla has always portrayed roles that have pretty much depicted her as Miss Goody two-shoes. Juhi seems to be playing the role of a hardened politician who doesn’t seem to mean good for Dixit or her gang of women. 
It would be exciting to see both Dixit and Chawla cast opposite each each other. Especially, considering the fact that both have so much to offer in terms of their acting skills.
The film is aptly scheduled to release on International Women’s Day and a week before Holi (the festival of colors), which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Even the first poster of the film saw Madhuri Dixit looking like Goddess Chandi, armed with an axe and a sickle (one of the various avatars of Goddess Durga).
Who can forget Rekha’s transformation from a docile housewife to a violent killer in Khoon Bhari Maang or Vidya Balan’s potrayal of a woman who seeks revenge against her husband’s killer? Bollywood, today has given us many women who don’t succumb to the evils metted out against them.  Gulaab Gang, as the trailer suggests, is the story of many such women. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
This Holi is definitely going to be a gulaabi (pink) one, but not the kind played with gulaal, but one played with lahu (blood). 
Click here, to watch the trailer.

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Dedh Ishqiya: Film Review

If there’s one word that would describe Dedh Ishqiya in the most apt way, it’s chaos. Dedh Ishqiya is chaos personified, a beautiful chaos.

The film opens with a gripping chase scene involving Arshad Warsi who is fleeing from Mustaq (Salman Shahid). Forget the chase scenes that involve fast cars, motorbikes and wide highways, this is a chase scene that takes place in the narrow gullies of Northern India (Uttar Pradesh). It’s raw and oozes with desiness. As an audience, you are gripped and you get a gut feeling that what you are going to watch is going to be one hell of an experience.

Everything from director Abhishek Chaubey’s narrative to the beautifully-penned screenplay and dialogues by Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Chaubey to Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s presence on screen are pitch perfect.
Khalujaan Iftikhar Hussain (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban (Arshad Warsi) rob a jewelry store of an expensive necklace. Being chased by the police, Khalujaan and Babban get separated. While Babban ends up in a pit, Khalujaan escapes.
If you liked Ishqiya for its raw and rustic flavour, you will love Dedh Ishqiya because it isn’t just raw and rustic, it’s rich, literally. As you watch the film, you’ll get to see the two sides of Uttar Pradesh. On one side, you’ll be in awe of the palatial opulence of the Nawabs, and on the other side, you see the rural touch of Uttar Pradesh seamlessly blending within its rich history. The contrast between the two worlds has been depicted in an unbiased way. Chaubey doesn’t try to belittle or praise either of the worlds, but brings forth the real picture.
Cinematographer Setu, and the production designers Subrata Chakrabarty and Amit Ray, need to be given credit for this very look and the feel of Dedh Ishqiya.
The lighting is natural and leaves each frame with a glow that makes them stand-out individually. The editing by Sreekar Prasad, takes care of the pacing and the flawless transition from one scene to another.


While Babban and Khalujaan with their criminal ways keep you interested in the film, Jaan Mohammad (Vijay Raaz) provides comic relief. Raaz does a fantastic job as a criminal-turned-politician-turned shaayar. His attempts to fake Nawabiness, will leave you in splits.
As the film progresses, you realize that there are no good or bad characters in Dedh Ishqiya, but only grey characters. Everyone from Khalujaan to Jaan Mohammad to Babban are victims of their own fate, who have turned to ‘bad’ doings because of the situation that life has put them in. But Babban and Khalujaan as always enjoy revelling in crime.
Dixit puts up a laudable performance as Begum Para, a stunningly gorgeous middle-aged widow who is trapped inside the walls of a royal palace. In memory of her deceased husband, every year she holds something that is a sort of a Swayamvar, that will help her zero down on the man she feels is fit to wear the shoes of the deceased Nawab. Her only condition being, that whoever she selects must woo her with shaayari.
Khalujaan takes up this challenge and enters the palatial grounds and is smitten by the Begum. Much to his surprise and delight, the Begum too takes a liking for him. But something doesn’t seem right in la-la-land and this is what exactly forms the crux of the plot.
Dixit’s Begum Para, mesmerizes you with her grace, charm and elegance. As she Kathak’s her way onto the silver screen, her gestures and the expressions on her face tell the story of her long-lost past.

