Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

The day of romance and romantics is back. Depending on your relationship status, you could be excited about this day or planning to lock yourself in away from all the mush. As all couples are busy making plans for Valentine's Day, there are many lonely hearts who are worried about celebrating this important day alone.

Fact: Being single is no reason to be sad. Also, singles have a way more chilled-out life. 

Honestly, singles have more money in their wallets, more spare food and a helluva lot of time. And they do not even need to share any of this with anybody. They should consider themselves lucky for having a life of their own. But if all of this is not enough just because of a day called Valentine's Day, we have listed a few ideas that will wipe off the sadness from all the worried faces.

Here's to celebrating February 14…alone!

Share your day with other single friends
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

There are other friends who are as cool as you and still feel as lonely as you do. Gather together at someone's house or just hit a happening place around with your single-people gang. You can play games, down some drinks and eat all the food you like. Run a riot. 

Spend the day with the one who loves you the most – your dog
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

If you are a person who isn't the social kind  or does not have any single friends to offer you company, go to that one buddy who won't let you down – your dog. Spend the Valentine's with him and we assure you this will be the best one you'll ever have. For those who don't have a dog or a cat or any pet, there are many animal shelters around. Get up, get out and visit one.

Cook something you've been wanting to for a long time
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

We always think of a grand five course dinner but end up eating Maggi because of a tiring day. This is the day you can pamper yourself with the food you have always wanted to eat. Be it Italian or Mexican or just a Hyderabadi Biryani, spend your day making the most delicious food you have had in a while. If you don't know how to do it, JFGI. Also, if the food doesn't really turn out the way you want it to, there's the good ol' Maggi. 

Binge watch a TV Series you love
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

We all have that one TV series that we watch over and over again. Celebrate your love for it by binge watching multiple seasons. And while you might not admit, we know you'll watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Take the mother of all naps
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

Sleep deprivation is the reason for almost all the problems in the world, including global warming. Yes, blame everything on the lack of sleep because nothing, NOTHING is a better idea than to be snuggled in bed. So, save the world and use the day to give yourself the best sleep ever. Keep a few chocolate bars and a bottle of water on the side of your bed and take the mother of all naps. 24 hours straight. Try!

Create something of your own
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

Valentine's is celebrated with someone you can call your own and special. But if you do not have anyone (or anything) like that, spend the day creating it. Be it a painting, a quill craft, piece of music or a dance routine, anything that makes you feel a little lighter on the head is cool. Trust us, while the world will be busy doing the usual stuff you'll end up creating something beautiful.

Be your own Valentine
Valentines Day Alone - BookMyShow

Honestly, the best part of having a Valentine is all the gifts you get. So if you are sad about singlehood and the lack of gifts, don't be. You are only looking at one side. Buy yourself an awesome Valentine gift and be happy. Treat yourself to something nice. Spoil yourself silly. 

Comment and let us know if any of our ideas helped. And anyway, Happy Valentine's Day.

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