To All The Tough Moms Out There

As long as we remember, mothers are always considered to be the most sensitive and soft-hearted member of the family. Almost every time you cry for something that goes wrong in life, her heart breaks a little and she has tears in her eyes. For us. She understands us without any explanation. And how she keeps doing this over and over without expecting anything from us is beyond our understanding.

Now, although she is considered to be the softie whose heart melts at the drop of a hat, when it comes to safeguarding her child, a mother would stand up to take every blow that life hits you with. Don’t believe us? Well, think about it, she carried you inside her for as long as nine months. Actually giving birth is a whole new challenge. So yeah, when it comes to toughness, we believe, no one can be tougher than a mother.

So here’s to all the mothers out there, “we salute you”. We thank you for taking all the fuss that we throw around everyday, bearing with us and standing as strong as a rock for us, no matter what. And here's wishing you all, a very Happy Mother's Day.

Watch this heart-touching video featuring the Bollywood beauty and a loving mom, Raveena Tandon talk about motherhood and how she is ready to shield her kids from all the problems in life and stand by them through thick and thin.

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Meri Pyaari Bindu: Film Review- A Not So Pyaari Story

Verdict: Ayushmaan and Parineeti make a faataafati pair on screen.

The directorial debut of Akshay Roy – the cute rom-com – Meri Pyaari Bindu hit the silver screen today. Ever since the makers strategically released the first chapter of the movie, instead of a simple trailer that introduces the characters, the audience has been in a sort of tizzy. However, the storyline does little justice to the anxious wait as it fails to bring in something new and fresh to the table. The movie has been produced by the biggies, YRF Studios, and is almost like a big gamble for the leading actress, Parineeti Chopra, whose last film, Kill Dill, released way back in 2014.

Abhimanyu “Bubla” Roy (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a writer who suffers from a writer’s block when asked to pen down a love story. The reason? His childhood friend/crush, Bindu Narayanan (Parineeti Chopra). Abhi has always preferred writing different genres like horror and sex-comedies but refrained from trying his hand on anything to do with romance. The movie shuttles between the past and present, showing us glimpses of his past and how he fell in love with Bindu and her bold, bindaas attitude. However, Bindu, who had dreams of becoming a famous singer, could not commit to any one relationship. Ambitious as well as confused are the two apt adjectives that can be used for Bindu. She moves from one city to another in the hope of making her dreams come true. But destiny had different plans.

Meri Pyaari Bindu: Film Review - BookMyShow

Even though the two lead actors have proved their mettle individually when it comes to enacting their roles, what really stands out in the movie, is their chemistry and camaraderie. Director Akshay Roy has beautifully captured the city of Kolkatta as well as gets us nostalgic with old evergreen Hindi classics and audio cassettes. The music of the movie is a huge positive and will leave you humming throughout the day. Parineeti, who made her debut as a playback singer with this movie, has definitely enamored the audience with her melodious voice. However, Bollywood is so much more than just awesome on-screen chemistry and great music.

Why You Should Watch The Movie:

If you are a fan of either Ayushmann or Parineeti, book your tickets without a second thought. The actors have given the best of their abilities and you will love watching them fall in love and laugh at the iconic Bollywood songs. Also, if you want to enjoy a romantic musical, you are in for a treat this weekend.

Watch the video below for Parineeti Chopra's style decode in Meri Pyaari Bindu.

Event Review: Mew-Ga – Yoga With Felines

If you are a cat lover and just like every other mom (read: my mom), your mom isn’t very kicked about you adopting one, we have found you a place you wouldn’t want to leave. Head to the Cat Café Studio in Andheri to meet and play with some really cute kitties. It’s one of the first cat cafes in the country and believe us, it’s worth your time. Located in a quiet lane in Versova, this cozy café is every feline lover’s dream come true. What’s more? Since the last one month, the folks at the studio are hosting Mew-Ga, India’s first yoga-with-the-cats workshop. And yes, we were there to check out this paw-some event. Read on to know my purr-fect experience of Mew-Ga

Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShow

Being a morning person, a cat lover and let’s say, an amateur fitness freak, I took this up as a fun thing to do. And I have no regrets whatsoever. The class started right on time and the yoga instructor, Priti Jhavar (trained at the Yoga Institute) was extremely warm to interact with. Once she learned that I was a newbie at yoga, she made sure I was comfortable. The yoga session was held in a spacious room filled with, of course, adorable cats. Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShow The concept of yoga with cats, initiated in the United States and The Cat Café Studio is the first café to introduce this to India. Priti, an ardent animal lover herself, said, “It is known that spending time with pets helps you deal with stress and anxiety. And yoga is about achieving the same.” Well, that made complete sense and once I experienced it, I can say that it definitely was calming and peaceful. Cats twirling around you while you’re doing your Asanas is something you may have never tried, but it’s worth experiencing. 

