The Rise And Rage Of Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal is the latest poster boy of Bollywood and he has completely earned it. For an actor who seems like he was suddenly discovered, Vicky has at about half a dozen films to flaunt. The actor who featured in Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list this year is rightly called the “silent performer” although his performances continue to make a loud noise. Vicky Kaushal has found his way into the consciousness of all Bollywood lovers with a vulnerable face and plenty of wild card performances.

With every role that Vicky has essayed, he has managed to prove his versatility and to show his fans as to why he is here to stay. Today, we’ll give you 10 solid reasons why the Khans must take a break while Vicky takes over.

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Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

Vicky Kaushal-BookMyShow

With these qualities, who can deny that Vicky Kaushal is the next big thing, right? You are going to see a lot more of this dishy hero in the near future. He is starting the new year with URI: The Surgical Strike, where he plays the role of an army officer. The movie releases on the 11th of January and it looks really good.

Stay tuned to this space for more about URI and our review. For now, enjoy the trailer below!

Sui Dhaaga: Film Review – Kya Kehena Ji, Film Badhiya Hai!

Verdict: Sui Dhaaga romances your inner patriot whilst daring you to dream big.

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”.

This popular quote by John Updike sums up the vibe of Sui Dhaaga, which has been backed by the entertaining talents of the Dum Laga Ke Haisha director Sharat Katariya and stars Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. The film has managed to create waves on its day of release. For a movie that promotes social entrepreneurship in a big way, Sui Dhaaga is uncorrupted and endearing. With an excellent supporting cast of a sarcastic father played by Raghubir Yadav and an adorable mother played by Yamini Dass, Sui Dhaaga salutes opportunities, curtseys dreams. and recognizes the excellence of Bollywood’s filmmaking.

What’S Sui Dhaaga About:

The story of a family of simpletons living in impoverished conditions, Sui Dhaaga traces the journey of Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and his intelligent yet submissive wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma). In a life that is ridden with commute-heavy jobs, never-ending house chores, an ailing mother, an unsupportive father, a henpecked brother, and an iron-handed boss, Mauji and Mamta dream and they dream big! After leading a vanilla life for far too long and being publicly insulted, Mauji, with Mamta’ backing (and eventually his entire family), starts a business of his own. The biggest hurdle in their way is an unfair and a power warped competition and unfortunately, this event is going to decide the future of Mauji and Mamta’s clothing label ‘Sui Dhaaga’.

Movie Review Sui Dhaaga-BookMyShow

What Works:

Although all characters do justice to their individual roles, the movie clearly belongs to Varun Dhawan. He infuses Mauji’s character with such a balance of sweetness and distress that you will find yourself rooting for him throughout. Throughout the movie, in spite of all hardships, Mauji manages to attract a string of serendipitous incidents. The honesty with which Varun has managed to bring this to the screen is indeed a pleasure to watch. Supporting his excellence is Anushka Sharma, who once again proves that she was born to rule the big screen. An overtly simple girl with a core of steel and the guts to support her man through the good times and bad, Mamta is the air beneath Mauji’s wings. Her subtle and innocent chemistry with her husband manages to bring smiles while her tears give the movie its strength. With Sui Dhaaga, both these fine actors have stepped out of their comfort zones and this perseverance manages to keep the film gliding during the few moments of turbulence. Apart from the performances, Sui Dhaaga also urges you to think about the dying Indian arts and crafts industry, and the poor plight of talented artisans and India’s traditional weavers. This parallel storyline adds to the movie’s dynamism and uniqueness.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Many scenes in the movie are quite predictable and we would have loved to see the unexpected. Nonetheless, this small loophole is well covered by the other mostly-amazing events that Sui Dhaaga is laden with.

Movie Review Sui Dhaaga-BookMyShow

Why YOU Should Watch:

Watch Sui Dhaaga because, in an age of sanctioned love stories, this movie is heart-warming, relatable and gives you ample reasons to justify the emotions. It manages to strike a fine balance and is neither too preachy nor too wobbly. Sui Dhaaga is a heart-warming story that manages to have a mind of its own and this is the movie’s biggest strength. It sends across a powerful message and will make you drop everything and chase your dreams. To top it all, you should watch Sui Dhaaga to actually see how Ek Machine Ne Ek Aadmi Bana Diya – Ekdum Made In India!

