Ben is Back: Film Review – A Tale of Unconditional Love

Verdict: Two fine performances makes this film shine!

Julia Roberts is the mother of all mothers. In Hollywood, the actress has proved just that in recent years through her character choices. Writer and director Peter Hedges’ film Ben is Back has hit theatres in India this festive season. The film stars the Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges in major roles. While many know that whatever film Julia Roberts touches turns into a hit, a special mention needs to be made of actor Lucas Hedges who has had an incredible run in the film industry recently. His films Boy Erased, Lady Bird, and Manchester by the Sea are considered some of the best films in the past years. The combination of Lucas, the emerging star and Julia, the superstar is what got us all hyped up about the film. Did the film live up to the expectation? Let’s find out.

What’s Ben is Back About:

Ben is Back follows the life of the Burns family. On one Christmas eve, their eldest son Ben Burns (Lucas Hedges) surprises his family by returning back home from rehab. Though startled, Holly Burns (Julia Roberts) welcomes her son home with an open-heart. But her daughter Ivy (Kathryn Newton) and her second husband Neal (Courtney B. Vance) are not so open about the return of Ben. Although Neal is initially reluctant to have him spend the night away from the rehab he agrees to have him home just for one day and on one condition. The condition is that Ben is not to leave his mom’s sight till the time he is home. Ben who has been sober for 77 days agrees to the condition but Ben’s troublesome past catches up with him soon. On the same night, their dog Ponce is stolen by someone who has a beef with Ben. Holly and Ben then go out on a hunt for Ponce through the empty and dark streets of their city. Holly soon discovers things about her son’s troubled past as a dealer and as an addict which leaves her shocked.

What Works:

As a staunch optimistic mother, Roberts delivers yet another powerful performance. This is not the first time she has played the role of a protective parent trying to help her son cope with issues. In the film Wonder as a mother of a boy with a deformed face and she delivered a superbly strong performance and she has done the same here. Lucas Hedges as a recovering drug-addict does a splendid job in a role written so perfectly by his father Peter Hedges who also happens to be the director of the film. The mother-son dynamic has been beautifully portrayed in Ben is Back, which is not something we see on the screen very often. The film’s plot deals with drug addiction and how families are affected because of it and the director handles it really well.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though the story is about an addict and his past, it doesn’t really give us many details about them. A lot of questions remain unanswered and are left up to the audience’s imagination. Director Peter Hedges only touches the tip of the iceberg with Ben is Back.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch this film for two mind-blowing performances. Julia Roberts nails it like she always does and she is matched perfectly by Lucas Hedges who is on a roll with some works lately. Ben is Back, so is Julia Roberts.

If You Missed These South Indian Movies in 2018, Then Are You Really A Film-Lover?

Yes, Bollywood is great and all but don’t forget the major film industries in the South or you will be missing a lot! Tollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood, and Sandalwood had an incredible run in 2018. Some of the South Indian movies produced by these industries have been stunning in every aspect. Actors were not the only stars in these films. The story was the star, the direction was the star, and the screenplay was the star. So, if you have not watched any of these movies listed down then you better see them before 2018 ends because 2019 has more amazing films coming your way.

Vada Chennai

One of the most-awaited Dhanush films of 2018 hit the big screen on 17th October and raised a storm at the box-office. This Vetrimaaran-Dhanush combo was simply outstanding. Vada Chennai follows the life of Anbu, a state-level carrom player from North Chennai who gets caught up in a local gang-war and eventually emerges from the ashes to become the godfather of the area. A smartly crafted Tamil film, Vada Chennai is brilliant.


An intriguing and whacky Telugu thriller, Awe will blow your mind away. Starring Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba and others, this multi-starrer has multiple stories that keep you hooked till the very end.


An edge-of-the-seat thriller with brilliant performances is how you could describe this Malayalam film. Starring Fahadh Faasil and Aishwarya Lekshmi, Varathan tells the story of Aby and Priya who move to Priya’s ancestral home at a plantation in Kerala where she is harassed by local youth. How a usually quiet Aby deals with the situation is what this Amal Neerad film is about.


96 is one of the best romantic movies this year. This Tamil film touches your heart and takes you back to your first ever crush. 96 is the story of Ram (Vijay Sethupathi) and Janaki (Trisha) – two high-school sweethearts who get separated when Ram has to move away to Chennai. When they meet at a school reunion after 22 years, all the feelings come back in a huge wave of emotions and sweeps them and the movie audience with it.


