Beyond bikes: What else you can expect at the IBW

A bike: two wheels, a ton of power, danger and desire. That is what most bikers have in their hearts. But at India Bike Week 2015, we have more than bikes. There are a lot of other things to look forward to at this festival of speed, noise and smoke. All you need to do is get there and let the spirit of adventure take you onwards.

Here are few of the upcoming features:

The location: 
This is at Vagator, Goa. Sun, sand and surf; what more do you want? Oh yeah, bikes. But we are getting to that. You can enjoy one of the best beaches in Goa and enjoy the ride around this glorious party destination.

The various zones of the India Bike Week:
There are 3 zones filled with every kind of entertainment that you might have thought of and some that you haven’t. There is the Big Trip zone. This area will be set up with different stalls and spaces. You will be able to enjoy the Big Trip Cinema Festival, participate in the Shoot Your Journey Competition, take a look at bikes (motorcycles for those who ride around in a cage), gear and camping. And if you want to take a break, all you need to do is walk around, taking in the photo exhibits.

Now, for those whose hearts beat to the thump, we have the brilliantly wicked Bike Builders Collective zone. Here, you don’t need to ride in on your metal stallion. You just need to feel the soul of the bike. The rest will come naturally. You will be able to enjoy the hidden world of custom motorcycles. So get ready to drool over some rolling art. There will be bikes galore, each one prettier than the next. You might break your bank before you decide to have your heartbroken. Join in the celebration of innovation and invention. There will be bike displays, legendary builders, modded motorcycles, Ace Cafe London and an awesome after-party. How do we know it is awesome? It is the India Bike Week, awesome is just the beginning. 

The last space is the IBW Arena. This is the place where fun meets the biker and fun gets kicked up a notch. In the grand scheme of things, you might wonder how will you make a festival about bikes more amazing than it is, they just did. You have the whole new aspects of the biker world open up to you. There will be a cosplay section set up for all you true believers out there. Watch the fastest bikes race for the horizon in drag races. Enter your beast, who knows, you might just beat a few and maybe, you might just have the stones to win. Ride around on the dirt track if you feel up to the challenge. With a water chute, inflatable pool and BBQ, you are sorted. Rest, kick back and enjoy the break. Because there are workshops and lot more. That is the best part of the IBW, no stone is left unturned and no stop left unpulled. 

You will meet people from every walk of life, each of them will relate to you and the spirit of adventure and brotherhood. In those moments, you will see the best in people. The road doesn’t care what color you are, the bike doesn’t care what you look like, as long as you ride with passion and freedom, you will be one with the horizon. A whole lot of adventure awaits you at the India Bike Week 2015. Get your tickets and make it there. Kickstart your adventure and leave the sheep behind, be the wolf. Join the pack. The Brotherhood awaits. 

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