Mew-Ga- Event Review - BookMyShowSo all we are saying is dust off that yoga mat lying in your living room and head to this cat studio for a fun yoga session with these lovable and cuddly cuties. Book your spot here.

Mew-Ga: Event Review - BookMyShow
P.S. If you feel, all that stretching in the morning was a little too much and you need to get some food, try out their delicious bagels and a cuppa great coffee. 

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here: Can’t Stop Raving About SSR and Kendall Jenner’s Crackling Chemistry

Sushant Singh Rajput has truly proven his mettle time and again with his acting skills. Who would have thought a small town boy would make it so big in the big bad world of films? Starting his career with television, SSR made his debut in movies with Kai Po Che and has been unstoppable ever since. He has this distinct presence on screen that cannot go unseen. This time around, Mr. Rajput looks as royal as his name sounds, on Vogue India’s magazine cover. And the reason for all this hype around this photoshoot is that the hottie is paired with none other than the sexy Kendall Jenner.



For @vogueindia , may 2017. Photographed by @mariotestino With @kendalljenner

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On the occasion of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary, they got Kendall Jenner to fly down to India and shoot for this fab photoshoot. Moreover, the pictures have been clicked by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Mario Testino, at Hotel Samode Palace in Jaipur.

The issue also features over 100 pages of photo shoots captured by the renowned photographer, featuring Katrina Kaif, Sushant Singh Rajput, Hopper Penn (Sean Penn’s son) and Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale, to name a few.




🦋 @mariotestino @vogueindia #MarioTestinoXVogueIndia

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Now we know the reason why the temperature is soaring so high. We aren’t complaining at all. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style

Audrey Hepburn is synonymous with fashion, style and everything pretty. She has successfully immortalized style statements that continue to trend even today. Nobody can possibly look as feminine as her in what can be called, “the tomboy staples”. The winged eyeliner, LBD and the back-combed hair bun are the three ultimate Hepburn classics. Her style is truly inspirational and even the current generation can’t stop emulating her iconic style. The first image that pops up in anyone’s mind when you hear Audrey Hepburn is her classy look from the movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

On her 88th birth anniversary, here’s a list of five Bollywood actresses who have been seriously influenced by the beautiful actress’s style.

Kangana Ranaut

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style- BookMyShow

Doesn’t Kangana look like the Queen that she is?

Deepika Padukone

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style- BookMyShow

DP who has been garnering accolades for her sexy look in the Raabta title song, looks uber stylish in this Audrey Hepburn pose. Don’t you think?

Alia Bhatt

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style- BookMyShow

Alia looks cute as a button in this soft pink number with pearl earrings and pinned up hair. Audrey would be proud.

Sonam Kapoor

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style- BookMyShow

We are sure the style icon that she is, Sonam must be looking up to Audrey Hepburn for her fashion statements.

Bipasha Basu

5 B-town Beauties Who Mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s Timeless Style- BookMyShow

The Bong babe looks classy and sophisticated in this imitation of Audrey Hepburn. What say?

Here’s a wishing the eternal beauty, Audrey Hepburn a very happy birthday. You were and will always remain an inspiration for us, fashionistas.

Why Priyanka Chopra Is Our Current Girl Crush?

If there’s one person in the world we would willingly swap lives with, Priyanka Chopra would definitely top the list. The girl’s got everything rolling for her. She is driven, she is an achiever and let’s accept it, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who knows exactly what she wants. PC is all that and much more. With her debut Hollywood film, Baywatch, releasing in less than a month, her calendar is chock-a-block. PC was in India for a brief period, last week, when she threw a bash for her B-town friends to catch up with everyone as well as celebrating her Marathi production – Ventilator’s National Award win. And amidst all of these, the multi-tasker managed to fit in promotions of Baywatch and interactions with the media. Phew!