A heartwarming tale about a brother-sister relationship, Koode hits you in the feels. Directed by the brilliant Anjali Menon of Bangalore Days fame, this Malayalam film is all about family. Joshua (Prithviraj), who has been toiling hard since the age of 15 in the Gulf, returns to India. But, he feels deeply disconnected from his parents since he left at a very young age to help his family financially to support his sister Jenny’s (Nazriya) medical expenses. The film deals with how Jenny helps him feel more connected to his parents and how she helps him open up to Sophie (Parvathy), the girl he loves. Anjali Menon has dealt with the story as beautifully as possible.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide

If you love rom-coms then this Diganth ManchalePooja Devariya film is perfect for you. Directed by Senna Hegde, Katheyondu Shuruvagide is about Tarun (Diganth Manchale), the owner of a resort that is on the verge of closing down due to late payments. At this troublesome time, Tarun meets Tanya (Pooja Devariya), who checks in to the resort as a guest. Tarun and Tanya then come closer and try to find hope find it in each other. This Kannada film’s plot is handled pretty well by the director and that’s what makes it a must-watch.


Definitely the biggest sleeper-hit of 2018, Ratsasan is a thrilling watch. Helmed by Ramkumar, this Tamil film is about Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal), a cop who is given the responsibility to solve the case of a series of murders all of which connects to a serial killer. This whodunnit will keep you hooked till the very end.


Amidst a lot of expectations, Shiva Rajkumar’s Kannada movie was released. Shivarajkumar does a splendid job as ACP Shiva. Shiva takes on the underworld in this film and comes out gun-blazing in this film that also stars Dhananjay.

The year 2018 is not over yet. Big festive movies like KGF, Maari 2, Seethakathi, Odiyan, Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Njaan Prakashan, and others are yet to hit the big screen. Will these movies make a place in this list? Let’s wait and find out!

Maari 2

The Maari 2 Trailer is Vera Level, Macha! The Naughtiest Don is Back


KGF Might Just Steal The Thunder of Simmba and Zero. Do you think so?


Gear Up For An Action-Packed Week With These 6 Thrilling Releases

Rajinikanth: Not Just A Hero On-Screen But Off-Screen Too

The name Rajinikanth brings a wave of emotions to any true Indian movie lover. He is an exceptional actor for some while for some he is God. Yes, his ardent fans have gone to the length of establishing a “Sahasra Lingam” at Kotilingeshwara Temple, a well known Shiva Temple in Kolar District of Karnataka. The actor may be filmy but his life story is just as filmy. From being a regular bus conductor he went on to conquer the Indian film industry. He is known not only in India but has fans in Japan (His film Muthu crossed 175 days and was a massive hit in Japan) and other countries worldwide.

But, have you ever wondered who is Rajinikanth off-screen? Behind the larger-than-life roles that the superstar has been playing all these years, he is a simple human being. A man filled with humility, a man who has had to struggle to get where he has today.

Here are a few interesting things you need to know about the Thalaiva:

Compensated distributors for their loss

A superstar like Rajinikanth can also have flop movies in their filmography, such is the nature of film industries. When his 2002 film Baba bombed at the box-office he made sure he compensated the film distributors and theatre owners. Rajinikanth probably felt the need to do so because apart from being the main lead in the film he was also the story-writer and the producer for the film.

He again compensated distributors who faced losses for his 2008 film Kuselan. Rajini fans went to the cinemas thinking this film was an all-out Rajini film but they were highly disappointed when they realized that their superstar had only a small role. He had to do the same when his film Lingaa didn’t do well at the box-office.

Need Reasons to Watch 2.0? We’ll Give You 5

The actor was in all the instances not bound to compensate anyone but he did so. He may have compensated for Baba because he morally felt it was the right thing to do. Here, one interesting fact we should mention is that when distributors make a profit, the profit is not distributed among others.

Quit smoking off-screen and on-screen

The actor is also known for his style-statements. Be it flicking a cigarette, wearing sunglasses, or his peculiar walk – in whatever he does becomes a trendsetter. He, however, gave up one of his trendsetting styles – smoking. He smoked in almost all his past movies. On his 63rd birthday, Thalaiva urged fans to stop smoking. He stopped endorsing the cancer-causing sticks in his films altogether. His request was taken seriously by fans and many quit smoking soon after.