Because of Khalujaan, Babban too gains entry into the palatial grounds and into the heart of Munniya (Huma Qureshi). Munniya is both a chaperone and a confidante to Begum Para. Having watched Ishqiya, you know that you can expect unexpected twists by the women in the film and that is exactly what happens. However, the way these twists have been executed coupled with the ace acting skills of Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz, Arshad Warsi, Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi, add to the film’s entertainment quotient.
Watch out for Shah’s Nawab act in the film, Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Chaubey’s rustic and raw dialogues, Dixit’s Begum act and her Kathak performance, and a aesthetically-shot encounter scene between the police, Jaan Mohammed and his goons and Khalujaan, Babban, Begum and Munniya. Vishal Bharadwaj’s background score in this particular scene only adds to the scene’s beauty.
Dedh Ishqiya is a royal affair, one that promises to offer you more than your money’s worth. 

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5 stand-up acts of India you must catch live

Last year Russell Peters visited India and watched thousands of people get drunk on his humor.

Making people laugh is a serious business and a good number of stand-up comedians from India are slowly and steadily pulling the crowds away from movie theaters to stand-up shows. For example, Vir Das has taken the Indian Stand-Up Comedy scene by storm. Be it Battle of Da Sexes, History of India or Walking On Broken Das, Vir Das makes sure that he keeps his audience’s entertained, right till the very end.
Amongst the immensely talented bunch of stand-up comedians that India has to offer, we’ve hand-picked five.

Vir Das rose to fame, commercially, after Delhi Belly. Raw, rude and angry yet brilliant is what best describes his style of comedy. Das indulges in everything from Indian politics to history to women to sports. He calls himself an observational comedian, who knows exactly how to tickle the audience’s funny bone.
2.Papa CJ

Forbes called him "the global face of Indian stand-up" and rightly so. With his razor sharp wit and his sense of humor, Papa CJ has become synonymous with stand-up comedy. CJ has toured across countries and has appeared both on television as well as radio. He was also the only Indian stand-up comedian to enthrall audiences in the very popular American TV Show – Last Comic Standing, in 2008.

Crazy amounts of energy, awesome levels of expressiveness and crass behavior is how you can best describe Sorabh Pant’s stand-up acts. One of his shows is rightly titled ‘Travelling Pants’, as he has done over 350 shows in 30 cities across 7 countries. Shows with Rob Schneider and Wayne Brady make a credible addition to his resume. His acts are full of sexual content and largely, stuff that you wouldn’t want to talk about in front of your family.

Rohan Joshi dons too many hats. He is a stand-up comedian, writer, columnist, and an occasional screenwriter. Much like Vir Das, Rohan too satirizes politics and calls himself an observational comedian and has opened for Das in the past.

No ‘best stand-up comedy acts’ list would be complete without mentioning Kapil Sharma, the reigning king of TRP’s. ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ has become a mandatory promotional platform for Bollywood celebrities who want to invest on his show’s immense popularity. Sharma’s strategy is simple; he becomes one with the crowd, and that is why he appeals to everyone from an Ambani to a rickshawallah. CNN-IBN honored him with the Indian of the Year 2013 award in the entertainment category.
Now that we’ve introduced these artists to you, let us also give you the great news that you have the opportunity to catch four of them and many others like them, live!
Axe Presents The Weirdass Pajama Festival is all set to showcase 69 (oh boy, yes) amusingly amazing artists to perform in venues across Mumbai. Here’s your chance to get some comic relief. And in the words of Vir Das, “If you want comic relief, it is coming to you no matter which part of the city you live in. And you don’t even have to get dressed,”. Click here to book your tickets and brace yourselves for the funniest weekend of your life!

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Getting Talli Bollywood Ishtyle

 "Talli gir gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai, we lost all our money lekin party abhi baaki hai"

There’s nothing quite like getting drunk now, is there? I personally feel alcohol is one of the best inventions by mankind, especially alcoholic beverages. They’re tasty, easy to gulp down and you never know when you’ve consumed more than your body can take. Getting drunk is fun, especially the part where you laugh till you become unconscious.
Bollywood has given us its fair share of some stock drunk characters, that we can relate with in real life. Here are some:
The heart-broken piyakkad AKA Devdas from Devdas
"Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai?"
The heart-broken piyakkad is the kind that will binge drink to bury all memories of the past and to forget the man or woman (s)he once loved. This is one of the most common form of drunken behaviour. If you’re the ‘Devdas’ drunk, you’ll often find yourself sitting at the edge of a bar, reminiscing about the past while the rest of the world has a blast. Sigh.

The emotional drunkard AKA Anand Babu from Amar Prem 

"Pushpa… I hate tears"
This kind of a drunkard is extremely touchy about seeing others cry. If the sentimental drunkard catches you all gloomy on a festive night, he or she might just give you a tiny lecture on why you shouldn’t be sad. (S)He’s a good drunk person, the kind that cares for you.