The girl is unstoppable and is a real go-getter. Her latest interview with Glamour Magazine tells us what really got her to say yes to play a villain in her debut Hollywood movie. One look at the cover of the magazine and you know she is slaying it like a pro. No, it isn’t emphasising her oomph or her curves but it’s highlighting more of her attitude. It’s the perfect way to bring in the summer and the cover makes her look vibrant and fun. She seems to be enjoying all the accolades she is receiving and why not? She deserves all of it. And it’s not just us who think this way. Check out what The Rock has to say about the lovely lady.


Watch Priyanka Chopra talk about her experience in Hollywood and how she worked her way up in this big industry.

More power to you, girl!!!

Ladies Special: Play Review

Women are often considered to be the weaker sex, both, emotionally as well as physically. However, every once in while there come icons like Rani Laxmibai, Indira Gandhi and Kalpana Chawla who successfully break this notion of the society and prove their mettle.

Ladies Special is one such true story of a brave and undeterred woman – Lacchibai, who helped India during the difficult times of war in 1971. Put together by the renowned banner in Gujarati theatre, Sanjay Goradia and Kaustubh Trivedi Productions and directed by Vipul Mehta, Ladies Special is setting the stage on fire with commendable performances and a gripping storyline.

Ladies Special: Play Review - BookMyShow

Set in 1971, the play revolves around Lacchibai (Sarita Joshi), the Sarp anch of Madhapar, a small village in Kutch, Gujarat. Most of the villagers are women and there is a mere 5% male population. The women carry out their daily activities without much help from men. All is well, until Pakistan drops eight bombs on the village located on the border of the two countries. This leaves the Indian military air strip non-functional and makes it impossible for India to fight back. When Lacchibai learns about the current scenario, being the mother of a martyred air officer, she readily offers help in any way she can. From thereon, begins the display of unbreakable spirit of the women of the village and how they successfully build the air strip with the help of cow dung and mud.

It goes without saying that the choice of actors is spot-on. No one other than the talented Sarita Joshi could have done justice to the role. The events are based on a true incident and this puts immense pressure on the writer to showcase it in the right manner and Ankit Trivedi and Bhumika Trivedi have done a fabulous job here. The inclusion of folk songs from Kutch and the actors singing them live on stage while acting, created a magical atmosphere.

Watch this play if you are in for some riveting revelation of true incidents about the county’s battle and the bravery of women who are always considered to be the “weaker sex”. A great mix of serious incidents coupled with some crazy one-liners, makes this a must watch for the weekend. Don’t forget to catch this play this week

How Baahubali Took South Films Beyond Boundaries

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The dubbed south Indian films started appearing on Hindi movie channels from 2009. The films proved to be instant hits, even with the non-south Indian audience. Going by the data provided by the Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), these films generate more TRPs than Hindi films. Since then, the trend has been successfully exploited by many. This is evident from the fact that the dubbed films started getting prime slots. Some of the most loved south Indian films that were dubbed are Makkhi, Main Hoon Lucky The Racer, Businessman, Magadheera, Mar Mitenge, Dangerous Khiladi, Hukumat ki Jung, Main Balwan and No.1 Mr. Perfect.

The popularity of dubbed south Indian movies is so much that now even the mainstream hyped movies have started getting a theatrical release. Some of the major films that got a theatrical release were Enthiran (Robot in Hindi) and I. Both the films did an average business but it was still better than the Hindi films that were released during that time.

The Baahubali: The Beginning got the biggest theatrical release in Hindi with 1500 screens. The film did a stupendous business by making INR 100 crore at the box office and became the first dubbed film to enter the 100-crore club. This has encouraged the south producers to release their big budget films in Hindi. There was an instant hike in the price of satellite rights of south Indian dubbed films. For instance, the Baahubali 2: The Conclusion's satellite rights were bought by Sony TV for a whopping INR 51 crore and Zee TV Network has bought the satellite rights of 2.O’s Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions for an astronomical price, which is touted to be Rs 110 crore. The makers of south films are exploring all the possible verticals of the market and are releasing the films in foreign languages too. Reportedly, the makers of 2.O are releasing the film in seven languages (including Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin).

Here’s list of three South Indian dubbed films that released after Baahubali: The Beginning.

Puli (2015)

Puli - BookMyShow

Puli is an Indian Tamil fantasy adventure film. The film features South's superstar Vijay in a dual role and was written and directed by Chimbu Deven. The other cast were Sridevi, Sudeep, Shruthi Haasan and Hansika Motwani. The Hindi version of the film was released on October 2nd, 2015.