Does not celebrate his birthday in Chennai anymore

A superstar’s birthday is celebrated with much fanfare in our country. And the celebrations for an actor like Rajinikanth’s birthday can only be grand. On his birthday which is 12th December, it is said that the actor deliberately stays away from the city. In 2015, because of the Chennai floods, celebrations were suspended while in 2016 due to the death of the then-CM Jayalalitha, his birthday celebrations were called off. But one not much talked about why it is said is that the actor made this conscious decision to be away from the city because of an incident that left him sad. In 1992, three of his fans died in an accident on their way back from his birthday celebrations in Chennai and since then he has vowed to either stay from from the city or to stop celebrating in public in order to control the crowd.

Does not endorse brands

The actor, unlike many other superstars, does not endorse products. Apart from the Palm Cola ad that not many know of till date, the actor has not put his name behind any other brand. He appeared in a documentary that urged people to donate eyes.

His contribution to society

His Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam was converted into a charitable trust to help the poor and needy. In 2015 when Chennai was affected by floods, he opened up the Mandapam to accommodate sanitary workers from various districts engaged in the work to clean up the mess created by the floods. In 2002, the actor went on a daylong fast to protest Karnataka government’s decision to not release Kaveri River into Tamil Nadu.

It is not just the superstar but also his fans who are involved in great social causes. His fan associations regularly organize blood donation and eye donation camps in his name.

These are only a few things that make Thalaiva a hero, not only when the cameras are on but also when the cameras are off. A true legend, a true superstar, and a true icon – Rajinikanth is the hero we all deserve.

4 Elements You’re Bound To Spot in Rohit Shetty’s Films

Rohit Shetty is best known for his successful film franchises Golmaal and Singham. He has had a thriving career in Bollywood so far. His upcoming movie Simmba is highly awaited, not only because of its connection to Singham but also because it stars Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan who just last week has had a wonderful film debut with Kedarnath. If you are a Rohit Shetty fan, you will have noticed that the director, who could be easily mistaken for a bodybuilder, has a few very essential elements that he uses to turn any film into a blockbuster. What are they, you ask? Let’s dive into it! (Yes, dive! After all, it’s all about Rohit Shetty right now.)

Seeti-maar Dialogues

No Rohit Shetty film is ever complete without some whistle-worthy dialogues. “Aata maajhi satakli re!” from Singham is still remembered fondly even today. Even when Simmba’s first promotional video was released in June this year, we saw Ranveer Singh mouthing the now popular dialogue from the film – “Jo deto traas, tyacha mi gheto class”.

Rohit Shetty films always leave you with some funny and memorable one-liners that can be used in everyday lives to evoke some laughter. While the glimpse of Simmba itself looks incredible, we can’t wait to hear more of these dialogues on the 28th of December.

Power-packed Action Sequences

Rohit Shetty films are loaded with power-laden action sequences. Be it Ajay Devgn in Singham, Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale or Chennai Express, Rohit Shetty knows how to make his actors deliver some jaw-dropping action sequences. It will now be interesting to watch Ranveer Singh carry out these heavy-duty stunts in Simmba. Being the son of legendary stunt choreographer M.B. Shetty, action is in Rohit’s DNA. He choreographs all the stunts in his films and supervises its execution through his actors.

Colorful Sets & Dance Sequences

The title song for Singham had a grand set with the entire focus on building the man that was Singham.

Similarly for Simmba, we can expect Rohit Shetty to do the same or maybe even more. We had a glimpse of the dance set when the video was shared and it looked simply wonderful and so colorful. While the song Aankh Maarey has already gone viral, we can’t wait to watch the way Sangram Bhalerao will be introduced to us.

Why Ranveer Singh is the Perfect Rohit Shetty Hero

Shooting in Goa

Rohit Shetty just loves Goa. Who doesn’t, really? But he loves it so much that he has a shoot scheduled in Goa for all of his movies. Maybe its the general feel of the easy breezy state that brings him back to it. Whatever be the reason, we love to see the picturesque beauty of Goa on the big screen.

These elements put together make one amazing film and we can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us in Simmba. Stay tuned for more updates on the film!

The Maari 2 Trailer is Vera Level, Macha! The Naughtiest Don is Back

Superstar Dhanush has been on a roll this year. His movie Vada Chennai was a blockbuster hit of 2018 and his upcoming film Maari 2 is highly awaited by his fans. Maari 2 is the second part of the 2015 film Maari, which introduced us to the naughtiest don ever seen in Indian cinema. Directed by Balaji Mohan who directed the first part too, Maari 2 has a few new cast members. The trailer has just been released and it looks like a complete masala entertainer, just what you need this festive season.