Batti Gul Meter Chalu: Film Review – A Power Play Indeed!

Verdict: Divyendu Sharma steals the show, along with Shahid Kapoor.

Set in the heartland of India, Batti Gul Meter Chalu is director Shree Narayan Singh‘s second attempt at a social drama and it does not disappoint. Starting off as a regular love story, Batti Gul Meter Chalu goes on to pick the pace as a drama that deals with inflated electricity bills. The movie manages to hold up a mirror to the corruption, politics and the sorry state of governance that exists in the smaller parts of the nation. Punctuated with desi lingo and fairly good performances, the highlight is that the movie has its heart in the right place. This strikes a chord and helps the film sail straight into our hearts.

What’s Batti Gul Meter Chalu About

The movie starts off with a story of three inseparable childhood friends – a penny-pinching lawyer Sushil Kumar Pant (Shahid Kapoor), a flamboyant fashion designer Lalita Nautiyal (Shraddha Kapoor) and a straight-as-an-arrow businessman Sundar Mohan Tripathi (Divyenndu Sharma). These three friends are the liveliest bunch of people in the city of Uttarakhand and also the life and soul of the city. The movie reaches its zero-hour when Lalita has to choose between Sushil and Sundar. To add to the turning point, Sundar’s dreams of running a successful factory are ruptured when he is slapped with an electricity bill worth INR 54 lakhs that drives him to attempt suicide. How this incident changes the ones he is close to and how Sundar’s this action goes on to drive a national movement of eradicating the irregularities related to electricity bills forms the rest of the story.

What Works

Batti Gul Meter Chalu Review-BookMyShow

The year 2018 looks like the year of the second leads. Vicky Kaushal stole the show as one in Sanju, Abhishek Bachchan did it in Manmarziyaan and now Divyenndu Sharma joins the gang in Batti Gul Meter Chalu. Excellence is what is expected from Kapoor but throughout the movie, Divyenndu Sharma has managed to announce to the world that he has also finally arrived. Although termed as a social drama, the movie does not skimp on the much-required entertainment. You will find yourself amused when you least expect it and will also be caught unaware of how emotional the story makes you. Although the first half of the movie may seem amateur in places, the movie redeems itself with a stunning second half. This is where it tackles the promised issue head-on and manages to educate too. This only goes on to prove how much research the makers have put into making the film and it is truly impressive. Although the end of the film has no suspense, you’ll be hooked on to your chairs until the last minute. The oh-so-dramatic court battle between Sushil Kumar Pant and advocate Gulnaar (Yami Gautam) is the shining jewel in the film’s crown. The monologue that Shahid delivers at the climax deserves all hoots and whistles you can manage!

What Could’ve Been Better

At 2 hours and 55 minutes, the movie could have been trimmed to be crisper. Although the movie highlights the issues, the solution to this problem that plagues many parts of our country is not spoken about. This chews away a little authenticity from Batti Gul Meter Chalu, which would’ve made the film even more impressive.

What Should You Watch It

Watch the movie because it is not only relatable but it is a movie on a mission and such films are a rare make in Bollywood. Watch it for the skillful narration by two background characters with a purpose. Watch it to see how power loses and yet wins in the face of an adamant heart. Watch it for the friendships, the love, and above all, for your rights which should matter, irrespective of your city, state, country, religion or social status. Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a fight that helps a worrying cause find its spine and its heart both and if nothing else, watch the movie to experience this.

Navratri Singers And Performers Who Promise You A Rollicking 9-Day Festival

The nine-day festival of Navratri commemorating the triumph of good over evil begins on the 10th of October and ends on the 18th of October this year. As always, people all across India have geared up and are excited to celebrate this naachgaana-pooja fest that engulfs our country in colorful lights, foot-tapping numbers, and some mouth-watering delicacies.

Every state in India celebrates Navratri in their own special way but the one method that probably remains common across geographies is the Garba and Dandiya dance. Garba enthusiasts across the country swing to traditional dandiya tunes as well as Bollywood dance numbers throughout this nine-day fest. Over the past few years, this festival has gained a lot of popularity and so have the awesome singers and performers associated with it. Today, we bring to you a list of our country’s most popular Navratri singers you can trust in case you plan to have a memorable festival full of dance and revelry.

