Talk Nerdy to Me – Documentary TV Shows for Geeks

To keep us going through our mundane lives, we need some variety. We need something that will punctuate our lives by adding bits of entertainment in it. That’s why many of us end up watching movies over the weekend or surrender ourselves to popular TV shows at the end of a long day. It's completely understandable. We also understand that these are the best and the safest options that require less public interaction and are somewhat light on your wallet too. 

When it comes to watching TV shows, we have a lot of options to watch and explore on television or Netflix. Depending on your mood, you can choose from genres such as action, comedy, romance, drama, and more, which promise you to take you to the depths of the land of the fictional world. But if you are a realist at heart and are looking for something that will not just entertain you but will also leave you with some interesting information, which is relevant to the real world, you have landed on the right page.

We bring you a list of must-watch documentary TV shows that will appeal to the geek in you.

Think you are relevant? Once you watch this series and learn about the depths and mysteries of the universe, you won’t feel that relevant anymore. Thanks to Carl Sagan, you can enlighten yourself about the cosmological theories of the universe.

How TV Ruined Your Life
Charlie Brooker
 will now help you burst your bubble and make you understand the difference between reality and the television world.

Chef's Table
This show will get you salivating. Meet the world’s six most renowned chefs and learn what makes them stand out as they pursue their passion.

WOMAN with Gloria Steinem 
Gloria Steinem introduces us to the women that are at the junction of violence, oppression, struggle, progress, and stability. These are the stories of real women who are changing their lives and are bringing a change in our lives too.

Making A Murderer
Shot over a decade, this series is a real-life story of Steven Avery, who had to serve time for 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Watch this series to find out the complexities of this case.


Want a good dose of trivia without compromising on the fun? Watch Stephen Fry, along with four other comedians, in this game show, where they share their anecdotes and views about any trivia.

Have you watched any of them before? If not, start watching now! It’s never too late to begin. 

10 Times Drake Memes Had Us Go LMFAO

If you have an internet connection, you definitely must have seen memes on Drake. If you have somehow managed to miss that, you need to pat your back and congratulate yourself for being the world’s most oblivious person ever. Apart from his good music, Drake has given the world a reason to laugh out loud. When his Hotline Bling music video released, the internet went to town coming up with all possible memes to grace the occasion. He became the most 'meme-able' artist on the planet that day. And no matter how many times we come across the memes, they always manage to crack us up. So, today on Drake’s birthday, we need to thank him for giving us a reason to love the internet. His memes are the best thing that happened to humans since the invention of bread. Scroll down to know what we are talking about.

When you meet your relatives on special occasions.
When you message your crush and three dots pop up.
When you got 99 problems but you want to run away from all of them.
When you look at the marks you got in your exams.
When you are getting an earful from mom for losing your lunch box.
When you tell your sibling to ask your parents something and they use your name while asking.
When you spot your friends chilling at the mall without you.
When your try to bully the kid who try to bully your kid.
When you laugh at your text before you send it.
You done with those fries?
Happy Birthday, Drake. May you always keep on killing it!

Happy Birthday, Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

Modern Family is one of the funniest TV shows on air today. As the name suggests, this show tries to portray the lives of people in today’s ‘modern’ society. This show has used the strengths of its characters, added witty humor to it, and turned the whole thing into a mockumentary that not just makes you laugh out loud but feel fuzzy inside while watching some of the emotional scenes. And one of the adored on-screen couples of this show are Mitchell and Cameron. In their relationship, Cam adds the drama while Mitchell bowls us over with his sarcastic comments. Together, they are funny as hell. So, on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s birthday, let’s look at some of Mitchell’s funniest moments from the show that prove that without him, the show would be incomplete.

When he over came his fears – Pigeons

When he tried to escape from his office Halloween party
Supporting Partner:

Standing up for his partner, no matter what
Trying to be supportive about the diet
His thoughts about the ‘Drinking Game’

His take on gay parents
When he accidentally locked Lilly in the car

Or when he almost lost Lilly in the supermarket





A video posted by Modern Family (@_modernfamily__) on




Father-daughter time – totally killing it
When he tried to be a handy dad
Who doesn’t like tea parties?
But the best moment of them all was when Michelle and Cameron got married

See what we me mean? Don't forget to share your favorite moments from the show. Once again, happy birthday, Jesse Tyler Ferguson! 