The Maari 2 trailer looks super promising and has all the elements of an entertainer. While Dhanush is his quirky self in the trailer, the biggest surprise package is actress Sai Pallavi. The Premam actress plays the role of Araathu Aanandhi – a happy-go-lucky auto rickshaw driver, who gets into trouble with troublemaker Maari.

Calling him ‘Rowdy Baby’ much to Maari’s dismay, Aanandhi simply doesn’t care what the goon thinks. The trailer has ample scenes between Maari and Aanandhi that are a treat to watch. Their chemistry is definitely going to be the talk of the town.

Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas will be playing the role of the antagonist in this film. In a dreadlocks-bandana look, Tovino looks very different from all the other characters that he has portrayed so far. The faceoff between Dhanush as Maari and Tovino as the bad man will be something to watch out for. The punchlines delivered by Maari will definitely have the audience entertained. There’s also Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in an important role in the film.

Maari 2 releases on 21st December, 2018 and will be clashing with Jayam Ravi’s Adanga Maru and Vijay Sethupathi’s Seethakaathi at the box-office. Don’t forget to check out the latest trailer right here.

Get Ready for Goosebumps! An Epic Surprise Awaits You at the End of the Simmba Trailer

So much has already been talked about the upcoming Rohit Shetty film Simmba. This Bollywood film is definitely one to watch out for in 2018. Starring Ranveer Singh and newcomer Sara Ali Khan, film-lovers have a lot of expectations from Simmba. The trailer has just been dropped and it is MIND-BLOWING! Rohit Shetty checks all the right boxes for a commercial film filled with massy dialogues and action-packed sequences. If you thought Bajirao Singham was the ultimate super-cop, then wait till you watch Sangram Bhalerao.

Though Sara Ali Khan has very few scenes in the trailer, she looks lovely in them. The trailer is truly a Ranveer Singh swag-fest. With power-packed dialogues and whistle worthy action scenes, Ranveer is a pure treat to watch. From a corrupt cop to a cop fighting for justice, his transformation has been amazingly captured in the trailer. The two-minute-54-second clip will surely give you goosebumps and keep you hooked for the entire duration. Ranveer Singh taking on Sonu Sood and beating up the bad guys in full style will be what everyone talks about now.

If you haven’t watched the Simmba trailer yet, then you can watch it right here.

The HUGE surprise towards the end of the trailer will leave you speechless. We don’t want to give it away just yet, you should experience it yourself.

Rohit Shetty has given us such an incredible glimpse of what’s to come. If the trailer is so kadak, imagine what the Simmba movie would be like when it releases on 28th of December, 2018.

Ala re ala, Simmba ala!

Need Reasons to Watch 2.0? We’ll Give You 5

The most-anticipated film of the year 2.0 has finally released. Amidst much fanfare, this Rajinikanth film opened worldwide. Shankar’s vision of years has finally become a reality. While the 2.0 trailer gave us a few amazing glimpses of the awesomeness that was to follow, the film in itself is spectacular. Ever since the morning shows were over, the public response has been overwhelming for the movie. Twitterati have been going crazy about the wonder that is 2.0. Wondering if 2.0 is what everyone is making it to be? Then, let us tell you about all the phenomenal moments from the film that you should look out for.

Superstar Rajinikanth as Chitti 2.0

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in the first part – Robot/Enthiran – aced the role of Chitti. He took it a step further in 2.0 as Chitti reloaded, version 2.0. The actor shows us why he is called the Thalaiva and has such a big fan following in the film. As Dr. Vaseegaran, Chitti, and Chitti 2.0, Rajinikanth kills it with his trademark style and swag. He does the whole flipping sunglasses and cigarettes (mind you, since the actor doesn’t endorse smoking anymore, they found a replacement for it) routine as Chitti 2.0 and he makes it look swagalicious even as a robot. Rajinikanth as Chitti 2.0 will make you laugh with his witty dialogues. He is basically the fun version of Chitti and you will absolutely love him. If 2.0 version was not enough, Shankar has something more in store for us. What, you ask? Find out in a cinema near you soon.

Here’s a superstar offer
Akshay Kumar as Dr. Pakshirajan and the bird man

A lot was spoken about Khiladi Kumar’s look in the film. The number of hours taken to get the right look for Akshay as the fierce bird man has all been worth it. As the ferocious bird man, Akshay Kumar’s mannerisms and the prosthetics will instill fear in you and there is no doubt about it. We may see Akshay a lot more in South Indian movies now that he has delivered such an outstanding performance in a film that has the superstar Rajinikanth in it. He surely was not overshadowed by the megastar that is Rajinikanth. Akshay as Dr. Pakshirajan also looks convincing and performs with all his heart. The backstory to Dr. Pakshirajan is a very beautifully told and will keep you hooked.