Nautanki Darubaaz AKA Veeru in Sholay 

"Suicide Suicide Suicide!… When I dead, police coming, police coming, budiya going jail, in jail, budhiya chakki peesing and peesing and peesing and peesing and peesing..."
This kind of a drunkard, usually is completely out of his senses and will threaten (only threaten and never really do it) to give his life in order to become one with the person he loves. The drunk lover will perform all kinds of antiques that will force you to comply by what he’s demanding. You’ll find a few nautanki darubaaz at every other party, they are the kinds who’ve had a little too much, which eventually makes them express their feelings, mostly by shouting at the top of their voices.
Frivolously crazy drunk AKA Anthony from Amar Akbar Anthony

"Main kitni baar bola tereko daaru nahi peeneka, daaru bahut kharab cheez hai"
This is the kind of a drunk person who is drunk silly and is doing things that (S)he is surely going to regret the following day. This kind of drunken activity is fun, but is sure to leave you with a terrible hangover. In your drunken stupor, it’s quite possible that you might have bought things that are of no use to you whatsoever!

First-time drunk AKA Simran from DDLJ  

The innocent teetotaler that finally decides to join the crazy pack of drunk people, usually isn’t sure about what alcohol is going to do to his/her ‘alcohol-virgin’ body. These alcohol-virgins end up doing things that they never expected themselves to do otherwise. Mostly you’ll find them laughing for no reason whatsoever or dancing like it’s nobody’s business.

The ‘troubled’ rich-kid drunk AKA Veronica from Cocktail  


Just like Uncle Scrooge, you’ll find these rich-kids swimming in a pool of…liquor. They’re a bunch of attention-seeking people who don’t really need an excuse to get drunk and are looking forward to getting laid, which is okay. They’re also the kind you’ll find peacefully sleeping on a street after a mad night of ultra-drunkenness.
Do you fall in any of the categories we’ve mentioned above? Tell us your experiences in the comment boxes below.

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TP (Timepass): Film Review

Nothing surpasses the feeling of falling in love for the first time. If you’re lucky enough, the person you love also falls in love with you. You’re probably all of 15 years when love happens for the first time and you’re elated. While this is the best time of your life and while you think that all’s well in paradise, it isn’t really the case. The world makes sure to find faults with you and your relationship. And age isn’t really on your side to help you deal with such unknown societal pressure and stick with your decision at the same time. In the words of a character from the film, "Premaat padtana, asach padta.(When you fall in love, you have to keep taking a beating". 


After delivering three successful films namely Natrang, Balgandharva and Balak Palak, Ravi Jadhav brings to us another film tailor-made for the bubble gum-chewing, facebook-ing and time-passing Generation Y. The film explores first love at its innocent best. So what is so novel about that you ask, as such things have been done several times in the past. First love, crazy love, mad love, love against all odds are things that have been dealt with time and again. But what makes TP (Timepass) special is the fact that it does all this with a great sense of humor, yet without belittling the whole affair.
TP is the story of Dagdu and Prajakta. Dagdu is a newspaper boy, his father is an auto-rickshaw driver. For Dagdu, life is all about fun and more fun. According to his friends, what is life without a little TP (Timepass)? By ‘timepass’ they mean, a non-serious ‘love’ relationship. 
Prajakta, an obedient girl, comes from a well-educated and cultured family that is strikingly opposite to Dagdu’s. 
All is well, until one day, Dagdu decides to make Prajakta his ‘timepass’. He does everything in his capability to woo her, but instead, he falls head over heels in love with her, and ends up doing anything but TP (Timepass). Despite his lowly stature in society, Prajakta too, falls in love with him and his carefree attitude. 
However, what begins as a mere ‘timepass’ between the two, changes their life in a way that they never expected. This is something that will interest audiences the most. Most people who fall in love at a young age, have no clue about what they’re getting into. And this is exactly what happens in the case of Dagdu and Prajakta.
All actors in the film and especially Ketaki Mategaonkar and Prathamesh Parab who play Prajakta and Dagdu respectively, have done a commendable job. The way both actors emote various emotions right from excitement to anxiety is noteworthy. Prathamesh and Ketaki share screenspace for the first time and look cute together. The film also stars popular artists like Vaibhav Mangale, Bhalchandra Kadam, Urmila Kanitkar, Meghana Erande, Uday Sabnis, Supriya Pathare, Bhushan Pradhan with Adesh Bandekar and Shivani Dandekar in cameo roles.
The screenplay and dialogues of the film penned down by Priyadarshan Jadhav and Ravi Jadhav, are catchy and gripping, "Aai-Baba an Sai babanchi shapathth" (swear on my parents and Sai Baba), literally.
Shibani Dandekar, adds ‘tadka’ to Ravi Jadhav’s film by dancing to a popular Koli folk song by folk artist Reshma Sonavane. 
All in all, this is one ‘timepass’ movie that you must watch.