6 Alternate Reality TV Shows That You Must Watch

When you talk about alternate reality, you are in a way asking the question “what if?”, and through that you open the world of numerous possibilities – a world that’s anything but the present reality. So, when you do that, are you mesmerized by the results that you have imagined or are you scared to the bone? This is exactly the thing writers and directors want you to experience while you are watching a movie, TV show, or even reading a book based on an alternate reality. Notice how we refrained from using the word ‘sci-fi.’ Alternate reality is bigger than that. It deals with science or futuristic elements but it also makes you peep into history and see how things would have turned out if they wouldn’t have happened as expected. Something similar to the Schrödinger’s cat experiment but you get the answer to your “what if” question.

So, if you are into such stuff, you will love to watch these TV shows. These series are relatively new but look really promising.

Man in the High Castle
Ever thought how the world would be if the Allies had lost the World War 2 and Germany and Japan would have taken over America? You need to watch this show to find out!

Based on Michael Crichton’s film, Westworld (released in 1973), this TV show shows how a well-planned, western-themed amusement park meets its fate, when its human-like robots go out of hand. 

Black Mirror
Addicted to gadgets and technology? Well, this show will change your mind. Through this anthology series, you can see how technology can manipulate human behavior.

Real Humans
What happens when humanoids, who are made to help you out with your chores develop free will and desire to fight for freedom from human ownership? This Swedish TV show will make you wonder if it makes sense for robots to demand to be like humans and experience things the way humans do.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
If you were missing some time travel or reincarnation action, this Korean fantasy series is for you. This TV show is based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua and is the story of a 25-year-old, 21st century girl who drowns while saving a boy. While doing so, she somehow ends up in the mid-tenth century and is now a 16-year-old girl. This show has a good dose of romance, rivalry, politics, and action which will keep you engaged.

The Young Pope
This is an upcoming series in which Jude Law becomes the first American PopeLenny Belardo. And mind you, he is no ordinary Pope. He calls himself a contradiction, he doesn’t negotiate with anyone, and he intends to bring about a revolution – good or bad? Watch this show to find out.

So, which ones are you going to start watching now? If you have any more suggestions, don’t forget to tell us about them!

Web Series That You Need to Watch Now!

Indian television has become a melting pot of clichés. There are times when you will pause and wonder, what the hell has happened to the content on television. Most of the shows revolve around the same plot. But there are some, that try to play the “innovation card” by adding a little tadka of “modernism” and supernatural elements to the bland concoction of conservative values. Why?!

Once upon a time, TV shows such as Hum Paanch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and so on used to be aired on television. Since then things have just gone downhill (content-wise). But with that, a new wave of web series have been launched on the internet to strike a balance. These web series have new and up-beat content which people like us are able to relate to. They are also a good way to promote new talent and creativity. To watch these web series, all you need to do is get a decent internet connection, and you are sorted.

So, scroll down to know which web series you should follow.

All About Section 377
Here’s a show that sheds some light on the life and struggles of the LGBT community. A fictional story that’s light on your palate.

I Don’t Watch TV
Peek into the not-so-glamorous scenes of the glamorous film and TV industry. After watching this, you will know that the struggle is real.

Bang Baaja Baaraat
When a boy and a girl from completely different family backgrounds fall in love with each other, all hell breaks loose! Watch their dysfunctional families try to bond with each other.

Girl In The City
Like many small town girls, Meera Sehgal, too, has moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai, to make it big in the fashion industry. Watch her explore and blend in, in this huge city.

Ladies Room
Want to know what goes on in a woman’s mind and behind the doors of the ladies room? Brace yourself, because you are about to venture into an unknown world.

Not Fit
Here’s a mockumentary that is based on the life of a struggler, who tries to make a mark in the entertainment industry. This is a web series that will leave you in splits.

Miss California, a fashion student from LA moves back to Mumbai to solve some fashion crimes. Are you ready for this fashion police?


Know All the Sigils from Game of Thrones

You are either a fan of Game of Thrones or you are just a regular person, doing regular things in life. Well, if you belong to the former group of people, it’s only obvious to see you obsess over every little progression that has happened till the episode 9 of Season 6 (the season is almost over, shame!). But while you are busy concentrating and soaking in all the intricate and mind-boggling details of the show, there are a few basic things that would have slipped your mind by now. Things such as remembering who is related to whom, who is still alive, who is sworn to whom, what are their sigils, and so on – tend to get slightly blurrier as each season passes by.