The Epic Battle Between Chitti 2.0 and the Bird man

If you were hoping for some high-octane action then Shankar and the action directors deliver even more than that. The climax fight scene is mind-blowing. It is made more fun thanks Chitti 2.0’s witty one-liners. The fight scenes between Chitti 2.0 and the bird-man is a visual treat to watch and should definitely be seen in 3D for maximum results.

Here’s a superstar offer

If you have noticed, both Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth have been doing films that have some kind of social message in them. Be it Kabali or Kaala, Rajinikanth fights for the people or a cause. Akshay Kumar’s latest films – Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and Padman – were all about spreading awareness among the people. 2.0 has a similar social message to give. It talks about the drastic effects mobile towers have on the bird population in our country and how this would have an adverse effect on the human population in the long run if they continue in the same way. Akshay Kumar may be an evil force but his intention is not one bit evil. Rajinikanth through his characters also raises awareness about the issue. Isn’t it just wonderful how big personalities spread awareness about issues through the form of entertainment?

Terrific VFX

The film’s special effects is the real hero. Shankar has given Indian audiences what we have not seen on screens till date. Right from the opening credits, the 3D graphics stood out and keeps one hooked on till the end. Kudos to the VFX team for giving the Indian film lovers special effects that is on par with Hollywood

Bonus point!

Shankar gives us more than we asked for. There is a very big reveal towards the end of the film and that would make any Rajinikanth and Robot film fan happy. You would regret not knowing this, trust us.

Are these reasons good enough to have you running towards a theatre near you? If yes, then head to a cinema now and witness this VFX wonder that Indian cinema should be proud of.

Anil Kapoor’s Nayak and Rajinikanth’s 2.0 Have Something Big In Common

The grand spectacle 2.0 is on its way to a massive release for 29th November, 2018. 2.0 ticket bookings opened last week and the public’s reaction on social media is proof enough of the grandness of this RajinikanthAkshay Kumar film. The film is considered as the most expensive Indian film to be ever made. It is a VFX wonder that will unveil on the big screen soon. There are quite a few interesting facts about the film everyone’s been waiting for this whole year but there is one fact that many may not have thought about.

The 2001 film Nayak is still remembered as one of the best Anil Kapoor films. His character Shivaji Rao is one of the most iconic Bollywood characters. An aam admi turned Chief Minister for a day, Shivaji Rao cleansed the government machinery in a day, something that seems impossible even today. A common man almost single-handedly took on the various state departments and gave to the public what was needed – accountability. While we all remember the brilliant performances delivered by Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Rani Mukherjee, and Paresh Rawal we tend to forget the brain behind this movie. If you don’t remember then let us tell you that Nayak was directed by none other than the maverick director – Shankar. The same man behind the magnum opus – 2.0, Shankar directed and wrote the screenplay and story for Nayak. Did you know that?

Here’s a superstar offer

Shankar is one of the top filmmakers in India. His vision for 2.0 will soon turn to reality and helping him achieve this dream were many brilliant minds. You can read more about these behind-the-scene heroes right here.

Shankar is not new to creating gigantic movies. His other big movies include the first part of 2.0 – Enthiran/Robot (2010), Sivaji (2007), Indian (1996), Jeans (1998), and more.

One more interesting fact everyone should know about Shankar is that he has inspired and taught some of the current top directors in the South Indian industry like Atlee, Vasanthabalan, and Balaji Sakthivel.

Though Nayak did not do exceptionally well at the box-office, it is still fondly remembered even after 17 years. Will his upcoming 2.0 make it big in the box-office? Will it also be just as fondly remembered in the years to come, especially for its VFX wonder? Let’s find out soon!

Here’s a superstar offer

The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City: Film Review – Realistic and Gritty

Verdict: Delivers a powerful message that can’t be ignored.

As unfortunate as it may seem, it is a fact that many people are succumbing to suicide. Suicide, the dark side of human nature, needs to be spoken about as everyone needs to know that they’re not alone. The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City deals with the struggles of different people in Mumbai, who think of ending their lives due to the pressures of their lives. Directed by Tariq Khan, this film stars Kay Kay Menon, Mahesh Bhatt, Deep Raj Rana, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Neha Khan and Jyoti Malshe. The film is produced by Rajesh Pardasani while the music has been done by Prakash Prabhakar.