Rudhramadevi (2015)

Rudramadevi - BookMyShow

Rudhramadevi is an Indian Telugu film based on the life of Rudrama Devi who was a prominent ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty. The character of Rudramadevi was played by Anushka Shetty, who plays the role of Devasena in the Baahubali franchise. The film had a huge star cast with actors like Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Prakash Raj, Vikramjeet Virk and Nithya Menen playing prominent roles in the film. The film was written and directed by Gunasekhar.

Kabali (2016)

Kabali - BookMyShow

Kabali is an Indian Tamil-language gangster-drama film featuring Superstar Rajinikanth in the titular role. The popular Bollywood actress Radhika Apte plays the role of superstar's wife. The film was written and directed by Pa. Ranjith. The film got the largest opening weekend and seeing the success of the film, the director has already started working on its sequel which will be bankrolled by superstar's son-in-law, Dhanush.

Watch this space for more interesting updates about Baahubali franchise. You can also book your tickets for Baahubali 2: The Conclusion here and don’t forget to check out our review on April 28.

At last, KRK Accepts Defeat to South Superstar, Mohanlal

Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK, is famous for picking up Twitter battles with celebrities. Whether this is for publicity or for his personal pleasure, we are still figuring out. But his remarks on the social media platform have angered and received loads of flak for numerous fans as well as movie stars who have stood up for their fellow friends. His tweets about Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Swara Bhaskar are just a few examples of him being a total douche bag. However, this time around, he has messed with the wrong person. If you have been in touch with the recent celebrity news, you wouldn’t have missed the latest controversy about the beloved producer-actor and the South superstar, Mohanlal.Atlast, KRK accepts defeat to South superstar, Mohanlal - BookMyShow

KRK compared the Mollywood actor, who has millions of fans all over the world, to the cartoon character Chota Bheem. All this started after the announcement that Mohanlal will be playing the role of Bheem in the ambitious adaptation of Mahabharata, the budget of which is rumoured to be Rs.1000 crore. However, little did the actor-turned-"critic" realize the repercussions of his act. As soon as he tweeted this, he was trolled by outraged Mohanlal fans who trolled him back and threatened him, asking him to apologize to their favorite star.

The self-proclaimed critic even went ahead and tweeted about how he is a bigger star than Mohanlal, since he has more followers on Twitter than the South star. After five days of Twitter rantings, KRK seems to have finally realized his mistake and has openly apologized to Mohanlal. He said he did not know the magnanimity of his stardom [sic].

One important thing that we would like to draw your attention towards is that throughout all this hullaballoo, Mohanlal just proved to be the bigger person and chose to ignore this interaction. Not once has he reacted to KRK’s tweets. A piece of advice to you Mr. KRK, why not keep your opinions to yourself, if you have nothing good to say about anyone?

What do you guys think about this whole incident? Let us know in the comments below. 

Rajkumar’s 88th Birth Anniversary

The late Kannada actor Rajkumar is one of the legendary actors Indian cinema has produced. His original name was Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju but was popularly known by his stage name “Rajkumar”. He had a huge fan following among Kannadigas and was considered as their matinée idol. He began his acting career at the young age of 8, with his dad's drama company named Gubbi. He has acted in over 200 films thus leaving a long legacy behind for Kannada film lovers.

Today on his 88th birth anniversary, Google has dedicated their today’s doodle by showing a houseful theatre where a Rajkumar movie is being played. He was also a singer trained in classical music. Even his inning as a singer was a notable one, with over 300 film songs and 400 devotional songs, which include popular hits like Yaare Koogadali, Anuraga Enaytu and Jenina Holeyo.

We share a few major highlights of his glorious 50+ years of acting career here:

1) He was also known as Nata Saarvabhouma (Emperor of Actors), Bangarada Manushya (Man of Gold), Vara Nata (Gifted Actor) and Rajanna (Brother Raj).

2) He was a part of Kannada language movement and has advocated the cause of seeking primacy to Kannada.

3) The Bollywood's evergreen queen Rekha made her debut as a lead actress in Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999 with him, in 1969.

4) He was the first Indian actor to feature as James Bond in Jedara Bale.

5) He has won one National Film Award, 11 Karnataka State Awards and 10 South Filmfare awards.

6) In 1983, Government of India honored him with Padma Bhushan.

7) The notorious Indian brigand and dacoit Veerappan kidnapped him. He was released unharmed after 108 days.