Don’t you worry, we have got you covered! For now, let’s see if you were able to recognize the house words and their sigils.

Let’s begin with the easy ones…

Winter Is Coming

Hear Me Roar

Fire and Blood

As High as Honor

Ours Is the Fury

We Do Not Sow

Family, Duty, Honor

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Growing Strong

Our Blades are Sharp

Righteous in Wrath

Here We Stand

The Sun of Winter

Honed and Ready

First in Battle

We Remember

Feel like you know nothing? We felt the same at the beginning. But, now, we know…we know!

What If: Film Review – Answers that big question that you may have about life and love

When Harry (Billy Crystal) argued with Sally (Meg Ryan) how men and women could never be friends, it left us wondering if there was much truth in that. Perhaps, it called for speculation about each friend of yours that may or may not have been ‘worthy’ of sharing anything more than a platonic relationship. While some rubbished the idea, for some it brought immense hope. Hope often turns out to be light even in the darkest of times. On the same lines is Michael Dowse’s latest romantic-comedy, What If. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in the lead roles, the film takes you on a journey that begins by chance for the two protagonists and ends on a note that’ll have the viewers wanting to fall in love over and over again. The film questions that very aspect of our lives. If you’re already in love, is it possible for you to fall in love again. What if something like that does happen? How do you handle the complications that a relationship that’s not so platonic brings with it? 

Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan along with the supporting star cast give a memorable performance in this film. It’s also a great beginning for movies of the genre that complement the feeling of love in the air. Blame the season for it. Perhaps some cynics may begrudge this, but this is the ugly truth, that often stares most lovelorn people right in the face. What’s very pleasing to the eyes is the way the story flows from beginning to end like a perfectly-conducted orchestra piece. The film has been adapted from T.J. Dawe’s play called Toothpaste and Cigars, and Elan Mastai marvels at it.
Spread over a period of a few months, Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) ends up being the catalyst in Ben (Rafe Spall) and Chantry’s (Zoe Kazan) peaceful relationship. There’s a friendship, conversations, long walks, starry nights, bonfire and a lot more to set the perfect mood for romance. Besides, what’s better than to have a good friend of yours as a love interest? Like Harry said, “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”.
Why should you watch this film
Watch it for the perfectly simple story, the cinematography, the music and the feeling of love. It’s also a great change to see Daniel Radcliffe slowly moving away from all the fame he amassed while playing the boy-wizard, Harry Potter, into more serious, mature roles. If you’ve been a fan of the films penned by Nora Ephron, then consider this a tribute of sorts.

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Two Night Stand: Film Review – It began with a one-night stand, and should’ve ended there

Picture this: it’s the Holidays, Christmas is ’round the corner, there’s snowfall, and everyone around you is falling in love. In reality, there’s no such thing happening. And when you watch a dry film such as Two Night Stand, your anti-faith in love crystallizes. The film, that promised greatness, is an assault to the senses of even a cynic, imagine its effect on a hopeless romantic. Pity. 

The film, starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton, is a rom-com meant for the Holiday season, but seems to have released a few months too soon. While films like No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits had us rooting for the characters, this film may leave you with a rather insipid taste in your mouth. In its 86 minutes, there was nothing new that the film had to offer. The twenty-something couple meet over a dating site for a one-night stand, and get caught up in a circumstantial net. What follows is a story that has been narrated many times over. Only if it was as promising as its trailer. From the acting, to the chain of events, to the climax, there is nothing worth remembering in this film that releases this week. What it caters to, is the fact that it’s semi-watchable, but only on DVD, on one of those days when you have nothing else to do. That said, the other actors also have a very forgettable performance in the film. 

Yes, the film has its moments, but that’s it. They have all been sewed together like a patchwork quilt. What could’ve been a coming-of-age romantic film that is totally in tandem with the thought process of today’s youth, ends up being a confused affair. Sure, it makes an honest attempt at conveying a clear portrait of the modern-day hookup culture, and highlights the dishonesty of the profiles on the one too many online dating sites, the sentiments in the film still seem outdated. 