What is The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City About:

This Tariq Khan film revolves around the life of seven individuals who struggle to get through their lives in Mumbai. The various characters include a stock market broker – Sumit Bhalsaria (Kay Kay Menon) – who loses money when his stocks crash and Warren Lobo (Deep Raja Rana) – a police inspector whose failure in sexual life takes a toll on his life. There is also a couple Anand (Nikhil) and Parul (Jyoti) with financial troubles, a drug-addict Kavya (Neha Khan) who needs some hope and compassion, a struggling singer Prince (Avii Pardasani) who finds fatherly love in Zulfiqar Hussain (Mahesh Bhatt), a man who yearns for his son’s love, who left him and his wife to make a life in the US. There is also a Kashmiri couple whose being in Mumbai is looked with suspicion. How all these lives get interconnected and how they are pushed towards wanting to end their life is what the film deals with.

What Works:

The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City delivers a great message. It is socially relevant and makes one realize how it takes only a few minutes to end one’s life but getting through the harsh realities of life and continuing to live is what is important. The film starts off with an alarming statistic of the increasing suicide rates in our country. The central focus of The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City is to make one aware of the bitter truth and it does so rightly. Mahesh Bhatt is a treat to watch in the film as Zulfiqar. Kay Kay Menon is a true performer and he shows us what he is capable of in every scene he is on the screen. The other cast members do a good job essaying their roles. The music definitely is a a plus point for the film.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The editing seems a bit abrupt and interferes with the narrative in places. The song Aawargi Deewangi is spellbinding no doubt about it but it seemed forced into many scenes that could probably do without a song. The filmmaker does deliver a strong message but delving a little deeper into the minds of these disturbed individuals would’ve given us much more insight.

Why You Should Watch:

Overall, a socially relevant film that should be watched for the very powerful message that it delivers. Mahesh Bhatt’s performance is one of the major reasons to watch the film.

KGF Might Just Steal The Thunder of Simmba and Zero

South Indian movies have been breaking barriers in the past few years. Rajamouli’s Baahubali series catapulted South Indian cinema to a whole new level. Soon after its release in 2015, everyone wanted to know more about the South film industries and the films that were being churned out every year. Since then films like Kabali, Vivegam, Spyder, and Bharat Ane Nenu have done exceptionally well in markets outside South. South Indian film industries have shown to the rest of the film industries that they are a force to reckon with and can give big starrer Bollywood movies a run for their money. Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero is getting ready to be released on 21st December and so is the film KGF: Chapter 1 starring Kannada superstar Yash.

KGF or Kolar Gold Fields will be releasing simultaneously in five languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam. The Hindi version of the film will be distributed by Excel Entertainment and AA Films. Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani, and Anil Thadani have partnered with Hombale Films which in itself is a huge deal.

KGF Film Yash - BookMyShow

Image source: YouTube Trailer

Farhan Akhtar and team probably see what Karan Johar and the Dharma team saw with Baahubali.

KGF Movie Still - BookMyShow

Image source: YouTube Trailer

Directed by Prashanth Neel, the trailer of KGF is intense and gritty. Set in the backdrop of 1970s, KGF revolves around the life of young Rocky (Yash) who grows up in Bombay and soon lands up in the gold mines of Kolar. Here, Rocky goes up against the mafia who run the field. The trailer has some power-packed action sequences and dialogues.

The visuals in the trailer are stunning. The plight of the mineworkers and the dire state of the mining are all captured appropriately. A greatly impactful trailer, we now know why KGF was one of the most-awaited films of the year and why it has been the talk of the town ever since the release of the trailer. Rocking star Yash looks fierce throughout the trailer. He looks every bit of a superstar that he is and it will be no surprise if he receives the same level of recognition as Prabhas and Rana Daggubati did after their film Baahubali.

KGF Movie - BookMyShow

Image source: YouTube Trailer

Also starring Srinidhi Shetty, KGF will definitely be one of the major releases of India. While Zero releases on the same day – 21st December, Simmba will release on 28th December as per recent reports. KGF will definitely be competing with Zero owing to the same release date but if the film is received well by the audience then it will also be competing with Ranveer Singh’s Simmba.

Is KGF the next big film from the South Indian film industry? Will KGF be the next Baahubali? Let’s wait and find out soon in theatres.