Falguni Pathak

Garba performers-BookMyShow

She’s one of the most popular Indian female singers for Garba and has hordes of people lining up in anticipation of her performance. It is often said that Navratri in Mumbai is all about ‘Phalguni Pathak’. Reportedly, this popular singer charges a whopping INR. 1.10 crore each day during the Navratri fest.

Bhoomi Trivedi

Garba performers-BookMyShow

Known for her song Ram Chahe Leela from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Ram-Leela, Bhoomi is as popular as Pathak is. This young star reportedly charges around INR 50 to 60 lakhs per day.

Preeti and Pinky

Garba performers-BookMyShow

Known for folk and tribal singing, this duo been performing on stage for the last 18 years. They rose to fame with their song Piya Piya from Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega, which was picturized on Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta. They reportedly charge an amount of INR 50-60 lakhs per day during Navratri.

Ismail Darbar

Garba performers-BookMyShow

He is one of the most popular faces from Surat, Gujarat. He has worked for several years as a session violinist for leading music directors and has also judged several Indian musical programs. It is said that he charges approximately INR 80 lakh for his Navratri shows per day.

Soli Kapadia and Nisha Upadhyaya

Garba performers-BookMyShow

These two singers are popularly known for Garba events in Vadodara and the couple reportedly charges around INR 40 lakh for their performance during the nine days of Navratri. Rather than loud music, their light music based Garba is enjoyed by performers in Gujarat.

Parthiv Gohil and Lalitya Munshaw

Garba performers-BookMyShow

Extremely popular for their songs in Surat, this duo is always in demand in the state. Parthiv is famous for his playback singing in movies like Devdas, Saawariya, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster, Kissan and many others. This team of two charges around INR 45 lakhs per day during Navratri.

Devang Patel

Garba performers-BookMyShow

Popularly known as the funny man of music, this singer has a lot of fan following outside India. He generally performs in Gujarat and charges anything between INR 3-5 lakhs per performance night.

Aishwarya Majmudar

Garba performers-BookMyShow

Popularly known as ‘The Garba Princess’, this young singer from Vadodara has gained immense popularity in recent times. She is known for her Garba rock album and although her fees are yet unknown, she is one of the few who is here to stay.

With the upcoming Navratri festival, you will soon find out where and when these artists will be performing near you. To check out more events, you can stay tuned to this space or pick your favorite from this list here.

Pakhi: Film Review- A Film That Makes You Question Humanity

Verdict: An emotional explosive with a hard-hitting message.

Originally to be released on the 10th of August, Sachin Gupta’s Pakhi finally hits theatres today. Gupta, a theatre director, has been doing shows on social issues for about 15 years in London and Canada. Unfortunately, his brain-child Pakhi that addresses the issue of child trafficking in India was met with a lot of resistance from the CBFC board. After a lot of cuts, the movie is finally out and it already has a curious buzz around it.

What’s Pakhi About

Starring Sunmeet Kant Kaul as Bali and Anamika Shukla as Pakhi, the movie revolves around an arrogant and obnoxious flesh trader, for whom all women come with a price tag. When Pakhi is sold to him by her boyfriend, she soon realizes that there is no way to escape the horrors of Bali’s trade. She soon becomes his ally and starts assisting him. Nonetheless, the grit and the gumption to free herself from the brothel bondage never leaves her heart. As time passes, a little girl of 10 years joins the women. As soon as she was sold to Bali by her uncle, she was pushed on to sex-hungry men who’re ready to pay a premium for her puberty. The ignominy reaches its peak when Bali decides to marry the little girl to a 60-year-old man in exchange for money and power. Pakhi first assists Bali in this mission but as time passes, she is unable to see the pain and torture of the little girl. Thus Pakhi hatches a plan to once and for all end Bali’s hellish existence.

What Works

Pakhi Review-BookMyShow

Based on a harrowing true story, Pakhi is disturbing yet thought-provoking. Although it has been told with heartbreaking detail, it is only because the script demands it. The narrative is raw and ruthlessly realistic and forces the audience to think and re-think about the social demons that plague our society. The story makes your heart bleed and the end salutes the spirit of triumph and freedom, which is quite endearing to watch. Pakhi is the hero of the movie as she finally puts an end to the atrocities faced by her and her companions. This is quite hopeful considering that the plot lacks even an iota of it. Anamika Shukla does justice to her role even in the face of a difficult performance.