Why should you watch this film? 

Since the film came well in advance before the upcoming Holiday season, maybe you could go and watch it to try and get the effect around you. There isn’t any more reason why you should spend approx 90 minutes, that may otherwise seem unimportant, but suddenly seem spent aimlessly. 

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Finding Fanny: Film Review – A road trip to self-discovery

What do you get when you pit one eccentric person, against another? In most cases, you would probably be unsure of how to answer a random question such as this, however, the answer can be found in a 102 minutes of Finding Fanny. Take time out this weekend to watch 5 oddballs as they set out on their journey to find love and on the way, win some, lose some, and discover a lot. 

From the wit of Homi Adajania and Kersi Khambatta comes this feel-good story that shows Goa in its pristine best. It’s just wrong to compare an off-beat film such as this to a commercial one such as Cocktail (also directed by Homi Adajania). Yes, we had the pretty lady Deepika in the lead role in both films, but she was a wild child then, and is a subdued girl looking for love now. Then there’s Arjun Kapoor who makes an impact with his limited screen-time. Ranveer Singh, in his cameo would probably be a close second. The actor in his true element, doesn’t mouth dialogues, yet has enough energy to pep you up. The movie, however, belongs to the three veterans – Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia. With seasoned actors such as them on screen, you would notice very little of every other element. The exception being Goa which serves as a scenic backdrop.
Here is a story which you may have possibly seen and heard before. But, Adajania is successful in giving the film his own quirky, magical touch thus recreating the effect that Being Cyrus and Cocktail had cumulatively left in our minds. The catchy tunes of ‘O Mahi Vey’ and ‘Ding Dong’ are sure to make it to your latest playlist. 
Why should you watch this film?
There is no reason why you shouldn’t. One can relate to the five oddballs as they set out on their journey in a dilapidated car in scenic Goa and nurse their shattered pride along the way. Finding Fanny forces you to slow down and enjoy the bumpy yet adventurous ride.

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Mardaani: Film Review – Rani Mukerji delivers some mindblowing action. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

A film with a strong female protagonist is always great fun to watch. Some of these films possess the capability to transport you into the scene of all the real-action and makes you feel empowered and proud to be a woman. For the men, well, it’s the rise of a woman. The film tackles a serious issue of drugs and sex trafficking, and Pradeep Sarkar shows why he is the master of the game. He brings his signature style of filmmaking into Mardaani as well. At many levels, the film leaves you with a Laaga Chunari Mein Daag like taste in your mouth, but eventually, you know that it is Rani Mukerji’s film all the way. Having portrayed some wonderful female characters in the past, it is time that one bowed down to Her Highness as she regains her position as the Queen of B-Town. 

Mardaani is a film that doesn’t come with the tag of the mass entertainer that you can watch with friends and family and have a great time at the movies. It is a film that provokes you to put on your thinking cap and grimly accept the truth of the society that we live in. She leaves the screen with a message that will make you want to respect her character of Senior Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy immensely. She teaches you to stand up and fight, not sit back, relax and watch the show as though it is your drawing room. She goes on to add that carrying a candle and joining a peace march does not solve the issue at hand. As the character of a strong police officer who stops at nothing to catch her criminal, she is sure to touch one too many hearts while inspiring all her viewers. 

The film comprises some fabulous work by debutant actor Tahir Bhasin. He may be too young to think as big as a kingpin, but post his masterfully performed role, the viewers shall stop attaching age to everything. Afterall, age is just a number. And Tahir Bhasin tells you why you should remember that, during the film and long after that. Bengali actor, Jisshu Sengupta had little to do, paired opposite Rani Mukerji, but he did justice to his role in every way possible. 

A word of caution, though. The film is bound to leave you with a heavy heart, it’s upto you to decide how you want to channelize the feeling. It may take some grit and determination for you to sit through this film, but you must watch it nonetheless. It’s enlightening, engaging and empowering. 

Why should you watch this film? 

Rani Mukerji… Rani Mukerji… Rani Mukerji. Once you’re done soaking in all the awesomeness that the seasoned actress brings in to her character of Shivani Shivaji Roy, you will notice everything else, from the ambience, the shots, the other actors. Having said that, it’s the taut story that engages you through the film’s complete runtime – the real heroine, the real star of the show. Kudos to the complete team! 

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