Brilliant Scenes from Bad Movies

Let’s face it – making movies is a risky business. With millions riding on each film and the massive expectations people have, there’s a lot of pressure on the director and the actors. Some films manage to amaze us with their plots, their actors and the entire film itself. However, some films can’t really take the pressure, and end up bombing at the box office. For example, take the Fantastic Four film, the one with Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. The comic book franchise was one of the most successful ones in the MCU, but the film adaptation was one of the worst. However, all is not lost. Some of these films have actually had some amazing scenes – in terms of camerawork, performances and just how they made us feel.

While we all had our own problems with this film, most notably with the fact that Brandon Routh played the Man of Steel, there was one scene in Superman Returns that made us forgive Bryan Singer a little. Remember that bit where Superman rescues a malfunctioning aircraft? Dishing out some good old-school heroics and announcing Superman’s entry, the scene was perfect.
The number of things wrong with this movie was unbelievable. In fact, the film was erased from the franchise history after all the flak it received from critics and fans. However, one scene of note was the flashback with Wolverine and Sabretooth, where they’re shown fighting through every war in time. Honestly, why couldn’t they make a movie with that?
Sam Raimi murdered one of the MCU’s best franchises with Spiderman 3. But there was one part that was particularly praiseworthy – the development of Sandman. Remember when Flint Marko became the Sandman? Accompanied by a wonderfully haunting background score, this scene, as well as the entire film, showed us that Marko wasn’t a bad guy, he’d just been dealt a bad hand.
Die Another Day
Die Another Day was abysmal. In fact, it was so bad that the makers and the production studio had to bring in Daniel Craig to reboot the series. But one scene of note in Die Another Day was the fencing scene, where a good amount of danger is injected into the frame, and you actually fear for Pierce Brosnan’s life.
The Incredible Hulk
Before you trash the film, it had a silver lining. According to the film, David Banner (Bruce’s father) tests a super vaccine on himself, but it is unsuccessful. However, when Banner’s wife is pregnant, it turns out that the child is the Hulk, and David tries to stab his wife to kill the child, but kills her instead. Sadly, this was the only saving grace in The Incredible Hulk.
So there you have it, the few scenes which were bloody brilliant in otherwise missable films.

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