What Could’ve Been Better

Pakhi Review-BookMyShow

The repetitive gut-wrenching scenes of sexual exploitation layered with lewd dialogues tend to get insensitive after a point and could have been toned down. The amount of shouting that the film carries is also overbearing at times.

Why You Should Watch

With India’s surging actions on women’s rights and its interest in suppressing the violence inflicted on women, Pakhi exposes a true albeit unfortunate reality of a part of the society that has still not escaped the clutches of oppression. Although boorish in places, the movie is moving, bold and resonates emotionally. It depicts how child sex trafficking is still a major issue that needs immediate attention. Above all, Pakhi is intentionally audacious and if nothing else, then this undoubtedly makes it a one-time watch.

Why Making Socially Relevant Films Is The Need of the Hour

Movies are a rollercoaster ride that have the tremendous power to entertain and to teach. They can be a powerful tool to bring about effective social change. A well-made film – especially one with a compelling narrative and a well-crafted outreach plan – can serve as a catalyst to change minds, encourage viewers to change entrenched behaviors, and start or reenergize social movements.

Although it can be surprisingly difficult to make a firm connection between the power of a film and social change (considering that films are seen as a form of entertainment), not all films need to be drivers of social change. Some only aim to entertain and share a compelling story.

Having said that, here are the three top reasons why making socially relevant films is the need of the hour.

Unintentional Learning

Socially relevant films-BookMyShow

By virtue of their interactive nature and arousing content, movies are influencing our values and expectation of reality, regardless of our willingness to be influenced. For eg, with Toilet-Ek Prem Katha, a seemingly rural problem was out and open for a national audience. A big percentage of this audience may have not even imagined how big this issue was unless it was presented in the form of a much-appreciated movie. Although the learning was unintentional, it pulled the right chords and the cause gained eyeballs.

Better Understanding

Socially relevant films-BookMyShow

Sometimes, it is difficult to explain the extent of a problem that exists in a society. In such cases, just getting the audience to watch the film to understand the issue is sufficient. A film’s promotion and outreach activities play an important role in not only increasing the size of the audience and sales, but also using these films as vehicles of social change. For eg, with the level of promotions surrounding Padman, urban people all over India were shocked at how certain taboos continue till date in unknown rural areas of the country. The awareness about menstruation and usage of sanitary napkins was sensitively spread through the film.

Reach a Wider Audience

Socially relevant films-BookMyShow

Through mainstream films, the makers can reach a wider base of audience and adding a little entertainment never hurts. Teenagers and working professionals may or may not be too keen on reading about the problems that plague the world but if there is a movie around it, they will undoubtedly watch it and recall it too. Additionally, films are very capable of generating more emotions than just another block of text. Udta Punjab was a such a movie that highlighted the drug issue in Punjab while riding high on the emotional front.

While more and more movies are being made on socially relevant lines, it is interesting to note how many issues are truly changing the society. The recently released  Batti Gul Meter Chalu starring Shahid Kapoor, Yami Gautam, and Shraddha Kapoor revolves around electricity issues in rural India. With an interesting court case and some never-seen-before avatars of the lead cast, this movie by the makers of Toilet-Ek Prem Katha is indeed a power play! You should watch it to watch how power loses and yet wins in the face of an adamant heart. Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a fight that helps a worrying cause find its spine and its heart both.

Enjoy the trailer below and book your tickets right away!

Read the entire review of Batti Gul Meter Chalu here. 

Manmarziyaan: Film Review- Screams Of Emotions And Bursts With Surprise!

Verdict: An urban romantic mayhem you’re going to love!

“Love isn’t complicated, people are” claims the trailer of Manmarziyaan that stars Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal, and Taapsee Pannu in critical roles. Ever since the trailer was released, this love saga by Anurag Kashyap has been gathering the attention that it clearly deserves. With the perfect ingredients of a typical Bollywood film, Manmarziyaan has love, heartbreak, drama, and of course the typical mystic darkness that is a part of any Kashyap film. What sets it apart that it is adventurous and wacky while being sensitive and fragile at the same time. Abhishek Bachchan returns after a two-year sabbatical and he couldn’t have chosen a better film! All three actors are undoubtedly excellent in their individual roles and bring genuine, heartfelt emotion to every scene.