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5 most devastatingly beautiful films

"There is something beautiful in reveling in sadness.

The proof is how beautiful sad songs can be.

I don’t think being sad is to be avoided.

It’s apathy and boredom you want to avoid.

But feeling anything is good, I think.” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

There’s something attractive about depressing films and some pleasure in being sad. The films that really have an impact on you are the ones that take you beyond sadness & happiness and leave you in an unexplainable limbo. A limbo that confuses your emotional state – confuses happiness and sadness – you’ll never really know the difference. You’re hanging somewhere in the middle of both. Often we drag ourselves into this limbo & once you’re in such a state of mind, it’s a free-fall, and the only person that can save you is yourself. We dread depression but often, we willingly fall into it. Here’s our list of disturbingly beautiful films.

Sunset Blvd.

Billy Wilder’s Sunset Blvd. is the story of a forgotten silent star, Norma Desmond, living away from the limelight in an old fashioned house, watching her old films and planning a comeback, in her words a ‘return’. "It’s a return, a return to the millions of people who have never forgiven me for deserting the screen." In her attempts to make a return to the silver screen, Desmond encounters a broke writer and gives him shelter in her house. Their first interaction is classic.

“You used to be big,” he says. Norma responds, "I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.”

The tragedy of the film lay in the fact that Desmond refuses to accept that she has aged. "The stars are ageless, aren’t they?", "We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!", Desmond says, remembering her heydays.

Requiem For A Dream

Darren Aronofsky chronicles the lives of three people devastated by drug addiction. After watching the film you’re sure to say this to yourself, ‘ugh! why did I watch this film at all?’ There is no hope in the film and every single moment in the film is full of misery.


In an unending quest to feed their addiction, the three main characters of the film have to face electro-shock therapy, have their arm amputated out due to excessive intravenous drug use and sell their body for heroin. The moral of the story is simple: Never do drugs. The film ends with all the characters curling into a fetal position, showing the helplessness and hopelessness of their situation.

A Clockwork Orange

As you watch A Clockwork Orange, you will be reminded that fundamentally we are animals with animal desires. The film is an in-your-face, satire of the dystopian future. The film oozes with merciless violence. Alex(Malcolm McDowell), the anti-hero, is fearless, reckless and evil to the core. He takes pleasure in indulging in "ultra-violence" (a heightened form of violence), with his droogs (a Russian slang for friend). Alex is charming in a violent way, so much so that at a certain point in the film, the viewer begins to enjoy watching him and forgets that he’s a horrible person. 

After committing murder, Alex is sentenced to 14 years in prison & here he is chosen as an experimental subject to be part of an aversion therapy or the Ludivico technique. The process involves drugging the subject, strapping him to a chair, propping his eyelids open, and forcing him to watch images of violence. Alex realizes that the background score of the film is by his favorite composer; Ludwig van Beethoven. The treatment works and destroys Alex’s capacity to do the things he reveled in the most, i.e. ultra-violence. On the contrary, he falls ill at the very thought of ultra-violence and feels repelled by the sounds of the composer he once loved the most. The film has an open-ended conclusion, that will leave you thinking for hours together, if not days.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Randle McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), a convicted criminal who fakes mental illness and gets transferred from the local prison to the mental institution. He does this because he believes the conditions in an asylum will be significantly easier to deal with rather than the rough stay in prison.


Compared to his fellow patients, McMurphy is free-spirited and begins to turn the institution upside-down. Whilst this film is packed with sufficient humor, it has an expected ending. In the end, McMurphy, does not escape. After being lobotomized he is confined to the mocking walls of the asylum, for a lifetime.

The Bicycle Thieves

In the post-war economic depression, our hero, Antonio Ricci, finds it hard to fend for himself and his wife and two kids. He is desperate for work and somehow finds a job that will need him to hang posters. The only condition put by the employers is this, "No bicycle, no job." His wife Maria pawns their bedsheets in order buy a bicycle. 

After facing many hardships, and falling victim to a series of unfortunate events, Antonio loses his bicycle and thus his job. One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the film sees him sitting outside a packed football stadium and watching hundreds of parked bicycles. To add insult to injury, a fleet of bicycles mockingly speed past him. The film ends with Antonia and his son, walking through a crowd, holding hands, both in tears.

These are definitely not the kind of films that you watch when you’re having a bad day. But these are the kinds that jolt us back to reality and make us realize that sadness is as much a part of life as as joy. Although depressing, these films are beautifully crafted and are considered as classics. They definitely deserve an entry in your bucket list. If you feel we missed a film in our list, please feel free to leave your thoughts in our comment box.

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