The Beer-O-Logy Chronicles!

If it is the one thing that Beer is capable of doing, apart from getting you “pissed” drunk, is enhancing the things that you do. No, we do not mean that kinda enhancement! But, there are a few things that feel a whole lot better after drinking beer! Though, there is almost always one con. Here is a list….

1. Music

Yep! The first thing that comes to mind when there is beer is, good music! Of course, you cant be drinking awesome beer and listening something as bad as Justin Bieber but you get the point. Beer, if enjoyed with good ol’ rock n’ roll or even good pop is a great combination. Beer gets you high. Add good music to it, it gets you higher!

The Con: If the wrong music plays while drunk, you’ll end up depressed and may want mental treatment.

2. Avoiding the three and the four letter word. Let’s stick with Coitus.

So, yes. Have you ever noticed how a woman suddenly gets hotter with each beer you guzzle down? And vice versa too! You know, the guy who has a pot belly bigger than planet earth suddenly starts developing a six-pack. And … tadaaaaa! The saying that goes – Beer: Helping ugly people have coitus since forever, is true. Ain’t it?

The Con: The next morning. When you see who you got home, while getting drunk!

3. Movies

When you watch films like Love Story 2050, Zanjeer (the new one) and more, you really wish you were drunk on beer! It actually does enhance the experience. The so called jokes suddenly become funny and you start laughing at pretty much everything!

The Con: You will laugh out loud for jokes and situations most people would want to kill themselves (and probably, you)!


4. Company

No, we do not mean the organization you work in. We mean the people you are forced to hang out with. Yes, the ones from work. Mostly. The annoying, obnoxious ones, specially. And then, you wish that you could just chug down a whole tower of Beer. Then begins the awesomeness. It is even better if you’re the kinds who is imaginative and vivid! Get drunk and imagine you punching the face of that annoying person.

The Con: While all this is happening, you just may end up looking like a retarded monkey on drug trials, smiling away to glory.



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