What Is Manmarziyaan About:

Manmarziyaan is the story of Rumi (Taapsee), a spirited young girl from Amritsar, her man-child lover Vicky (Kaushal), and her fiance, Robbie (Bachchan). Rumi finds herself caught up in a love triangle between irresponsible love and a too-good-to-be-true arranged marriage match. It is about loving and about letting go. More importantly, the movie is about finding your own kind of balance, comfort, and freedom in a relationship.

What Works:

All three actors are playing characters that you’ve never seen them play before and this unconventional casting lends the freshness to the story. Quirky and wild in equal measures, with this movie, Taapsee manages to establish herself as a main-stream hidden gem of Bollywood. Vicky Kaushal, who plays the irresponsible bratty lover-boy, lends an honest conviction to his role which is endearing to watch on screen. Abhishek Bachchan gives his game-changer performance after a hiatus and we finally see the reflection of the excellent legacy of the talent he’s born with. Additionally, with Manmarziyaan, Anurag Kashyap, a (generally) serious filmmaker has decided to dabble with a love story and his take is gritty, unfettered, and real. The way the movie manages strong language and equally strong emotions with a dash of humor and light-hearted scenes is a treat to watch. Laced with Punjabi accents and desi emotions galore, the movie compels you to reflect on your own relationships, and expectations from each one of them. In spite of being a love story, it is a different one. The end may not be ground-breaking but the journey is an enjoyable one.


What Could Have Been Better:

The film would’ve been more effective had the runtime been a little shorter. The pace does dip in places but only to catch up a few scenes later. We have very little to complain about.

Why You Should Watch:

Love isn’t complicated, people are – watch the movie to discover the truth behind this statement and for the tactfully messy narration of the story. Watch it for an excellent film maker’s craft, his thought, and his unusual depiction of love. Watch it for the battle of responsibility and the lack of it in the face of love. Watch it for the raw emotions, for the difficult choices that we all sometimes need to make, for the surprises that life throws at us when we least expect it and for the heart, which wants what it wants. Above all, watch Manmarziyaan because it is a movie that will make you reflect and yet comfort you, all at once.

5 Bollywood Actors Who Killed It as Lawyers

There have been multiple instances when our Bollywood actors and actresses have donned the respectable black robe, represented some illustrious characters, and emerged victorious too. With their acting prowess being tested with this offbeat performances, all these actors have emerged as stalwarts with outstanding performances.  Let’s take a look at a few of those who did not fail to impress.

Rajkummar Rao In Shahid


Having won rave reviews for his performance as a lawyer in the critically acclaimed movie Shahid, Rajkumar Rao never fails to impress. Based on the true life of lawyer Shahid Azmi, who was brutally murdered for standing up for the wrongfully accused, the film is a fitting tribute to his life and Rao’s performance, the perfect winner.

Sunny Deol In Damini


“Tareeq pe tareeq, tareeq pe tareeq, tareeq pe tareeq…”

This outburst from Sunny Paaji which started off as a cool argument set new benchmarks in the life of an on-screen defense attorney. Not only was this the most powerful dialogue of the movie but it also what put Damini in the films-to-reckon-with list of all times.

Arshad Warsi In Jolly LLB


As a jolly lawyer, Arshad Warsi was a treat to watch. He starts off as a man who does not really care much about the system and its rules but manages to find his conscience and attacks the corrupt system to eventually secure a win against a strong defense lawyer – Boman Irani.

Rani Mukerji In Veer Zaara


A picture of poise, confidence and royalty, Rani Mukerji’s portrayal as a defense lawyer for kaidi number 786 in Veer Zaara was a huge success. Breaking the norm, the audience finally had a woman lawyer to root for.

Kareena Kapoor In Aitraaz


Although limited in scope, Kareena’s performance as a lawyer defending her husband in Aitraaz was brilliantly restrained and dignified. A performance that shows the real mettle of both the character and the profession, this role was touted to be on of the finest in the industry back then.


With these impressive performances, 2018 will also see many movies where Bollywood actors and actresses will be seen playing the role of a lawyer. One of the most spoken about and anticipated will be the role of Yami Gautam alongside Shahid Kapoor in Batti Gul Meter Chaalu. This film that touches the topic of power billing discrepancies in rural towns and small cities see the talented Miss Gautam play the role of a lawyer. 

How will she fare? We’ll just have to wait and watch! Stay tuned to this space for the film review.

Bogda: Film Review- A Tunnel Of Emotions

Verdict: A tragic story of tumultuous times with a striking clarity of thought.

Ever since Bogda was announced, many have been intrigued. What could have prompted the makers of the film to name a movie that literally translates into ‘tunnel’? A tunnel of what exactly? Although the trailer was well received, it is only when you see this expertly made movie will you understand how apt the title is. Bogda is as multi-dimensional as it can get. It is not just a word, it’s a feeling, an army of emotions that a person facing difficult times goes through.

What Is Bogda About:

Starring Suhas Joshi and Mrunmayee Deshpande in lead roles, Bogda tells a story of Tejaswini, an ambitious girl who is faced with a predicament. Her mother, who is seriously unwell, makes a dying wish that is about to change their lives and the meaning of their own relationship forever. The duo then embarks on a fun-filled yet emotional journey to a village that the mother has been wanting to go as her last wish. The people whom the duo meet and the experience that they have forms the rest of the story. The movie artily touches points on two inevitable elements of our existence – life and death. It expertly weaves a story around the emotional link between a mother and her daughter while acing at unique storytelling.

What Works:

In the movie, the mother-daughter duo can be seen taking a road trip in the final days of the former. During this road trip, you can feel the universe conspiring to help them make memories as this might be their last one together. The way this journey has been shown is equal parts emotional and beautiful. Additionally, the sensitivity with which the topic of “dying wish” has been dealt with is what only expert film makers are capable of. Through artistic presentation, Bogda manages to strike a fine balance between ambition, responsibilities and dealing with the confusion that life presents to all of us at times. Supported by second-to-none performances by veteran actors and a brilliant background score, Bogda manages to impress. With many ideological differences that exist in the society about the ‘desire for death’, the movie also manages to have an opinion on this tough hard-hitting question that puts a family through the unthinkable.

What Could Have Been Better:

With cinema that is so expertly crafted and thoughtfully made, we have little to complain about. The audience might feel themselves feeling sad during quite a few scenes, but then that is what the film is about. To capture the essence of the story, it feels important to experience those emotions too and hence those scenes and moments are well-justified.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch the movie because it manages to capture many elements of a human’s personality and manages to leave you with a thought that might change your outlook towards both life and death, forever.

Party: Film Review – Friendship, Family, And Fun That Goes Awry

Verdict: Party presents a thought-provoking subject in a youthful wrapper.

Ever since the playful posters of Sachin Dharekar’s Party were released, the movie has been in the news. It has managed to generate curiosity and excitement in equal parts and finally when one ends up watching the film in the theatre, it does not disappoint. Party, is a thought-provoking new-age drama with a message that both the youth and parents of today will easily relate to. Wrapped with humorous content and witty dialogues, Party, although a message-driven drama, does not feel unlikable or flat.

What Is Party About

Party is a film about four carefree friends who believe in living lives to the fullest despite the difficulties. Amidst the stress and tension of money, family and careers, these friends like celebrating their small but special moment together. Unfortunately, drinking is the only “party” that they can afford. The movie goes on to trace the lives of these four friends and how their lives take a turn for the worse because of drinking, clubbed with the tensions of growing up.

What Works

The fact that most of the film is inspired by real-life incidents, makes it relatable and worth a watch. The movie also feels real and the viewer will realize that a lot of the scenes depicted in the movie have definitely happened in their life too. Although hard-hitting and socially relevant, Party as a film is not preachy and this adds to the reasons why the audience will love it. This Sachin Darekar’s debut directorial also stars Suvrat Joshi and Prajakta Mali along with a bevy of other talented artists who all do justice to their roles and manage to create a strong screen presence. The movie has an old-school heart and a modern outlook- this contrast works very well and it manages to create irreplaceable nostalgia among the viewers.

What Could Have Been Better

At 2 hours and 45 minutes, the movie feels stretched and a tad melodramatic in certain scenes. However, in spite of the sluggish second half, Party manages to pick pace just where it drops and hence manages to do the job that it had set out to do.

Why You Should Watch

Watch Party to experience the long-lost emotions of unbreakable friendship and love. Watch it for a great directorial debut of a writer who is known to subtly sew messages in all his scripts. Watch it because it is entertaining and yet message-driven and finally, watch it because it will leave you with a cautious thought that will be with you every time you head out to party.